Monday, 10 May 2010

First day of treatment

So what did all you lovely mothers get for mother's day? - or did you lovely men folk get your lovely wives and mothers of your lovely children for mothers day?

Shou came home from kindy on Saturday with a paper made carnation, a heart card with the words 'thankyou mummy' in Japanese and not written by three year old but by teacher and a picture of mummy - by three year old and with big jumbo yellow ears and a nose that spans half my face and eyes so far apart you'd think my mum must have been on the tequilla the entire pregnancy. But it's the thought that counts and it was very special and it will come out at his 21st. He also brought home three seeds - which will get planted and if they know whats good for them will either turn into hash plants or a stalk that grows to the heavens and has a gold harp at the top - but actually me thinks they might be climbing flowers of some sort in which case they will get made to climb up the side of the deck.

Scratchy boy and his mum and his sister came yesterday morning and Shou was well excited to see him. They played really well while his mum and I didn't get much sorted at all about the traffic safety stuff - except that we will do a yes/no quiz at the parent-child trip to the aquarium in a couple of weeks. We have to do something and this is the usual routine. I will also be expected to use some of the budget for a take home pack for the 14 kids at the kindy - including 11 under 3s. When Shou and Marina got this last year it included chubba chubs and gum ?? I'm not quite sure how a pack of yoghurt, fruit and raisins will be received!

The inbred electrician was meant to come this morning but it was lashing rain. I wasn't aware that what he had to do was outside so I stayed home waiting for him to show his lazy arse. At 11am I rang him and he said he couldn't come in the rain and would do it tomorrow. Rightio then, I can leave the house and do pressing things like shopping and drying two loads of washing at the dryers - one load had been through the washer twice as the first time round I washed a bloody nappy and they get gell shit all through bloody everything. I even folded the washing - miracle. Very rarely does washing get washed, dried and folded AND put away on the same day.

I txt mum today to see how her first day of treatment went - OK she said. I had a good talk to her yesterday morning for mothers day, before a whole lot of other, yet to be blogged about, family dramas went down. It's such an emotional time at home - and yeah, I guess here too but I can wake up and get through a lot of the day ignorant to the emotional carnage happening at home. Carnage - a word my brother uses. So suitable but.

I left a card for mum the day I left Napier - somewhere she would find it after I had left. I also emailed her this morning - saying I know she doesn't read my blog cause too many shag references and the like but that if she wanted she could click on mother's day post link. She will read it and probably be embarrassed, possibly a bit angry, that I have written what I have so publically. But god, it's only you lot. Practically family afterall :)

And if I didn't blog (almost) everything I'd be checking into rehab too or squiffing back bottles of vallium.

Blogging is so therapeutic.

Thank you all.

Sweet Dreams, Good Health and Quiet Living, on this, day 1 out of mum's six weeks of radio and chemo.

Love you mum.


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Lulu said...

Your letter to your mum below was beautiful. I also hadn`t realized you were a premmie...

Hoping your mums treatment continues to go well. It will be tough but worth it in the end I hope.

The card Shou made sounds cute- my dad kept every card my brother and I ever made for him. And every fathers day gift that was home-made including things made from matchsticks. I hope I can say the same about the stuff Noah will (hopefully!) make me in the future.

The first father`s day card I ever made him had a shoe cut out of a magazine and Dad written with one D written back to front (but then I corrected it?)- I was 2.5 at the time.