Monday, 3 May 2010

1 down, 3 to go.

Another early morning post. Both the rice cooker and the coffee maker are on - not really through choice but more necessity. No bread - bugger - and just when Ryu was liking the vegemite on toast. No jug - bugger bugger. Our very cheap (buy through catelog after going to friends wedding six years ago) died while I was away and I came back to find it now being recycled as a bath toy.

Last night was definately NOT a follow on from the last two weeks of good sleeping baby. He slept a lot yesterday - and in the arvo got a temp of 38.5. Inhaling of food, slugging back of water, laughing and otherwise cheerful baby and I made the executive decision that no, we did not need to take him to the emergency doctors. Granny K of course thinks its two weeks of foreign food - god, that would make anyone sick surely.

Yesterday started off with a family viewing of the stag beetle maggots. Not really sure how that started but you can all rest easy - the maggots are fine and in fact growing at alarming rate and me thinks we might have three world class fighting beetles on our hands in a couple of months. Hub changed their dirt, Marina shoved them around a bit with a stick, and Shou gave a full commentary of stag beetles, maggots, dirt and beetle birth. Ryu just looked cute and a bit bemused.

Hub took chaos and mayhem for a walk - while I did round one of 'clean the pit'. They went to the park shortly after and Ryu, sleeping off some travel tiredness slept while I did round two washing. My suitcases remain upstairs and shit, I haven't even gotten out the omiyage mum got for Granny K - a lovely NZ chopping board with inset paua.

We did the ham and cheese toasties thing out on the lawn for lunch. Was beautiful day. If I closed my eyes, turned my nose off to the cow shit fertiliser smell from the paddy next door, ignored the ka kaaaaaaaaaa of the blackbirds that grow the size of elephants, and visualised a nice outside sidewalk cafe with steaming lattes and eggs benedict I could have been back in the bay. I do like Japan in spring though - especially inaka (rural) Japan in Spring - minus the cow shit fertiliser of course. That stuff reeks.

Marina and Ryu both had afternoon naps while I sorted dinner early and hub and Shou went somewhere - crab hunting I later discovered. Gotta love the onset of summer when crab hunting becomes a favorite past-time of little children and hubs alike. They came home with a bucket full of about twenty crabs - some very small and the biggest only the size of a child's palm. The big red road crabs will come out soon and they get quite big - so big it gets quite hard to miss the hundreds along the route to kindy. Crab hit and run central. Can be quite distressing.

The granddaughter of the temple vestling next door was out wandering with her great aunt so I invited them to come and play - must be hard for kids, seeing the adventure playground but not being able to play on it. She came and had a good play and mullet sleep hair Marina woke up from her nap half way through and joined in the proceedings. I got out the sidewalk chalk and the two of them drew on the concrete for a while - getting quite filthy, but at leaset the nicely dressed little Japanese girl still had her hair done nicely and her shoes on. Raggermuffin gaijin children that run around barefoot and fancyfree over here.

We had a bit of a major at bathtime. Hub put Marina and Shou in the tub and somehow Shou jumped and scrapped (quite badly) his knee on that bit where the chain to the plug joins the bath. He was howling blue murder - not helped by fact that he was bastardly tired. He couldn't stand, he couldn't straighten his leg. I got all mummy panicky.

GW: What happened?
Hub: He scraped his knee on that bit.
GW: What was he doing?
Hub: Jumping from the step into the bath.
GW: Is this an everyday bathtime activity in hub-bath-the-kids world?
Hub: He's done it loads and been fine.
GW: Excellent. Being able to jump into the bath almost defeats the purpose of having adult supervision, does it not?
Hub: Are you blaming me?
GW: Well no, not exactly but more or less in a round about kind of way...
Hub: So, the flowers I got you yesterday are nice aye?
GW: ....
Hub: Fancy a shag?

OK, so perhaps not the last three lines. It was pretty bad for an hour - Shou was so distressed and of course still naked. Getting pajamas on was mission impossible V and he needed lots of hugging, cool plasters and book reading to calm him down. Calmed down and out comes his mil carton truck which he then proceeds to walk across the lounge.

Alrighty then. So you can walk. That's a relief.

Better go, the rice is almost done and the troops are waking up.

One day of Golden Week down, three to go. Hub is away at work today so today should be stressfree and full of fun :)

I'm such a good mummy, really I am.


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thefukases said...

Ohhhh Shou and Amy will have to get together and compare daddy-supervised-bathtime scars! K can't understand why I think lax supervision is worse than none, I really think it says 'go ahead', huh?

Good luck getting back into the groove!