Friday, 28 May 2010

Nothing to report

An extremely boring day today sorry. Not much to report at all.

Taking the kids to kindy I was stopped by the vice-principal of the primary school. Could I go and meet with the 5th and 6th grade English teachers next Tuesday to discuss plan of attack for this years once a month English schedule. Starting teaching there in June and the kindy from about then too - but that one is fully volunteer.

Met friend for lunch had good bitch about husbands, during which I somehow managed to remember that I had a one year old with me and that he needed feeding.

Did a supermarket shop, came home and made cheese and shiso stuffed chicken cutlets for dinner - yum yum. While everyone ate them I seemed to be the only one thanking me for going to the effort of faffing around cutting, stuffing, flour, egg, breadcrumbing and frying them. A thankyou every now and again, especially from hub, wouldn't go astray.

The kids went down relatively easy tonight but Shou waited for daddy to get home at 8. I might have an early night. Last night everyone slept through till half five so if that miracle happens again I might actually end up getting seven hours of sleep in a row.

Hub IS off to the doctors tomorrow and asked if I wanted to come. Selfish bitch that I am I can't be arsed driving an hour each way to sit with Ryu and wait for him to get another x-ray of his snotty nose. not sure if Granny K is going or not.

Really need to get to bed.

Thanks for all the comments re: family reunion. The jury is still out and I haven't even mentioned it to hub yet. Save that till mid shag sometime!!


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Ruthie said...

Sorry our syndicate in work only won €9 in the Euromillions. My share was €3 so that won't even get you a set of armbands to swim there ;)