Friday, 14 May 2010

Not so bad

Well, last night was a lot better than I had been anticipating. Shou's temperature was a one bullet affair and he was back down to normal this morning and much to his disgust packed off to kindy with Marina. Ryu and Marina both slept well and despite being woken up at half five all in all it wasn't horrendous by any stretch of the imagination.

I was still a bit worried though - thinking that I would get a call from the kindy any minute saying that Shou's temp had gone up again. For this reason I came back from dropping them off and got straight onto the housey stuff. I then spent half an hour making lovely little name tags for the 31 kids going on the parent/child excursion to the aquarium next Saturday. They will get glued or stappled onto the 'oyatsu' (snack) bags I have to buy. 350 yen for each child. Hopefully be going somewhere in vacinity of good place to buy all this stuff tomorrow, although hub has a dentist appointment at half ten ....

One of his fillings fell out the other evening and he went to the dentist the next day but in typical Japanese fashion has to keep going back once a week for ten minutes for the next seven years to get it fixed properly. I am hoping he will still want to do the sush thing for his birthday lunch and then shopping for shoes and meat for dinner. Christ, if we don't get out shopping he might well try for the alternative. Can't really turn the man down on his birthday can I?

Ooooh, speak of the devil, he has just walked in the door. Feeling like crap. No doubt whatever the kids had/have. He wont be feeling up for anything at this rate. Hope he can at least muster some enthusiasm to eat cake! Shou and I made one this evening - to be creamed and what not tomorrow. It was just as Ryu and Marina were sleeping so we went outside to cream it - quite an adventure really. Probably has a few mozzies or flies in it, but nothing a good baking didn't fix I don't think.

Finally got to speak to mum today, after they had left their little unit at the oncology place and made it home for the weekend. She sounded really good and the biggest thing seems to have been finding out that she qualified for the large stipend from the government to go towards her wig. Smaller stipend for people whose hair is expected to grow back :( She should be able to pick her wig up next week and get it fitted and wear it enough to get used to herself with it on, before she actually needs it.

I hope she has a nice relaxing weekend and that dysfunctional family doesn't show its head. Needs to be some 'sucking it up' done. This means 'gaman' - tis relatively new NZ slang?? I hadn't heard it before I went him this last time. 'suck it up' - get over something maybe? Tis very useful term, especially of late when a lot of it needing to be done! She's our mother, wife for gods sake. Can she not at least go through bloody chemo in peace please. Harrass her, ignore her, bitch to her when she is getting on the mend and able to harrass, ignore and bitch back. This is only the end of week one of six. This time next week, in two weeks, in three weeks, four weeks and five weeks she will just be progressively worse - well, more tired and whatnot.

Shite, thats Ryu again. Hub's turn I think. Perhaps tonight will be the night we thought we might be having last night! Sleep darling boy. Please don't cough your insides out. God I hope the meddy we got yesterday for him actually works this time. Whats the point in trying to police eight different types of meddy to three children twice a day if none of it bloody works.



Mighty Atom said...

Something for your mum: What did one earwig say to her earwig mate? Ear-wigo!

Gaijin Wife said...

Mighty Atom - I reckon when she's over the whole getting used to the wig thing she'll like that :)

Kelly Azuma said...

"suck it up" otherwise known in Australia as "build a bridge and get over it".

Yeah too right, If you can't have peace normally at least let the woman have peace while she's going through her chemo and stuff. Geez. Think they'd have a bit more sense or feeling wouldn't you?

Hope your kids and hub gets well soon. Kelly xx

thefukases said...

must be all thoze kiwis slacking off in Oz brought that one home as omiyage- we siad suck it up way back in the dark ages when I was in high school....

Here's to your mum getting the R&R she deserves!