Sunday, 16 May 2010

Belated Birthday and Poo

Have just had belated birthday yakiniku! Not sure if there will be any other belated birthday prezzies. Hub will have to wait and see how lucky he gets I guess.

He was feeling a lot more chipper today which was lucky. He took Shou and Marina to the park and they were gone for a good three hours!! God, who cares how many icecreams, coke and octopus balls they get fed if that's the deal. I was able to actually do some house stuff - and watch a CSI while Ryu slept. I think I might have even managed a whole cup of coffee before it got cold.

The afternoon was more hectic. Marina crapped her pants which is never fun times. Hub tried to get her back into nappies but had to squash that idea. Can't regress on the potty training. She is doing so well. Just having a few problems with the big ones. Shou pissed all over his trousers too - he is liking the not having to take all his clothes off to pee thing but sometimes he gets sidetracked and getting it all in the toilet isn't first thing on his mind. Bloody male. I'm getting a bit sick of cleaning up pee.

There were a few other moments. A 'lovely Sunday afternoon with family in the garden' moment, followed not long there after by an 'I wish I was single and backpacking round Europe' moment. Can't suck em back up though. Pretty sure the saloon doors don't flap back the other way. So I guess it's onwards and upwards.

Shite, there goes Ryu. Best go snuggle my NEARLY ONE YEAR OLD (arrrrggghhh) back to sleep.

That was arrrrggghhh as in weep weep, baby baby year is over. Soon they'll all be in their thirties with families and talking to each other about us. God forbid one will have hit the bottle, one will owe us shit loads of cash and the other will have come back and be living at home. And if we had another that one would have arsed it half way round the friggin world to go live in some small tribe in the himalayas with fucked up cultures and a language nobody else in the family can speak.


As parents we have so much to look forward to!

First things first though.

In this new light cleaning up pee from in, on, and around toilet bowl seems OK. Nothing to complain about really.

Will just go kiss them all goodnight. While I can still get away with it. Starting to understand the 'enjoy them while they are young, they grow up so fast' thing. Scary.



Violet said...

Can't believe Ryu is approaching one - doesn't see possible!

Bryn said...

Glad the hub is feeling better!

LOL, I was just thinking this weekend, kids do grow up so fast, but so far, I'm not missing any of that baby or toddler stuff. Having big kids rocks! Besides no diapers(or poo or pee pants) and no more middle of the night wake-ups, dressing themselve, feeding themselves (even fixing their own meals!) and bathing themselves, I can get my entire house cleaned w/out ever moving my fat ass off the couch! Just sit there and give orders while the kiddos do all the work! I can run a whole day's worth of errands w/out ever leaving the car! I just rock up in front of each place, give a kid some money and instructions, and just sit there scarfing back fries and waiting. No need for babysitters, ever, I can take myself off for dinner or movie anytime!

Granted, they're not as cute anymore, and attempted bribery with a shiny quarter is met with incredulous laughter, and I will seriously smack the crap out of the next one that sighs and rolls their eyes at me, the good far outweighs the bad!