Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bloody Man Cold

Hub has given me his bloody man cold. I feel a bit bad for giving out to him when he was at his worst. Feel like someone has stuffed five rolls of loo paper up my nose, run me over with a k-truck and is shining a bright light in my eyes. Not fun, and despite fact that I obviously look and sound like shit and feel even worse hub was very unsympathetic. Not happy.

Hub: you finally got the cold we've all had (sitting on floor reading paper)
GW: so it would seem (as simultaneously blowing nose for millionth time, trying to wriggle Marina into her leggings and changing Ryu's shitty nappy)
Hub: have some of those cold pills.
GW: you mean the ones you have three of every day even when you haven't got a cold? You've been complaining like a bastard for weeks. If they don't make any difference I'd rather not have them and just ride it out (thinking to self am stubborn bitch)
Hub: Stubborn bitch. (fuck, well just go right out and say it then. thanks honey)
GW: Would be nice to be able to stay in bed all day.
Hub: that was a bloody Saturday when I did that. And I was feeling terrible.
GW: And?? Saturday meaning??
Hub: the kids are at kindy
GW: we do have another one you know that at nearly one demands a bit of attention, the occasional nappy change and the odd bit of bread and water to keep going. Might I remind you of things called washing, cooking and vacuuming as well.
Hub: why don't you just sleep when Ryu sleeps today?
GW: because the inbred fucking electrician that you decided to let loose on our wiring can't figure out what is wrong with the phone line that mysteriously stopped when I connected the modem yesterday. That main connection is up under Shou's bed too. The REAL phone people are coming over before lunch 'sometime', I have English in the afternoon and in between I have to do everything else as well as blog. God man, I'm far too busy to sleep :) I don't suppose you could perhaps come home straight after work to help with the night routine so that I don't have to run around trying to strangle our three children while blowing my nose and wiping my eyes.
Hub: Can't. I'll be home early on Thursday
GW: thankyou darling, nice of you to think of me. Do remember Thursday's are nights that I 'work', tis not like am going out on the lash with the girls.
Hub: Where the fuck are my work shoes? (searching near front door)
GW: probably outside the door onto the deck as that is where you came in last night.
Hub: it's you're fault for asking me to come in that door.
GW: but Ryu had JUST gone to sleep in the room right beside the very hard to open quietly front door. I thought that by turning the deck light on, opening the curtains and waiting till you got home so I could please ask you to quietly come in that way instead wouldn't really be the start of world war III.
Hub: fuckin selfish bitch. It's always about you.

Um... so... am thinking should have just gotten the chainsaw and chopped his fuckin head off when he started paying out to me about where his shoes were.

So anyway, he went off to work in a huff muttering under his breath. Could I please also remember to take Marina back to the doctors today about her cut lip.

Her lip, at the time, was quite bad. There was a lot of blood and a bit of swelling but all the doctor did on Sunday was put one of those bandaids with the pretend stitches on it which had fallen off almost by the time she got home ten minutes later. We didn't get any extra ones to use or any special cream. I was worried in case it needed a real stitch or two which it obviously didn't. She ran round at kindy all day yesterday with no plaster and came home and the thing had scabbed over nicely and there is no swelling so unless the doctor can give me a full facial helmet to stop her wanting to scratch the scab off then I don't think is necessary to go back today.

Hub reckons I should go just because the doctor told us to bring her back. I do have to go there anyway because hub forgot to hand over her free kiddies insurance card but taking half an hour to do that this afternoon is a lot easier than going to get her from kindy, going through the doctor huuha and thing bringing her back to sit quietly while I teach. Actually she probably would be OK, unlike Shou.

So the selfish bitch it's all about me gaijinwife has made the executive decision to not take Marina back to the doctors today. Even Granny K is with me on this one! Hallelujah.

Right, I better get my English class accounts sorted. Last class of the month so they take home their payment envelopes and have three new students need to sort those out for.

Sorry for the twat hub rant. Blame it on the bloody man cold he gave me.


PS - do you like the fancy fonts? It was a bit of a huuha but there is a very easy tutorial by kevin and amanda. Have been finding loads of cool blog stuff now that my computer actually opens up windows. It will take some time though as I'm not very in the know about html and have trouble finding where to insert things and what to change.


world of sekimachihato said...

hub doesn't really say "fuckin selfish bitch" does he!?
or does he say something along the lines of this in japanese?

anyway, i feel for you and your man-cold. i had one of those earlier this month... not nice in this heat!
doubt you will be able to find the time, but try to whip up a honey lemon and ginger hot drink. does wonders (so i've always been told)

ps: the font idea is nice. i might steal that idea from you...

Kelly said...

Where are the fonts? I came over to your blog but can't see any... :)

Gaijin Wife said...

Kelly - all of the headings should be in girly loopy handwriting?? And there should be a button on the right hand said that says 'free handwriting fonts' that takes you over to kevin and amanda's blog. Comes out on my new computer but I can guarantee it wouldn't have on the old one - hell, I wouldn't have even been able to download the font!!

WOS - LOL. No he hasn't quite mastered fuckin selfish bitch but he has a few words of endearment such as 'for fuck's sake' and the likes.
I am going on a mission tomorrow for lemon and then I will flog back one of the things of nice honey I got for sister in law for omiyage. She doesn't need three jars. Hope you guys are doing well with Kou-chan.

j. said...

ah yes, the "it's always about you" line. i wish there was some really witty way to say, "no, you're right, you're right, it's all about YOU" and actually have the sarcasm translate into japanese.

love the fonts and may have to check out the link since my blog is very plain jane.

speaking of, i don't know if i've ever commented (or just haven't in a very very long time?) but i love your blog and have been reading since some time when you were pregnant with Ryu. anyways, i always check to see if you've updated and you always make me laugh (for one reason or another) so...thanks. :)

Violet said...

Nice fonts! Very suitable for your blog somehow. Get well soon! We are all in various states of having a cold here too but of course hub was the only one who was so poorly he had to have a nap over dinner and bath time....

thefukases said...

fonts? what fonts? I was so distracted by the gorgeous slideshow I'm sure DH thought I'd gone into a coma....

And yes, me thinks daddy needs some more Ryu time if he thinks you can get everything done with a bub, and a cold to boot!