Saturday, 8 May 2010

Leathers and Lawns

Marina made it home from kindy today without adding to her growing number of bitemarks from Sakura-chan. They get on great. Always playing together but Sakura is that little bit younger, going through the biting phase, and obviously thinking Marina has yummy looking forearms and thighs!!

When I went to pick her up yesterday the teacher 'appologised' for her wounds - again. A different teacher had rung up about half an hour before I usually go and pick them up - Marina has a temperature, do you want to come get her early? Me thinks the temperature was from big fricken shark mark on her left thigh. Quite bad - purple, swollen but not perfect indentation of teeth marks like on her forearm from day before.

The teacher tried to tell me that it wouldn't have been so bad if she had been in jeans - so now of course I am feeling all bloody bad mummy about not sending my two year old to kindy in full protective leather bodysuit and helmet. It has started - this trying to protect thing. Shou from 'scratchy boy' and Marina from 'my mum doesn't feed me enough so I want a chunk of your thigh' girl.

Ah well, at least I have a nice banana loaf waiting to impress scratchy boy's mum when they come over tomorrow morning, because if we get along then the rules of the world say that our children must too.

Banana loaf was thanks to friend, who I went to see for lunch. I had thought hub might be up for some sushi what with it being nearly a month and all. Unagi and uni withdrawel symptms - him, not me. I have ebi, corn and that stuff they grill with the blowtorch 'aburi' withdrawl. Has withdrawel go an 'e'?

Speaking of spell-check - the man who does something and could well be the inbred electrician is coming on Monday. This computer will become obsolete and we will not have internet connection until we get the wireless antenna. Hub told me this last night. My Mac (which I can't hook up to dial up) might be new enough (seven years old) to work with the new system and if not then tis a shopping we will go. But be warned, depending on how imbred our electrician actually is I will have from between one and infinity nights away from my posts.

This morning I got around to mowing the lawn - with the weedeater or whippersnapper or whatever it is you heathen Australians call it. Was quite fun and upon raking up all the leaves - after four hour break - I sat on the deck, beer in hand, and admired my handywork. I only mulched one frog in the process but saw about ten hope furiously away. Pretty good going really.

I told hub this morning that he had the wife's permission to go to pachinko - in thanks for his hard work the two weeks I was away. I had first asked him to come for sushi for lunch but he said he couldn't be flagged. Pachinko word comes through the ear and wooooaaah, get the keys, the bankcard and squealing of tires and he is gone baby, gone. He was allowed 10,000 yen and he came home with 30,000. Not one to encourage the whole gambling thing I reminded him that was his lunch money until he retires.

Tomorrow is mother's day and as hub is so busy with his own weed-eating followed by pat selves on back yakiniku, which he is taking Shou to, he took Granny K to the onsen (hot spring) today. He took Shou as well and they all came back looking a bit more wrinkly and red faced.

He enquired earlier in the day...

Hub: tomorrow is mother's day.

GW: I know

Hub: what shall we do?

GW: ummm (thinking is about me as am mother of his three children afterall)

Hub: I usually take her to the onsen.

GW: Oh, YOUR mother. What are you asking me for?

Hub: (looking almost wounded) but it's okaaaaaaasan. (mother)

GW: Right.I know that. Do what ever you think you should do for her but don't expect me to ring the clown and arrange the bouncy castle.

How many of you do something for your mother in law on mother's day? I will say 'thankyou Granny K for all your help with the kids, I'm still a bit sour I have to live with you and please don't go getting all sick on us and bedridden cause I can't be faffed with the vestling nappies and would much rather you just do the considerate thing and drop off in your sleep in about five years when all the kids are old enough to do things on their own', but I draw the line at me having to try and make her day special.

That said, when we just had Shou we did take her out for dinner. And actually the next year with the two of them. Now I think it would just be too painful so mother's day onsen and family dinner will have to be postponed until further notice.

Well, I do believe there is a beer in the freezer with my name on it and some dried squid. Hub is coming down the stairs - finally after getting Shou to sleep.



Melanie said...

We`ve always sent MIL flowers on mother`s day. This year I could care less (though hub did send her some, doing it on his own without me, never said a thing about Mother`s Day in fact for this very reason).

He said he went to buy me some shirts like the ones I just bought from H&M but they were sold out. Its the thought that counts.

Silver Balls said...

10,000 yen and some dried squid,i would not be expecting to much shiny bling bling for mothers day :p

kasandora said...

@gMy husband has forgotten mother's day for the 3rd year in a row. I'm always hurt, but getting used to it....

He of course sent his mother flowers....

Anonymous said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY GAIJIN WIFE! I hadn't realised it was the same day in Japan as here in Oz.
Being the mother of the children (we have four, including my step daughter, and I meant to have only one when I married her Dad 45 years ago) doesn't usually count so it seems. Long have I heard 'but you're not my mother....' So, I wouldn't hold out any hope for special things until Shou, Marina and Ryu are a tad older.
I have to tell you though that I did get a wonderful 'present' this morning when I opened up my email and there was one from a former girlfriend of younger son's. Secretly, or maybe not so secretly, I always hoped he'd marry her but it didn't happen. She's japanese and I've loved her to bits from the day we first met years ago.Her news was that she's getting married in October. I'm kind of hoping for a wedding invite which will see me acting like your dh going to play pachinko - only I'll be clutching air tickets and it'll be aeroplane tyres sqealing.
I do waffle on but I just had to tell you.
By the way, us heathen ozzies call them whipperSNIPPERS. Am sure you enjoyed the deserved beer.
Margaret M

illahee said...

OMG, i'm going to go through GW withdrawal. shit. ya'lls internet better be up and working soon or i just might have to make up posts for you and post them on my blog! ;)

yoshi doesn't do anything for me, although last year he just happened to take the kids out and they brought home 'silk' red carnations for me. not my favorite flower so, whatever.

last wednesday his aunt died unexpectedly and he went to the funeral. he was meeting his parents there so he did get a little carnation basket for his mom. better her than me, i'd rather have something pretty (carnations are ok, especially the dual colored ones) like roses or a bouquet with a mix of flowers.

hope you had a lovely mother's day. we had a BBQ here, with PIL, for which i did all the cooking. even had to fire up the grill because yoshi couldn't manage it. top it all off, i have a cold and really couldn't taste anything anyway. ah well, guess this means next year will be better than this.

Gaijin Wife said...

Margaret - of course, whippersnappers. I think in NZ we actually use whippersnipper to refer to young bloke. Hmmmm, memory fading already.

Great news about possible perhaps maybe secret squiril invite to wedding in Japan! If it's in the vacinity of abode de la gaijinwife... welcome welcome.

Illahee - definately can't survive without blog access for too long or I may need to recruit a real live therapist. Hope you and your lot are surviving and that you get your taste back soon. Let me know if you haven't got it back before you come and I will cunningly substitute gin and cheese on crackers for water and bread.