Monday, 3 May 2010

Not the best choice of toothpaste...

Ssshhhhhh, 7:02pm


Not surprising considering the lack of afternoon naps had - in fact not a nap had by anyone, well about ten minutes by Ryu but soon woken up by out of control and overtired Shou and Marina - back from another expedition to the beach to collect crabs. They were seriously on speed when they got back. No point even getting angry really as they don't know what they were doing and were just about falling over themselves with over the hump, hyperactive toddler tiredness.

How tired were they...

Shou was in hysterics...

watering the trees.

Fuckin hillarious - or so he thought.

Marina kept falling over nothing and Ryu was rubbing chunky meat rice in his eyes, in his hair, in his ears, up his nose, in my hair, in my eyes, in my ears and up my nose. Yeah, not so excited about that one.

But the best was Shou brushing his teeth. He said he could do it on his own so off he totted, crashing into a chair and a bench along the way. Tis all very quiet so I go to investigate...

Mummy: what are you doing sweetie?
Shou: Is this toothpaste OK to eat?
Mummy: which one?
Shou - points to my handcream.
Mummy: Oh no darling, thats probably not very tastey at all. Have a wee spit now, on you go. Thattsa good boy.

But they are all in peaceful slumber and hub is beside me doing some work. He took Shou with him to work this morning. Wasn't my idea at all. Infact I wasn't very happy at all when he suggested it at ten to seven this morning. Shou heard it though so no taking it back. I thought that would mean he would pull out the 'couldn't get anything done with Shou there so will have to go back tomorrow' call but it didn't. They left at half seven and Marina and I had a lovely few hours this morning while Ryu napped.

Granny K - drove me fuckin insane today. After Ryu woke up from his nap I took him and Marina to the supermarket - for bread and the likes. Supermarkets can be a bit of a nightmare with small child in tow. Marina is pretty good though - so good she earned herself a small chocolate. We got home and I went straight into making lunch (cheese and ham toasties again - why ruin a good thing, they love them) when Granny K came in with all her goodies from osettai (that strange Japanese custom that happens a couple of times a year in the rural areas - go around the set house for that time and get free food in return for a coin donation and a prayer). She immediately tried to give two bags of crisps and a fizzy drink to Marina. Come into Granny's room and have them she said. I said lunch was on the boil (OK, on the toastie) and that if she ate all her lunch then perhaps she could have one - besides, she had had a chocolate with her morning tea and didn't need more crap.

Granny K's response - you souldn't be feeding her up with chocolate before lunch.


Smash, bang, punch, pow.

She came back from afternoon outing to different 'osettai' and once again came in and directly gave Marina her goods??? Hellllllllloooooooooo!! Anybody Hoooooooooooooome???

Me thinks the kids got crap 24/7 while I was gone - which I don't mind really. Not ideal but who am I to get pissed off when got to go home with only one child. Oh, but the angry monster gaijinwife daughter in law is back. Watch out. Was a right angry cow - for brief interlude there.

Right, Best be off to enjoy this quiet time.



world of sekimachihato said...

gowd, i'm hoping the angry monster gaijin wife won't snap my head off, but just wanna ask, how are you guys doing the whole language thing? do you speak in english or japanese to the kids (or both?)
maybe not the simplest questions to answer i know, but just interested.

now i'm gonna go and catch up on your last few posts!

Gaijin Wife said...

WOS - Hmmmmm, snap snap.

I TRY to speak as much English as I can but most days they are only with me before kindy and after -which are really trying times with three small ones. I find when I get pushed to the brink of angry mummy I use a lot more Japanese - as it has more effect, although English is getting slowly that way.

Shou understands pretty much everything I say in English but still answers mainly in Japanese. Marina is getting there.

I haven't been very good and really need to make more of an effort speaking to them in English. Shou will be four next month so maybe some ABC lessons will start.

Well, the thought is there at least.

PS - I can't msn messenger due to crap internet connection. All to be resolved within the next few weeks though - and then we can SKYP - oooh, the novelty.

Caught up with other friend K in the bay.

world of sekimachihato said...

gotcha re internet connection.
who is the other "k" in the bay?
i'm an old guy now, my memory is fading...