Monday, 17 May 2010

Notting Hill

Not that our paddy in Japan resembles Notting Hill, or that I Julia Roberts or hub Hugh Grant but...

As Marina was lounging round just in her undies, her blond mullet and drinking some water out of her mug I was thinking how much she looked like Hugh Grant's friend in Notting Hill - the one he flats with. What's his name? Obviously, when she grows up to be stunning and gorgeous I will have to delete this post!

Today I took the car to get its WOF (warent of fitness or shakken). Our Honda shop is an hour away in Nakatsu. I haven't driven my car for coming up to two weeks now. Is making a couple of scary noises and would much rather hub be blown to bits than me and the kids, so have been driving around with three car seats in hub's little K-van.

Got quite a nice car to use while WOF being done. Should take a few days and can go pick up on Friday. WOFs in Japan for a big engine / white plate car usually cost at least 80,000 yen (about NZ $1200) regardless of whether your car has anything wrong with it or not. A few random noises and we are forking out 150,000 yen (about NZ & $2200). I could BUY a car for that price in NZ - hell, I could have bought my 1972 Vauxil Viva three times over. Not now though. Would be a classic now and would probably have to pay ten times that.

Ryu and I stopped in at Rachel's for a pit stop. Haven't seen her since girls weekend in Fukuoka I don't think. She's looking fabulous and Erika was having a great time tossing a beach ball about and making Ryu crack up.

We went past the really good 100 yen shop on the way home and I got round one of 'snack packs' for 31 kindy kids. Went to the supermarket next door and did round two. I now have to sit down and work out money and how much is left of the 300 yen per child.

Came home and printed out the labels and stuck them on the crap fuckin paper bags I had bought. Might have to re-invest and get some better ones and use already bought ones for wrapping offensive nappies in or something.
The one on the left is the one for the babies class - which Marina is in. She would probably prefer the older kids one but have to draw the line somewhere and she is the oldest in her class by a long way. There are no baby babies in that class by the way - I think the youngest is walking. But still too young for bloody chewing gum and the likes of what they got last year. The older kids (Shou's three in his class and the pre-schooler 17) get gumi things and either kamenrider cards (for the boys) or cutsie sticker things (purikura) for the girls.

It took ages longer than anticipated to get them into the bags so dinner had to be flagged in exchange for ordered noodles, which I picked up on the way home from kindy.

The kids ate, the kids bathed, and the kids went to bed - well two out of three. Just watching the last of a John Deer DVD and then Shou will be asleep too. Hub is late again, oh, which reminds me...

This morning hub takes his temperature. He is after all extremely sick, made even worse by having to spend whole day with children yesterday. His temperature??


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, Ring the paremedics.


I took my temperature - just to see.


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, and I am so fine.

Doctors, nurses out there. Is there something with men. OK, well, obviously I know the answer to that. What I mean is, do their man bits get all hot and sweaty at 36.8 degrees? Are their sperm sitting there in a sauna freaking out they might sweat all their manliness away??

Hub tried to tell me that 36.8 was a 'temperature' for him because he is usually 36.5 - but that 36.9 wasn't a temp for me as surely that must be my usual temperature. Me thinks my extremely very slight, hardly notcieable, raise in temperature was cause just about to blow stack at pathetic husband.

Anyway, pathetic husband has just come home and taken over Shou duties - it was ten past nine and he was still not asleep. Hub, twat, was so fuckin noisey coming in that Shou heard him and immediately wanted daddy.

Ah well.



Lulu said...

Oh i think the little packs for the kindy kids are nice! I am sure they will like them anyway.

Oh and Shun thinks he has a fever when his is close to 37 degrees too. Bloody men!

Just read your post below- about Shou peeing and Marina pooing. Can you talk us through how you toilet trained them? I know I am going to have to do it in a year or two as well- not looking forward to that at all.

Gaijin Wife said...

Lulu - toilet training... kindy. Kindy is fabulous for toilet training. Now I just need a kindy that that would train husbands in a few things and I'd be all good!!

umebossy said...

Haha you mean Rhys Ifans? I can so picture him in his pants and I haven't seen that film in forever! I'm sure that Marina is far cuter ;)

Sara said...

your reference to nottinghill made me laugh... great movie. i need a night of hugh grant chick flix soon.

sorry to hear about man sickness running amock... we have that here too. i just let the man do his thing and i do mine... (sigh)

have a good night!