Thursday, 20 May 2010


Wow! Two very major things happened today. Quite amazing. Amazing to me as a mother though not to you the general public but because you have the misfortune this fine evening of reading this you will be let in...

1. The kindy teachers gave me the 'Aramaki bucket' to bring home. This has been at the kindy since Shou started going a month before Marina was born in 2008. The bucket - for nappies. All the buckets for the little kids room get lined up in the hallway and filled during the day with nappies of offending child. Marina no longer needs it!! Wa bloody hoo. I have two daytime toilet trained children. Still work needed on the not pissing thy bed at night but we will get there. Yay for summer and less washing.

2. Both above said toilet trained children undressed themselves before getting in the bath tonight. Please don't read this as meaning that they usually just fly into the bath clothes and all. That has only ever happened twice. No, they both undressed THEMSELVES - quite a miracle. Shou has it sussed and now that I have seen it happen once I'm not going to touch him again. Marina got her singlet stuck and just about strangled herself. Not phased she soldiered on, coughing and spluttering and fighting for air but got there in the end. My little champion.

Two quite big milestones in the scheme of things, especially when there is a number three child to attend to. The more those two can sort out themselves the better. I think tomorrow we'll have a lesson in washing rice and turning the rice cooker on, and then perhaps the gearstick, the handbreak and how not to drive into the rice paddies.

I managed to get both English classes done today, in peace. I came back at 9pm to a quiet house and thought woooooooowwwwww, 8th wonder of the world. Two minutes later Granny K comes panting down the hallway just about scraping Ryu along the ground. He had started crying and hub was up getting Shou to sleep so she tended to the heavy mass of crying grandson. I took him off her, swaddled him to within an inch of his life, turned on the 'awesome NZ kids songs' CD (that starts with hello everybody hello everybody, followed shortly there after by kiora tamariki and then konnichiwa minasan) and put him in his pit. He must have succumed to the gentle lull and gone to sleep.

Lately he has been quite the rock star - going to sleep on his own and after a brief wake at about half eight (for no particular reason) going back to sleep until at least five. Awesome news. I think I am slowly but surely crawling my way back out of the pit of dispair that is sleep deprivation. God help summer and big fuckin spiders cause if I got up the duff again and had to lose my long awaited sleep to midnight pee trips and crying newborns I would seriously be in need of some medication.

Am sure I could get something off someone in my dysfunctional family though. Enough of various things going around.

Speaking of which, spoke to my little bro this arvo. He is actually on the lower end of dysfunctional - like myself, or so I like to believe :) He is unfortunately in the middle of a bit of dysfunction and needs an outlet to rant. He can't load it all on his new girlfriend, that wouldn't be good for future prospects of international relations meetings - although not too international as she is still a kiwi - but in South Island. I have never met the girl but god I thank the heavens for my brother having her through this. And if she can handle everything that is going on in our family at the moment then she surely will be a stayer. I for one will buy a hat to go to that wedding :)

Fuck it, I may even buy two and change them half way through.

Anything else... hmmmm....

Oh, Apple Shop emailed and said have sent puter - to arrive on Sunday - which gives me, oh, no child free time to try and set it up before this connection goes on Monday - what with everything I need being under Shou's bed and all (modem and wireless antenna).

Friend came over with her two month old this morning - who doesn't have a neck. Baby not friend. Friend is well skinny, obviously, as baby sucking back so much boob it now has five chins and no neck. Quite remarkable. 7kg at 2 months. Both parents Japanese so can't even use the half gaijin excuse.

Bought new bags for the snack bags for the kindy excursion this Saturday - and repacked them. When I went to pick the kids up the head teacher asked if I wanted them to take the snack bags to the Aquarium. The only reason I was thinking that might be better idea was because Shou will surely spot them in the back of the car and will be pain in arse for the two hours it takes to get to damn aquarium. The teachers on the otherhand think that 31 snack bags will take up loads of room - and if they looked like the snack bags from years gone by they would. I said bags are loads smaller this time and now I think they are officially worried that the kids will be shortchanged by lack of exploding brown paper bag of crisps, gum, candy and chocolate.

They still get all of the above but a bit more thought out, age appropriate and more shiney and party take home pack looking. I'll let you know how the three and four year olds react. Quite a hard audience. Little fuckers can be honest as hell.

Right, off to take myself to bed. Off to pick up my car tomorrow so a bit of driving and then buying shite for elaborate packed lunch for aquarium on Saturday. Must remember not to sit next to Chiemi's family as her husbands grandmother (as in the great grandmother of her children) will be getting up at about 4am to put the finishing touches on the lunch she has been preparing for the last 48 hours, but no doubt been planning in her head for the last three weeks! Not sure if bacon and egg pie, sammies, rice balls, fried chicken and fruit will suffice!!



Nay said...

Yay for 2 daytime toilet trained chidlren!! You must be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel... Kindy is great for toilet training, hey! I might just have to send Leilah to kindy just for that reason, lol. So am not looking forward to that stage...

Watch out for big scary spiders this summer :P Although in my opinion newborns are just adorable (especially mine :P )

world of sekimachihato said...

ok, i oficially take my hat off to you (and all mothers out there; sorry, not only you).
we now have a crying, pooping, extremly cute, puking new born in the house.
i knew it was gonna be tough, but wow, he's a real patience tester.
just to get this straight, i'm not complaining, he is the best thing to come into my life, even if he has given us the biggest darkest eye bags...

awww, but did i mention he's so cute!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Congrats on the toilet training and the kids undressing themselves. My two sometimes will have a race to see who can get their pjs on the fastest, but it isn't as regular as I'd like or as fast as I'd like!

The amount of milk my two guzzle back before bed, I am guessing that nighttime tolet training is way in the future for us. Too many habits to break before we get over that hurdle I think.