Saturday, 22 May 2010


Gutted. Just wrote a whole post and puter wouldn't save it and then spazzed when tried to post it. I really can't be flagged trying to re-write it. So the short version is...

This morning was hard - a lot of obscenities were issued while I tried to organise breakfast, clothes, change of clothes, egg rolls, mini meat patty things, sammies, sausages shapped like crabs, salmon, greenery, cold bacon and egg pie and strawberries.

We managed to get out the door at exactly half seven though - great effort despite fact that trip was fastest in history of trips to the city and we arrived half an hour early!

The traffic safety speal went fine even though I had to take over a bit or we would have been standing round in the bloody sun with forty kids running riot for another half hour. Snack packs - no complaints so far.


Have just realised I saved this pic as 'double buggy at the aquarium' as opposed to 'ryu and marina at the aquarium' - probably because the buggy got so much attention today. There were people that came straight out and said how fantastic it was and then there were those where the mother, who was holding a toddler while the father pushed a baby in a single pram, whispered in urgent voice to hub that she would quite easily kill his whole extended family if only she could get her hands on one of those.

This pic was taken in front of the shagging sea lions - I swear to god. The primary school kids that were there were laughing at how on sealion had grabbed hold of the other, but I know better. Randy fucker. And while they were swimming - talk about multitasking. Back flips mid shag and all.

No need to mention that obviously shutter timing not quite on the mark as shag offenders have moved up to the right of the pic because I am trying not to snort laughter.

This sealion - or whatever this animal is (love him - he is just one big flummy) - was having a feeding show. He was made to clap and poke his tongue out in exchange for fish. Was very entertaining and Ryu, Marina and I were there for about fifteen minutes until three neechans (young women - with loads of makeup and pushedup boobs and short skirts (NO, I don't feel thirty three AT ALL) decided they would rather have photos of Ryu and Marina - minus mummy of course.

This pic was taken yesterday when Ryu was this close to crawling.

So so close to crawling. This has got to be better than Billy's Boot Camp surely. And today - we have crawlage baby. Down the hall - the whole length of it. Tis amazing. He went from hard core press ups yesterday to proper crawling overnight.
Not even pantene does it that fast!
And there was more to say but flag the re-write.
Mac coming tomorrow. Maybe I'll even be able to sort things out enough to get 'THE CRAWL' on youtube.


Jessica said...

"she would quite easily kill his whole extended family if only she could get her hands on one of those."

LOL. Probably would have thought the same thing. j/k Seriously though, where on earth did you get it??

PS- Ryu is such a cutie-pie!! Good luck on him crawling!! Go baby, go!!

-Jessica (Yonezawa city)

Mighty Atom said...

Please excuse my mentioning of the beautifully polished pinewood floor Ryu is negotiating...

Lulu said...

Man you and your hub make cute kids- will there be a 4th I wonder? We are coming into giant spider season you know :P

Ryu looks so cute- I love the last photo of him.

umebossy said...

Love those last two pics of Ryu - if you could get a video of him doing it maybe he could start a baby fitness video craze... actually theres probably something like that already isn't there!

Gaijin Wife said...

Jessica - thanks for your comment :) Buggy was bought at the baby factory in NZ. Probably haven't used it as much as thought I would. At the Aquarium the kindy teachers voiced that they would be very happy to take it off my hands if and when I ever stop having kids!!

Mighty Atom - Hello again. Had this photo of Ryu been taken in any other part of the tv room you would have seen huge amounts of scratches all over that beautifully polished pinewood floor. Also not pinewood. Can't think of what it is. Will come to me no doubt in the middle of the night.

Lulu - I am in total agreement. Hub and I do make cute kids. Now if only they would bloody well listen. Any spiders will be getting bashed with tissue box on site.

Umebossy - I really should have sorted my video camera out sooner. He is past the press-up stage now :( Was only a matter of hours and now all he does is crawl, pull shit out, crawl somewhere else, pull more shit out ....