Monday, 12 April 2010

Pretty Divorcee Girl

Yesterday morning - after posting I txted Coffee Chimei - did her and her three sproglets want to come and play? - and her husband of course, if he could possibly manage it. I thought that if she txted back with yes then I would ring hub and tell him to come back from the park with Shou and Marina sooner rather than later. She didn't txt back though so I figured a no go and jumped in the shower.

Was dripping wet and half naked after getting out when saw her car arriving in the fricken driveway. Christ, fuck it and shag me sideways. LOTS to do in the 45 seconds it will take to get her three boys out and arrive in genkan, number one being dress self, brush hair and pick granny undies (own) up off floor and hide washing away. Flummy a flying I manage to do all this and greet them in a huff and a puff of sweat and ohayos.

Ring hub who arrives back twenty minutes later and then all boys plus Marina proceed to run riot, chalk the whole concrete wall in the garden and eat collectively about six bag of crisps. Her hub sadly couldn't be assed to go out with his family on a Sunday. Chiemi was not happy. They had been to vote in the morning and pretty divorcee girl from the town office was working. Her hub and pretty divorcee girl (PDG hereinafter) get along veeeeeeeery well. Pisses Chiemi off something chronic. She arrived here with a full face of makeup on and I don't think that was for our benefit. More for PDG's me thinks. The really fuckin annoying thing is that PDG is actually extremely nice and I would be very surprised if she every pulled anything with one of our married men. But hey, we can still hate her for being pretty, capable, nice and available cant we?

Hub took the kids to the other park in the afternoon and I faffed round cleaning, washing and sorting dinner. My sister rang which was actually very good as hadn't spoken to her since falling out last Friday when she called me a selfish bitch. She has offered to come pick me up from the airport at 6am next Monday and drive me to friends house. She will also be coming down to Napier the one weekend I am there - with her two lovely girls.

Speaking of trip home... Mum had her meeting with the oncologist today. Scan booked for next Monday and the following Monday is the start of a week of radiation treatment. I will be able to be with her from the Monday through Thursday before flying back to Japan on the Friday.

I can't belive it really.

a) that she even has cancer and is having radiation treatment in a couple of weeks and,

b) that I am going home and will be able to see her and talk to her and give her a huge hug. This time next week...



random_01 said...

Have a fantastic trip home!!! Hope you dont mind but I too am now using your word flummy, just fits so perfectly! Penny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate - so you are not home for long aye? Perhaps we won't get to see you? And though will be gutted maybe its best if you just concentrate on being with your Mum? What do you think? Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hey Katy - forget that message I just read your email and have replied. See you soon hopefully :-) Nicole