Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ryu's Crying Sumo, more meat, more meetings and more pics.

Has been so damn long since my last post it doesn't actually feel like same day at all!

Today was Ryu's 'crying sumo' in Kunisaki. Stupid foreigner that I am I misread the town monthly event flyer that said

May 5th - crying sumo at Yayoi village (10am Yayoi village outside area)

as meaning that the damn thing started at 10am.

Fuckwit, Dickhead, Fuckwit, Twat.

No, no, no, no, no. For godsake people. 10am is what time Yayoi village opens. If you happen to arrive at 10am you can enjoy a tour of Jomon period pottery and partake in a fire lighting experience. WOW! What magnificant ways to keep a three year old and a 10 month old entertained.

Taking half an hour to get there, we had one of two choices. Piss round trashing the Jomon pottery exhibition room. Piss round finding stuff to do in the locale, or (actually three choices) go home and piss round for two hours before coming back for actual starting time at 1pm.

We chose door number two and spent two hours going to the airport to watch planes (so not as much fun as trashing the pottery would have been), buying a new bottle and some milk for Ryu (cause I didn't just fuck up the time I forgot to bring his bottle as well!), eating mosburger for lunch.

We made it back just in time which was lucky as Ryu was in the third to be called pair.

First up was the put-a-big fucking rice cake-on your baby's back and make them stand on straw slippers on top of another big fucking rice cake show. Ryu thought that was quite a laugh. I wasn't quite so entertained as was trying to stop Shou stomping on rice cake in outside shoes - god the embarrassment.

Then we had 'mono erabi' - or choose the toy that will then depict your child's future career. Shou chose a microphone (future idol) and Marina a lollipop (future cake shop owner) when they had their turns a few years ago. Ryu.... Well, he picked up the wad of plastic yen notes, held on to them for a promising amount of time and then ditched them for the gleaming pot lid. This means he will grow up to be a chef. Great. I can get Ryu to cook for me and scoff Marina's cakes while watching Shou flicking his hair and doing back flips on TV.

Why couldn't there have been a toy massage bed - in a good way. God, I'd love a family member to be good at head, shoulder, neck and back rubs. Hub has progressed from the typewriter but hasn't got the stamina for a long go. Hub and his bloody stamina (see below).

The last event was the crying sumo. Two babies get held up and the first to cry is the winner. Like that was going to happen. Ryu, and his opponent, just laughed. It was declared a tie.

Have some great footage - but we all know how painful that would be trying to upload that so you will have to wait until we have a set up (one month tops) that allows me to plug my video camera into the same computer as my internet and then actually open a program that is post 2000 and upload something of anything that doesn't take at least five hours.

Shou had a wee minor as we were leaving but got sidetracked by the Oita newspaper reporter - who apparantly stopped hub only long enough to ask him if his foreign wife would answer a few questions!

To compensate for getting the times wrong - I relenquished to hub's pleas for yakiniku a second night - the first time ever in the history of us. We have now had about a fortnights worth of beef in two nights. Yum though. And me knows where this is heading of course. Stamina meat meal equals international relations plea.


What's a lady to do?

Anyhoo - some pics of late in no specific order....

Is there anything you buy at the supermarket (people who reside in foreign country) that you wouldn't normally buy but that you feel almost obligated to buy if you see it??

New Zealand lamb - how very random. We didn't stick it on the hotplate tonight but it will get frozen and put into a lamb curry later - and then devided into single portions and frozen again (bad bad bad - double freezing) on those occassions when hub is working late and the kids get ham and cheese toasties for dinner!

God the order of these photos really is random and so out of order but nevermind. This is the 'hasu' plant (see below) standing to attention at our alter. The thing that looks like a leek with a white bit of paper around its midriff on the right.

Granny and Grandad with Ryu - taken just before we left last Friday. I was feeling pretty cheated at this moment in time - both with the whole having to say goodbye to mum and not knowing when or under what circumstances I will see her again and that sisters unbloggable shit AGAIN had just been announced and Granny was upset at not being able to go up to Auckland to help with the kids. I rang my little bro today - after ringing home and then other sister's house and then mobile and not getting anyone (hence I think something is wrong) - he was just about to play some squash but filled me in on some things. Mum starts her treatment this coming Monday. Unbloggables sister rang him and he told me everything that is going on with her. I feel a bit bad because when he said he would keep me posted I said don't bother as would much rather hear about mum and to be quite honest my sister can piss right off into her two and a half thousand dollar a week clinic. Sorry bro. Just a bit angst about the whole unbloggable thing at the moment. Didn't mean to upload on you :(
But that was a tangent. Isn't this a lovely pic...

This is a sideways view of the stash we got from Ryu's crying sumo thing today. That would be a certificate declaring he is officially a Yayoi village citizen - and his footprint. The two red and black things are carp - the fish you fly in your backyard on boys day. The ones in wrapper are wooden or actually maybe bamboo, not sure. The leak looking 'hasu' of course, and an omiyage box with one of the carp sets and some mixed nuts - for your baby perhaps? And that white bit of stuff that looks like a slab of brie??? That would be mochi. Some of the mochi Ryu ponded on in fact. Hub will grill that later with soya sauce and sugar.

The lovely flowers hub got me for our 6 year anniversary. And if you have seen any of my previous flower picks you will realise is from same florist. I do like them though. Oh, and see the red oven mitt in the background? That was hanging from a silver bar - like the one above it with the utensils on it. Hmmmmm, bar was mysteriously missing upon my return from NZ. I have yet to find missing bar.What to do?? If a bar is too enticing to small children perhaps I should just by a whole lot more silver bar holder knob things and screw those in and hange all my oven mitts from them - cause I have lots and lots of those.

Plane watching at Oita airport today.

Shou on way home at about 3 this arvo. A full day out for him - he was stuffed.

And that's us.
Oh, Both Ryu and Shou mave mysterious spots. If Ryu still has them in the morning I will take him to the doctor. He has them kind of all over. Shou has them mainly around his hands and his legs - and we have I think figured out they are from a kemushi??? (stingy fucker caterpillar) He has had the measles before. What do chickenpox looks like? And would you expect them to be all over or can they do just here and there concentrated in certain areas?
Hmmmm, three kids with chickenpox would not be ideal the day after a four day break with them all at home.
They all ate their dinner and went to sleep OK though. Fingers crossed its just beam me up spotty season and they will look less like bottomly pots covered in spots (thats for lucy) in the morning!!

Oooooh, the two missing pics I thought I had uplaoded but which didn't appear the first time round... ???
Shou and daddy making fire. And yes, Shou did inhale the first time. They must have started (or tried) about five fires in total. Highly recommended activity for small children. just put them outsie with some straw and a twisty thing and get them to twist until they have blisters on their hands and the house has burnt down.

Granny A and Ryu. Ryu loves giving any skin he can find finger Chinese Burns. Ouchy ouch. He loves his New Zealand Granny.


Sarah said...

That is one seriously adorable smiley baby you have!

Mighty Atom said...

love the show/performance (living history)!

Gaijin Wife said...

Sarah - I know!! Isn't he great! Although not so smiley trying to get him to sleep. I hope today he isn't spotty smiley baby. Better than spotty grouchy baby though I guess.

Mighty Atom - I agree. As much as I rant I do actually love the fact that living so rurally in Japan the kids are getting a lot of cultural Japan that they wouldn't get living in a bigger city. Of course living with Granny K means they get even more!