Thursday, 13 May 2010

Le Hospeeeetaaaaal de Aramaki

Bullet points as head spinning from half a beer after no food since lunch - which for a strapping lass like myself is practically starvation. Not that hungry but...

Internet Connection

Rang up NTT this morning and asked them to extend our connection until Monday week. I rang from the hospital carpark so couldn't check whether it had been turned off or not as was too early when left house. She checked it out and rang back - OK, hasn't been disconnected. Monday week fine. Get home just before lunch and try to crank up internet - not a working. Ring her back and she rings a few people and provider doing system maintenance so will be back on in an hour - and here we are. New computer should arrive and fingers crossed will get all sorted out before this gets disconnected for real.

Le Hospital de Aramaki

Granny K kind of bad mummy bullied me into taking Ryu and Marina to the doctors this morning. They both had coughs but genki otherwise. Doctors we go to very popular so unless you go at the end of the day you have to get their as soon as registration starts up at half eight - which for us means leaving the house at half seven.

Do you know how hard it is to feed dress and get ready to leave house three small children and self? By half seven? Needless to say I am fuckin superwomen and we were pulling out the drive at 7:31am.

Shou off to kindy and Ryu and Marina to doctors where they were the healthiest looking people in the room, all smiles and running round - or smiling and just kind of bobbing for Ryu. Ryu got the steam thingy and they both got three types of powder meddy again and some stickers.

Marina was fine to go back to kindy so back she went.

Phonecall at half three - Shou has a temperature of 38.5 and is howling like a sick cat. Leave a sleeping Ryu with Granny K and go to get Shou and take him straight to doctors - again. He'll start to think I fancy him.

Shou was a lot sicker than the other too - his eyes had lost that three year old tantrum terrorist gleam. He was all cuddles and sleepy eyes and sore and aching body. 39.6 when we got to the doctors. He got a bum bullet on the spot (wasn't too thrilled about that) and then two types of meddy and life time supply of bullets.

Heading home and five minutes to go and power chuck from the back seat. Purple projectile. Fortunately he got most of it on his trousers so off with those and the rest of the journey home in his undies and t-shirt.

Granny K tried to tell me it was the tiny small kiddy sized grape juice he had - which had been a good 40 minutes before he vomitted. She then said it was his cough - which he hasn't got. The doctor reckoned he didn't have the vomitty / shitty bug and I am thinking it was his temp, his not feeling too flash and forty minutes half asleep in a warm K-car - as in feel all those bumps.

He has gone to bed with a puke bowl and towels anyway. So has Marina - just in case. Ryu's bed has been raised at one end as that is meant to promote better breathing and not getting so bunged up. They all went to sleep quite well but at le hospeeeetaaaaal de Aramaki we aren't holding our breath. Gotta take the peace and quiet when we can though, it could be a rough night.

Thursday English Classes

Nada and nada.


Got a txt from her at lunch time saying she had done her first hard sodoku since the operation. This had been worrying her as she is quite a seasoned sodoku solver. I have tried to ring her a couple of times since she started treatment but to no avail. My unbloggables sister has spoken to her - but then perhaps mum thinks she is a bit more 'fragile' at the moment, whereas I am just hardcore, made of stone, and not needing the talks so much. Nevermind. I will start stalking her and she goes home tomorrow anyway so I should get her or dad sometime over the weekend at least, before they head back for more treatment on Monday.

Ouchy ouch (men stop reading)

I woke up to aunt flow, the rag, my period this morning. Same old same old I guess except that with things being so busy I had kind of forgotten and therefore had no tampons in the house. Pads - had shitloads of them as after pushing melons out saloon doors, a bit of choki choki and stitchy stitchy you really want the biggest fluffiest fuckin pads you can find. Had whole cupboard full.

Not pad girl really, but what can you do. Pull down the suck my flummy in pants and insert pad - has those sticky wing bits but as my suck my flummy in pants are also suck my thighs in pants they go right down to my knees and therefore not ideal but nevermind. Up the pants go, all fine. No worries.

About to head out to doctors at 7:25am and suddenly start looking for tampon - there has to be one bloody tampon in this damn house. I finally find one in old nappy bag - along with dried up packet of bum wipes and newborn nappy.

Back to toilet where I try to pull the super pants down - holy fuck fuck fuck and shag me sideways, the sticky bits of the pad have attached themselves to the saloon doors and my god, I think I gave myself a brazillian, or a new york, or whatever. Christ. I'm not even sure if childbirth was that painful. Tis really just like pulling big plaster off fanny. I've never had a proper brazillian - why would you drive two hours to a beauty place to do it when you can just get pregnant, wait 40 weeks and get it done free during contractions while you wait for the melon to shoot out the saloon doors?

Anyway, enough about sticky pads and saloon doors.


Caught up with Chiemi for lunch. Hadn't seen her for about a month so that was good. Ryu joined us of course and is officially no longer an easy to take out baby. I used to be able to plug him with a dummy or a bottle and he would be happy as larry. Now he has to touch everything, smile at everyone, move, bob around, sway, grab ...

Hmmmm, I think is all the news I have to report today. I think Shou will probably be home from kindy tomorrow but hopefully Marina will be OK.

It is hub's 45th birthday on Saturday. He is a bit funny about it. He said it is the first time he has thought fuck, half my life is over!! If he lived till 90 he would be the first in his family - ever ever ever, so you obviously don't get your hopes up with those kind of statistics. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday - fully preparing myself for him saying 'blowjob' - and he wants some shoes for work.... and yakiniku.

Hopefully we don't have vomitty kids to deal with and we can slurp beer and eat fine meats to celebrate his turning of age.



Anonymous said...

sounds very busy in the Aramaki household..good to hear you made it back safe and sound from your travels and here`s hoping things are a little calmer over the next few weeks for you...(well, fingers crossed anyways :)
The word verification was `coping`..

Oyomesan said...

howling with laughter up here in Hokkaido - with my legs crossed...been there! done that! oh yes.....

Kelly said...

I've paid someone for a brazilian, went to a day spa, and it's not all it lived up to. I don't think hot wax was ever meant to go down there. It's hot and it hurts, and it just feels naked, like a bear with no fur! :(

Hope the kids get over their ills soon!

My comment verification was "wookie" hahaha...very fitting for this blog!

Lulu said...

OMG that pad story had me in muffled hysterics (the baby is sleeping, hense the muffling!)...

SOrry to hear all the kids are sick- purple vomit does not sound pleasant!

We had puke bowls growing up too. We only used them for puke but they were kept in the same drawer as all the other tupperware and it kind of freaked me out. When Noah starts needing puke bowls I think I will need to find them a special place to live.