Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fun Family Festivities

I hope this five thirty blog thing doesn't turn into a habbit. Not too fussed at the moment though as have been in bed by half nine ever since getting home. I did set my alarm to get up for project runway at midnight last night but turned it off and snuggled back up.

Granny offered to look after Ryu yesterday so we took Shou and Marina to the Oita Agricultural Park about an hour away. It sounds heinously boring but is in fact super for kids with a couple of super great play areas, a butterfly house, a dead big spider and insect room and some real live stage beetles - mostly free and obentos to buy and icecream on sale.

We rocked up just on opening time along with a fair few others. By the time we had been on one play area, taken the little park bus to the other play area, gone on that loooooong roller slide that burns your bum and just about sets your shoes on fire (if you happen to be going down it with small people and useing feet along sides to break - because if you don't combined weight of small child and fat gaijin and you would be catipulted off side) about ten times and taken the little park bus back the place was PACKED. We bustled away to buy bentos, had an icecream, saw the insects, lined all the stag beetle cases up in a row, and then had to seriously bribe the children to sit down at a picnic table to eat lunch while the humungous bouncy castle was beckoning them.

Mission accomplished and after lunch hub takes Shou off to bounce while I try to get Marina to the toilet - she is in pants and hasn't been to the toilet for three hours. Surely there's something stored up in there? Besides, my pathetic pelvic floor means I have to go as soon as I feel the need or a sudden laugh and I might bloody wet my pants - honestly, if I had to push any more babies out my saloon doors would be permenantly 3cm dialated.

Anyhoo, Marina doesn't actually go until we get back which by then is a total of four and a half hours PLP (post last pee). Amazing!! Shou on the other hand has gone twice at the park and done a poo in some grass on the side of a mountain road.

Oh the joys of toilet training.

The afternoon was lovely. Marina slept the whole way home in the car so her and Shou were up for some 'Gao Gao Wani Gokko' when we got home. Me thinks this is a Shou and Marina thing and not actual name of traditional Japanese kids game. Doubt very much big gaijin running round garden making chomping movements with arms like a crocodile and shouting 'Gao Gao' chasing children is very traditional at all - especially as said big gaijin gets arse stuck in adventure playground door.

Adventure playground that has of course been transformed into Gao Gao Wani's house. Gao Gao Wani is allowed to nap, and in fact Shou even gets the Gao Gao Wani a pillow - and some water in case Gao Gao Wani gets a wee bit parched. Gao Gao Wani gets a thirty second nap and then has to run round chasing kids in and around various outdoor equipment - including Gao Gao Wani's husband who is sleeping on the grass.

It was a great afternoon all in all.

The kids were all in bed by half seven and hub and I had a belated wedding anniversary feast of yakiniku. Wasn't the best meat on the shelf but it was pretty damn nice. Hub of course got all excited and up for the play with all the 'stamina meat' he had consumed. Had been pre New Zealand trip, pre late period, pre thinking I might be up the duff. The poor man had been deprived.

Following international relations meeting we both sleep - quite well in the scheme of things. Ryu didn't wake up until Marina got up to pee at 5am. Shou was up half an hour later and it is now half six and everyone has been fed, Ryu is back in bed and Shou and Marina are playing 'postman' with popo-chan and a fire engine (?) in the next room.

Ryu has his 'nakizumo' in the next town over today. Shou and Marina both went to it so only fair that Ryu does too. Really not the best event to take all the kids to as not much by way of small kiddy things to do and there is a bit of waiting. Granny K may go and be on Ryu patrol while I stay here with a child, or vice versa. We go and Marina and Granny K stay here. I would like to see it but have seen it twice before so if she wants to go she can - will give me a chance to perhaps unpack some suitcases? Clean the house? Find some space for the Japanese tea set? - that arrived yesterday. I think it arrived in one piece too (or rather 36 pieces) - and may even have survived a jump on by Marina this morning!!

Well, best get to round one of 'lets-not-live-in-a-pit'.

Last day of Golden Week - yay. Has been fun in places though but we need to get back to normality, which at our house means two out of three children being pawned off to kindy to be looked after by other people.

Cheap at the price.



Mighty Atom said...

very very encouraging for a wannabe pop (and funny I might add)... thanks mate...

world of sekimachihato said...

five blimmin thirty?!
i seriously don't know how you do it. oh, and you've kinda started to freak me out as i'm gonna be in your shoes any day now.
maybe i need a feed of yakiniku. build-up that stamina. and no, it's not needed for nocturnal activities!

Kelly Azuma said...

I had a dream about you last night - don't know why - but in it I dreamed you got pregnant with baby #4. :) haha

Sounds like you had a fun day :)

Lulu said...

Sounds like the agricultural park is a nice day out! Not too expensive either!!

5:30am? Holy crap! If Noah wakes up anytime before 7am for a feed I tell him it is still night time, feed him and put him back to bed. Not sure what I will do when he is old enough to get out of bed himself. HAHA!

It is our wedding anniversary this weekend- wonder if I should suggest yakiniku? :P

Helen said...

Just thought I'd mention if you didn't already know that Project Runway repeats on WOWOW on Thursday (today) at 5:30. I usually tape it on Tuesday night, but my tape ran out 10 minutes before the end of the show...and it was the finale! ACK.