Sunday, 2 May 2010

Home 'Sweet' Home

5:30 am - I can hear I think Shou about to come downstairs so this may be very short. Ryu and I are sitting her in 'the bombsite'. After reclaiming my bench (reason below - apart from being obvious shiny bench nazi) though I'm not going to get too stressed about the rest of the room and the house. Hub and Granny K did survive after all.

My sister was going to meet us at the domestic terminal yesterday to take us through to international. For various reasons this did not transpire and my Auntie and cousin and his family came. Actually 'various reasons' is a complete load of shit. Just the one reason really which will remain 'unbloggable'. Seriously fucked off though. Not because she couldn't come, although it would have been nice to say goodbye to her and the girls, but because timing is everything and her timing for the resurfacing of the unbloggables is crap.

Poor mum, dealing with the obvious and now, as mums do, worrying about all of that too. The unbloggables is an illness. In my head I know this but in my heart I am just fucked off. Why? Because my mum, my mum has a bloody illness, one that can't be cured. My sister - she has an illness perhaps but it is god damn curable. Stressful times like all this with mum probably more prone to setting off reocurrance of unbloggables but still. Ah well, this is the last I will say on the topic for today, or my poor ten year old piece of shit computer (not long for this world though as buying new piece of highly advanced technological genious when cable comes) will pack a shit.

Seeing Auntie and co at airport was great. We had dinner and caught up. Ryu was bastardly tired though so after dinner we went through to the other side to try and find a nice dark spot so he could at least get a sleep for an hour or so before getting on the plane.

No luck with that though. The flight was mediocre horrendous. Was so not sitting there through the first in-flight meal looking all smug with my sleeping baby, meal and glass of wine like the trip over. He did sleep for about four hours though - but on and off, in and out of the bassinet and some seriously good nutting out in between. Not impressed with the stewards - four 40-ish aged men, a young gay Japanese/kiwi bloke and a few women. Honestly. I can't remember seeing older men before. I know they have to keep working. Can't just be an air host/ess while young and perky but shite - middle aged men coming to ask me if everything is OK and show me how to work the TV - when baby obviously sleeping soundly in bassinet - the women tend to crouch down and lower their voices. The men just continue to bellow.

We arrived at KIX in Osaka and had 3 hours to doss round, having coffee and trying to get Ryu to sleep - to no avail. Between about three on Friday and seven last night he slept for a grand total of about four hours - perhaps a few snippets of ten minutes or so in the car. Hub had forgotten his baby car seat so yet again he was subjected to a road trip in a forward facing one. Not liking it.

I had prepared myself for the bombsite when we got home. It wasn't messy as in piles of stuff all over the house - more like piles of stuff neatly lined up along the walls and obviously the floor hadn't seen the likes of the vacuum cleaner for a while.

I went to pick Marina and Shou up from kindy. They were very excited and so was I and Oh My God, how two weeks can make a difference. Were they this 'grown up' before? Shou has war wounds form a scrap with two older boys on Friday. Shou went to touch something of one of the older boys and he got it taken off him to which he said 'baka' - and then got obviously attacked by the two of them. I hope they look as bad as he does. He has scratches on his forhead, nose and just under his left eye. Hub said if it had been any worse he was going to ring parents, which is hard when the kids are that young and an adult didn't witness the start. Still, I'm sure it was all their fault anyway!

Shou got his battery operated toy drill when he got home - had a minor melty when realised it was different kind to the set he has with screws - but perked up when finally got the black & decker torch to go. He went off to firebrigade stuff with daddy while Ryu slept and Marina and mummy had a bath. She was being sooooooooooo nice to me. We had a great time. She is talking a lot now and has almost toilet trained herself so is looking like this summer we will get both of them out of nappies. Yay.

In amongst all the dinner chaos our inbred electrician turned up. Hub has asked him to do the cable internet connection despite us having agreed to use the town-recommended guy. He wanted to measure shit and ask loads of questions half an hour after I am home from kindy and the kids are all excited, lots of noise, Ryu starts screaming and I am making eyes at hub to the tune of 'can you not tell him to fuck off for a day or two and come back after Golden Week.

While this is going on the florist lady pulls up and delivers a very beautiful bunch of flowers - from hub to me for our 6 year anniversary which was while Ryu and I were winging our way across the Pacific.

Beautiful flowers meant of course there had to be a beautiful spot on the bench for them to reside. Hency the bench cleaning and shining. The morning after and piles of crap have made their way back there. Me thinks the house will stay a complete pit until after Golden Week.

After moving Ryu into his own bed at about eight he took a bit of settling but the house was quiet by nine (including myself) and apart from Shou coming in at 3 and taking hub back to his room the rest of the house slept! I thought it might take Ryu a few days to get back into the sleep thing or that perhaps he wouldn't ever sleep as well as he did in NZ ever again but... touch wood.

Hub was up for a bit of 'haven't seen my wife for two weeks' action but seriously I had had even less sleep than Ryu in the past two days so had to decline, anniversary flowers and all.

Granny K was pleased to see .... Ryu - and me perhaps. She has been doing the dinner while we were gone, and the washing.

Best get to changing the kids and self.

Happy Golden Week to you all.


PS - does anyone else got noddy world syndrome when they come home? Our house is so small and everything so close together. I am sure our dining room table is the same height as a normal table but everything just feels smaller - and I don't think down to me getting bigger while away!


Oyomesan said...

Welcome back!

Flowers??? he ordered flowers???

He is trying you know....that is great!

Silver Balls said...

Ha ha,it is me!

umebossy said...

Okaeri! Hope golden week isn't too crazy for you and you and Ryu settle back in soon. I kind of have the opposite to toytown syndrome- when I go to the UK everything feels too big! Not that that's a bad thing though...on this upcoming trip I am mostly looking forward to not having to sleep, eat and have the cat litter tray in the same room. Even if just for a week.

Gaijin Wife said...

Oyomesan - he did. He must have done it before he left to pick me up too - or when we stopped at the service area for lunch. Either or, very nice and unexpected considering the circumstances this time round :)

Gaijin Wife said...

Silver Balls - hello there. Where did you find your profile pic? I wish hub got that many balls at silver ball heaven :)

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Welcome back.

Glad you survived the return flight and that your house is still standing! The flowers were a nice touch.

The kids must have been made up to see you. Great news about the toilet training too. Am obsessed with the subject at the moment, but we have been having lots of success on the loo these passed few weeks too. Hoping to have both mine out of nappies by Christmas...

Enjoy the rest of Golden Week

Bryn said...

Welcome back!!! Sorry your flight home was a bit crap, but glad you made it! Hopefully Ryu continues sleeping well! I know how nice that is!

Sorry about your unbloggables, pure suckiness I'm sure :(

Have a great Golden Week!

Melanie said...

Welcome back, hope that Ryu continues the sleeping all night.

Could use some of that at the moment myself.....

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Glad you're back! I'm srorry to hear that the trip back was a bit of a nightmare, but at least it's over. And it sounds like you had a great time at home seeing your family. :)