Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bye crap computer

Inbred electrician is on his way - I only have minutes before he gets here but if the truth be known probably a good couple of hours before this computer line gets cut, will take him that long to haul is arse up onto the roof and then into the roof to pull the new cable through to Shou's room - which is where the original cable is. I would prefer the wireless antenna box goes down here as far too nice and shiney new for Shou to not want to fiddle but nevermind.

Had a bit of umming and arrrhhhing at the shop as I would like to try and get my Mac up and running but the Buffalo Wireless thingmebob may not support it as as my version is 10.3.4 and said version on side of pack is 10.4 and 10.5. Bloody technology - may well be back to same shop tomorrow to purchase new computer. Oh well, eight years is long enough to have had a computer do its dash.

Electrician here - and up in Shou's room. Ryu is crying in our room probably not impressed at new afternoon sleeping arrangements - which are usually nap in Shou's nice dark quiet pit of a room.

Best go rescue the boy and try to get him to sleep before sorting out dinner and afternoon English - new girl starts today so ...

Tuesday = 6 eight year old girls
Wednesday = 5 six year olds
Thursday = 4 ten year old girls
Thursday night = 4 Junior High School kids.

Enough to keep the house of GW in tofu and noodles every month at least.

Not sure when will be back.

Watch this space.



Kyle Mizokami said...

Hmm, what kind of Mac do you have? I mean, exactly what version? I have 10.4 and 10.5 install disks floating around, if you need it...

illahee said...

will miss you!

Gaijin Wife said...

Kyle - thank you very much for the offer. I am secretly hoping my Mac doesn't pull through so I just HAVE to get a new one - although Mac still around for good old DVD making, photos and iTunes.

Gaijin Wife said...

Kyle - not sure if you will read the comments again seeing as already replied. If you do, and if you can find them I would love to borrow your 10.4 install disks. My Mac is an iBook G4 (Power PC G4 (1.1) Size - 512 MB.

Does that help?

I am still going to buy a new computer that wont be a Mac as hub would rather not have a Mac and our closest really big computer shop doesn't stock them anyway. Would be good idea to have two computers that can connect to internet though.

Can you contact me at katyaramaki@gmail.com and I will email you my address.

Thanks so much.

Kelly Azuma said...

8 years?? That's super dooper! Our computers usually only last 3 years max before we have to get a new one.

I'd say you well and truly deserved a new computer :)