Saturday, 15 May 2010

Cake Wreck

Have just spent ten minutes on my knees - not doing anything remotely birthday present to hub related mind you. Was spot cleaning filthy floor so that could sit and have a glass of wine in a tidy room at the end of the day.

Happy Birthday Hub!! 45 today. He spent the whole day in bed feeling like a dog with a man cold. He had a towel wrapped round his neck and slept under about ten layers of blankets in a dark room. He came up for air briefly at lunch time when he scoffed back some instant noodles and then retreated back upstairs for another four hours.

I was kind of expecting a different kind of day. No shopping for shoes, no sushi, no afternoon international relation meetings, no yakiniku. We DID do the birthday cake though.
Surely no need to explain that Shou was in charge of decorating! Kind of like the marble effect though. Not quite the 'Happy Birthday' I had in mind but who cares. Tasted good - with mikan and banana in with the cream in the middle.

Oh - program on TV has just said that dressing in fleecy PJs and sleeping a fever off under ten layers of blankets is old school - best thing to do is sleep in single t-shirt and have cold faceclothes under your underarms and around your neck. The program is on what people still do that is old school and actually not very effective. Granny K (and hub) should be watching this but at 8:55pm I am the only person awake in the house!

Might go get me an early night though. I gave hub a birthday cuddle before he took Shou off up to go to sleep and he tried to do the hip grind, saying that the superchinichin has a raging temperature - HOT HOT HOT. Me thinks I should wet a facecloth and wrap that round it to cool it down.



Rachel said...

Hi, yes, I'm home all day Monday, I'll be in around that time and may even be in a fit state for visitors! I'll put the jug on.

illahee said...