Friday, 21 May 2010

Minor Melt

I had a minor mummy meltdown this morning during the rush hour children declare while needing to be fed and clothed.

It was probably off set by Ryu waking up at ten to five. Not a favorable time for a morning call but what can you do. Not getting up and letting him have a cry will mean getting up ten minutes later with three kids instead of one.

So up I got. Marina was down forty minutes later and the two of them were almost finished breakfast and on their second round of tom and jerry when Shou and hub come downstairs sometime around half six. I can't really even remember what started the mummy meltdown. No doubt Shou and Marina pretending they don't have ears (sorry Marina, but mummy is not going to sponsor a new factory in China solely for the purpose of making strawberry emossed undies for you), Ryu grizzling cause he's been up for two hours already and needing to go down again, and hub taking the fuckin newspaper to the toilet, followed by ten minutes of primping and shit doing his 2cm long hair.

I of course have not managed a sip of coffee, a bite of toast, and as for brushing the mullet and actually getting changed.... Sitting on the couch, holding Ryu with Shou and Marina moaning and all it takes is one tiny thought about mum and there you go, taps a flowing. Must have cried for ten minutes solid. Shou and Marina get all silent and move closer and eventually start to climb all over me and hug me, just about suffocating Ryu in the process. Hub is none the wiser fifteen minutes later when he's finished his thing. If he notices that I've been crying (but for fucks sake he's a man so he probaby just thinks, if he even notices, that my eyes are red from all the nagging and bitching I do at him) he doesn't mention it.

I get over it, the kids listen for five minutes and we somehow make it to kindy.

Ryu and I nap for an hour or so and then its time to go pick up the car. Granny K rings from the community centre where she went two hours earlier for her annual health check up. She needs such and such a card or they wont even start the checkup. I wonder what she has been doing for the past two hours and isn't it lucky I decided to have a sleep first or I would have been an hour away and not fancying having to drive straight back for that.

Take her the card and go pick up the car stopping on the way for a nappy change and a coffee. Some days coffee just doesn't seem enough though. God almighty, give me strength to get through the day - and not in a religious way. Bugger that, give me a red bull and a shot of vodka and maybe I'd stand a chance.

On the way back Mosburger sucks my car into the drive-through and I get onion rings - seriously, if they were at all nutritiously viable I would choose them as my one food to keep me alive on a desert island. Ryu would be a little harder to convince though. I think banana and yoghurt would be his choice.

We get home and I have to get straight into finishing the snack bags (had about 60 yen left to fill today) and starting stuff for kindy trip tomorrow. Bacon and egg pie - check. Fried chicken - bugger fuck. Completely forgot. Strawberries - bugger fuck, but luckily vestling friend of Granny K's brought round box of lovely juicy ones this evening. Score. The lunchboxes and drink bottles are out, the double buggy is folded (mission in itself) and in back of family wagon, change of clothes laid out and everything else... will have to wait till tomorrow morning.

Remember I said it was hard getting kids ready and out door by half seven? Well tomorrow we all need to be out the door at that time AND I have to have a fricken ten course gourmet lunch cooked and packed, along with everything else that a day out to an aquarium with three small children entails. Fuck it, and the weather report is for rain

Note to self - pack rain ponchos and brollies.

Best get an early night. A day of dophins, oversized squids, gourmet lunch competition and getting bashed by 31 two year olds for crap gaijin arranged snack packs.



Brenda said...

Congratulations on making it through the day today and good luck tomorrow! I'm sure the kids will all love your snack bags. They're snacks! Hope you all have a great time!

Corinne said...

Have fun tomorrow! I can just imagine the little faces of the kiddies as they open their snack bags and go "awwww mum, why the hell did we get stuck with the poor arse gaijin snack bags, no fair!!" hehe joking! I'm sure they'll be great! And if they do do that give the ungrateful little buggers a big gaijin smack in the head!!

Anonymous said...

lol at Corinne`s commemt and ditto! Sounds pretty fair to me.;P

Hope you have a good day and manage to tire everyone out so you can have a decent nap when you get home.

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Definitely superwoman to get through today! I hope things go well tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hello GW

Mummy meltdowns are ok. Good for the little ones to see and therefore experience. One of life's lessons for them no matter their age.

Reckon you'll be in bed by now even considering the time difference between Oz and Japan. Hope it was a good day and that your snacks were appreciated.

Any sharks at the aquarium? If so it's a pity they weren't trained to come swimming up to the viewing window, jaws apart and therefore lovely teeth gleaming, at the gob smacked little faces peering at them through the glass. Now that'd give the sweehearts a thrill they'd remember. All thoughts of possible crappy gaijin snacks (don't believe for a minute they would be)would be gone in a flash.

Margaret M

thefukases said...

Oh no.... Did you see the weather forecast on the 9pm news? You get the rain in 100 ml increment maps for tomorrow.... fingers crossed there's a sunny spot right over you and yours!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Hello Wonder woman!
Gotta love a double buggy. Looks like mine though in better nick! Long journeys it is essential as both get to sleep in the back seat at some point during the day.
Hope the day went well and the kids were appreciative of the snack bags!