Saturday, 29 May 2010

Annoying Granny K Mini-Rant

I was already to spend a lazy day round the house with Ryu when hub came up behind me while I was washing the dishes after breakfast and did the ole 'hip 'n grind' and asked if I was coming to the hospital with him... What a proposal. What's a gal to do? No, really?

So off we went.

Hub, Ryu, me and Granny K.

I haven't been in a confined space with Granny K for that long for a while and I had forgotten how utterly ridiculous she can be.

Hub and I started talking about the end of October and how it would be cheaper to go then than Christmas. That lead on to this month's finances - of which we don't have any - but how next month what with hub's mid year bonus and the government child support stipend (which we get once every three months) we should be able to recover from car warrants and new MacBooks.

Granny K's answer to our financial problems was to stop buying beer. I agree that stopping would save us money but her giving us any financial advice makes me want to wring her neck and say well you get more disposable income than anyone so perhaps you could pay something towards the mortgage, the electricity, perhaps your own keitai bill at least... ???

 ketchi bitch.

Sorry, don't know what fueled that.

OK, so it could have been partly to do with the next two conversations...

Me: So is your nose and sinuses actually getting any better taking the drugs?
Hub: Yeah, but I can still feel it and am wondering if it is from the cold or getting that tooth fixed.
GK: It will be the tooth and you coming home after the dentists and having that one beer that night. Honestly, if you didn't have a beer every night you'd be able to afford more stuff (true but beside the point) and you wouldn't have blocked sinuses.
Hub:  (ignoring his mum), You would think if it was from my tooth though my tooth would be sore.
Me: Yes, that sounds logical (not taking piss really)
GK: Oh, well if your tooth wasn't sore then it must be from your cold because you got a runny nose and then a temperature and then.... definitely from the nose.

Sorry, not good interpretation. It was really a lot more annoying than it sounds.

Following hub's hospital visit (during which Granny K and I did shopping) we went to sushi. Granny K hates raw fish but this wasn't the only reason I chose to go. Haven't been since got back and hub said he has to go to the hospital every Saturday for the next month (it's a blocked nose people) so had to get the sushi while I could.

Granny K gets the miso soup, some egg sushi, some squid (raw) and some rolled temaki sushi, followed by coffee jelly. Hub asks her if she wants anythings else. No, nothing I can eat here at all. Followed literally ten seconds later by, I think I need something else. Hub asks what and she says anything, it doesn't matter, just order me something....

For the love of god woman.

Earlier in the morning she had had a go at me for dressing Ryu inappropriately. He must be cold she says - dressed in a long sleeved onsie, jeans and a tea-shirt and then a bloody jumper as well - on a warm springs day. If anything the lad was too hot and just pissed for having to share the car with her.

I realize of course that I have no grounds for complaining as it was me after all that suggested she go with hub in the first place!!

On the way home we stopped at the new 'Cosmos Drug' that opened this morning. This particular 'Drug' store (like many others in Japan) sells, as written across the outside of the building, HEALTH, BEAUTY, LIVING and FOOD - which obviously means tis where all the sick, ugly, hungry people who want a life shop. I guess that was us. I was hungry (as usual), hub is sick, Granny K is ugly and I guess Ryu is still little enough to come under the 'want a life' category.

Anyway, hub stayed in the car with Ryu while Granny K and I braved the crowds of people fighting for 99 yen pkts of loo paper. For 12 Rolls!! if it got any cheaper than that you'd be camping using the biggest leaf you could find.

We were seriously only in there for ten minutes max but Granny K couldn't find the car again - despite it being parked five parks from the door. She had to ask the car park patrol dude to help her look for a car with the plate '4-68'

Tis quite surprising they arrived at our '5-88' car at all.

I'm not sure if I'm a bit worried by this, or excited. Hmmmmm. Despite her fucking me off no end some times I do admit I need the old bat for a good few years yet. No time to be forgetting shit like that.

We made it home and all of sudden Granny K wanted someone to weedeat the field beside her vege patch - the field with long grass (obviously) that is home to various wildlife I'm not too fond of. Hub said he was too tired but that I would do it during the week sometime... Not impressed. last time hub cut that grass he saw three snakes, one of which he cut in half.  I admitted defeat however and said I would do it sometime this week if she would watch Ryu.

Hub, so surprised by the fact that I agreed, promptly got the weedeater out and did it himself.

Good man. He may find he gets more than some 'hip 'n grind' later this evening. (wink wink)

God, he may even get some nudge nudge thrown in :)


Shit, nearly forgot a couple of pics...

Despite my love hate relationship with the woman, Ryu just adores her...
God, does she not just look annoying?

And, if you have a three year old boy and been wondering where the remote control or the keys are you should probably check the ...
Hard to see buy my car keys are on the little plate thing beside the TV remote. For about half an hour this morning the gods must have been having a great time, hooning around in a Honda Stepwagon and watching satellite TV.


Adam W said...

I really hope your husband doesn't know English or that he has no clue you write a blog. Haha. Anyway, I love reading what you have to write. Always makes me laugh. :)

BTW, Ryu is the cutest thing. Ever.

Gaijin Wife said...

Adam - my god, I'd be out on the street if hub had any inkling of what I wrote. Actually that's not entirely true, he does get told some of what I post - doesn't know I spend whole posts ranting about his mum and our sex life :)

K.inK. said... your blog...I thought the guy named Silver Balls who commented on your blog once was your hub..:)

umebossy said...

Love the pic of Ryu and granny K! Very sweet :)

Gaijin Wife said...

K.inK. - thank god it's not hub. If he knew enough English to be able to make a comment that made sense I wouldn't be writing gaijinwife :) Silver balls is a friends husband. He's a funny bugger and I think may even know more about whats going in la case de gaijinwife than my friend!!

umebossy - hmmm, yes. Have to admit. Is a lovely pic. Ryu had just given her a big open mouth raspberry to the cheek and thats what made me get the camera - hoping I could catch that.

illahee said...

i can only imagine the gods livin' it up in rural oita....