Sunday, 30 May 2010

Penelope & the Happy 101 award.

Right, some smiles and happiness after last night's rant.

Marina was up at half five and she is now plonked in front of the latest Penelope DVD - her and Shou LOVE this and will watch it happily for hours on end if I let them. It is a great kids cartoon. I think the voice kind of has an entrancing hallucinating effect on the kids but nevermind. Peace and quiet is peace and quiet!

And something nice which I forgot to post about when it happened...

Lulu gave me a the happy 101 award. Thank you Lulu!
After receiving this I am meant to list ten things that make me happy and ten people whose blogs I enjoy reading.

10 things that make me happy...

  1. Penelope (off the top of my head - the thing I am most happy about at this current minute)
  2. My beautiful children make me happy at least once a day, in between times I want to strangle them or put them under the stairs. 
  3. My hub makes me happy on occasion too, in between times I want to strangle him and put him under the stairs with the rest of the family.
  4. The blue sky and the clean air in Kunimi (also to be read as as far away from damn civilization as possible and an hour and a half to a good cup of coffee not made by self)
  5. The fact that my hub has a stable job with a stable income and some bonuses to boot. Some months we struggle making ends meet but in the current climate of economies I am just glad we have some stability.
  6. not finding hub's car in the pachinko carpark
  7. being able to teach and do translation work to get money for the family kitty which helps sponsor trips home.
  8. big blocks of cheese and multi grain bread (oh and hell, mince pies, custard squares, sausages rolls, lamb roasts, turkish kebabs ...)
  9. knowing that one day people I will be 20 kilos lighter and looking fabulous.
  10. Those fabric softener family moments - when you catch yourself in the middle of such joy - the kids having a great time, hub being twatless (ooh, not good sounding word, 'not being a dickhead' perhaps better)for ten minutes and the world just seems right.
And then you remember your mum has a brain tumor and is going through heinous treatment but not to spoil the moment, as I was trying to think of things about my family that I could put but really 'happy' doesn't fit anything going on right now except perhaps going home this last time - I was very happy to see mum 'looking' physically better than I thought she would. We had some great talks and I guess more than being 'happy', I am 'grateful' for this. Hub, when he said straight away that going home in October was fine - we'd all do the long haul thing. He would have pulled through anyway under the circumstances but I was 'happy' that it was so painless. 24 hour trip with three small children will be extremely painful but!

And all of you that read this make me happy so that is my list. 

And now I better go turn off penelope and get my kids some breaky - sure that would make Marina happy.



umebossy said...

Ooh, Penelope looks like it must be done by the same people as Gaspard&Lisa? I have one of those books, they come to Japan and mess about with washlets and tussle with chopsticks. Couldn't resist!

I think being grateful is a good substitute for being happy, when happiness is out of reach. Hopefully the real thing won't be elusive for too long though!

Lulu said...

I like your list. Thanks for doing it.

I agree with umebossy- grateful is good too. Sometimes it is hard to master up "happy" when things seem so shit.

Glad that the long haul trip in October was an easy chat with hub. What a good man for not been twatless, at least when ht came to that!

Bryn said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you'll be able to make your trip! Will you stay through Xmas?

It's good to stop for a few minutes in the middle of all the crap and chaos and remember things that make you happy and grateful! I try to do it regularly, to keep myself from drowning in the crap and chaos!