Sunday, 23 May 2010

Rainy Sunday & Bloody Lips

Sunday... Rainy fuckin Sunday...

Cabin Fever...

Nothing more to say really.


OK, so that would be a bit bloody boring.

All sproglets awake by six. Deja fuckin vu.

Two hours of mayhem followed by about an hour of fun family times followed by five minutes of 'mum needs to dress you lot and we need to leave the house or we will all go bloody insane'.

Daddy and Shou off to the library and mummy, Marina and Ryu to next town over to dry a load of washing (which didn't happen as all dryers rumbling full) and pop in at friends house. Catch up with them and then home again James via the shops for some lunch.

The main event this afternoon was Marina falling off our bed - her and Shou were up there jumping, after several warnings, and it ended in tears, a bloody cut lip and a short trip to the doctors. Not the best of afternoons. When do kids actually start to learn?? Obviously they need to learn things first hand aye? Springy bed and hard wall. Hmmmm, Should have piled the duvets up at that end aye.

She's OK though. Nothing one of those good hospital plasters, a barbie plaster over the top and an iceblock couldn't fix :)

Meant to take her back in on Tuesday morning but hopefully that wont be necessary.

Have just watched 'Australia' - and had big blub at the end. Best head to bed now so am all refreshed to tackle the technology required to hook up the new Mac (thanks Mr. Postman) to the modem and wireless garb tomorrow.

Nighty night.



thefukases said...

I have a great idea- what do you reckon we set our kids up to skype each other on weekends and let us go back to bed? Seriously, I am more than over the seven-day-a-week-early-rising thing!

Here's to Monday- the start of the mummy weekend!

Grace said...

Hopefully hooking up your mac will be really easy and soon you will be havinf lots of fun!

Nay said...

Don't you hate when it rains on the weekend!! I can't think of anything worse than being stuck inside... Despite the rain we put Leilah in her carseat and headed off to Lalaport for some shopping!! Of course the undercover car parks were full so we had a lot of fun trying to get Leilah out of her capsule, into her pram and inside the shops without getting drenched... might have been a better idea to stay at home :P lol

Maybe you need to start reading, '5 little monkeys jumping on the bed' to Shou and Marina?! It will either stop them from jumping on the bed or encourage them more...

Gaijin Wife said...

thefukases - sounds like a great idea. skype is top of my list of things to sort out next!

Grace - a lot easier than anticipated!

Nay - I think fat lip and blood has worked as bed jumping deterrent :)
Going out with babies in the rain not much fun. Have you seen those clip things that stick on your door to hold your umbrella - so you can use both hands to get the baby in the carseat. I never actually got one. Just got quite good at holding umbrella under chin :)