Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Woman Cleans!

I got such a fright last night when I found Granny K in her room with something that resembled a broom that I had to actually ask her what she was doing. Cleaning! Would you believe it? I haven't seen her actually move things before - like her little table or cushions. Quite the scene.

Is I think because the fridge man is coming round to look at her fridge. And that's not code name for anything. Her fridge has crapped out - and it took her until all the meat in the freezer section was completely and utterly defrosted with no ice or water left at all to figure out. I borrowed some milk for my coffee two mornings ago and thought it tasted a bit funny but after looking at the date and then putting it back into her fridge which had all its lights working I didn't think anything other than just not used to taste of different brand of milk.

Wouldn't surprise me if she came down with something horrendous after trying to eat the gone off contents of her fridge.

I am meant to be here to field the call that will come to say when fridge man will get here - and then be here if it is before she gets back from pottery. I was instructed, not asked. Lucky for her I'm not in the strop I was in last night or I may well have gone shopping and left the house unattened just to spite her.

Quite grown up I can be sometimes.

We had another semi meltdown last night.

Ryu and I had a good day. I didn't end up scrubbing the deck as heavy yakiniku slash/contruction play site filled with gravel table that impossible to move by self. Took everything else off though in preparation for getting hub to help me move it - which I forgot to do so it will have to wait another day! (could perhaps ask fridge man when he comes though)

Ryu had some jolly jumper time...

(insert pic of cute baby not quite jumping but more of a lazy baby sway - camera ran out of juice half way through upload)

And I put up the koinobori - flying carp that you fly on big bamboo poles in your backyard to celebrate children's day - and the birth of a boy. We had loads up the first year and then last year one got stuck and the rope on one of the poles broke. Inability to find local African pigmy pole climber has meant we now only have one pole left to fly carp from. I put up seven but one had already come off by the time finished - and it is quite a mission, especially when a bit of a breeze blowing. The rope gets extremely heavy. Note big space between top two carp - was a beautiful red and gold momotaro carp in between them. For all of thirty seconds before it flew off and landed in the ume (plum) tree.

(insert pic - of six flying carp)

Following housely chores we went to the town office so I could get my new passport number officially written and stamped on the back of my gaijin card. Not a huge mission - you would think anyway. Plebs at the town office took TWENTY minutes trying to find the form for me to fill in. Old passport number was this, new passport number is this, date and sign. I may have forgiven them if they were newbies who got transferred to that office in April and therefore hadn't memorized the filing system yet but these two have been there for more than two years!! The same two I had big barney over about not having a family register - even though not their fault. Luckily Ryu was in fine form and laughing at all the ladies.

Got that sorted, paid mamoth bill at the petrol station - almost makes me think they have secret pachinko machine out the back that hub has a go at everytime he goes to fill up his car. Went to the supermarket for stuff for hamburgers for dinner - Shou's request. Buns, patties and salad stuff.

Shou wanted to help - as three year olds do. He burnt himself on the frypan - at the time I thought it was a spat of oil flying from the pan (not deep frying - only about a tablespoon in to brown the chips) . Must have been side of pan though as despite cold water and ice he still got a small burn blister and was all beside himself in pain and wanting his daddy. That set the other two off and for a second I was standing in the kitchen surrounded by three screaming children - wondering why the fuck I had that extra beer the night I hooked up with hub.

Rang hub, told him what was going on, and would it be possible for him to come home a bit earlier tonight. Nope. This is after I rang twice to only get his answer phone for him to ring back five minutes later - after he's finished that set of silver balls and gone outside where it is quiet?? !!

I am suspicious by nature. I can't help it. And he hasn't leant himself to good behaviour that would make me any other way. So even if he is actually working, I don't know for sure and just work self up into over the top tizz that he could be out at pachinko while I am dealing with minor burns and screaming children.

So was in foul mood. While dinner went fine after that - Marina ate all her burger by herself and Shou with a bit of coaxing as couldn't use hand - same hand was perfectly fine for playing hyper rescue two minutes later but.

Shou pulled the I want to sleep in Granny K's room routine again and I could see myself starting to wind up - I think I was able to dampen the gaijin wife fire a little but she still pisses me off. However, unlike times of old after blowups like this we now just get on with things the next day - usually. She takes advantage of me by telling me to be home for the fridge man and I don't say anything along the lines of 'thanks for considering my routine/schedule/plans/life' and just suck it up as have been out of line and really the only card I have to play at the moment is that hey - the wife, mother in law relationship is hard at the best of times so through in a gaijin, three small children, some family illness, some failing diets, and a lieing pachinko-ing husband and really.... what chance do we have at all? Look at it that way in fact and Granny K and I have a raging success of a daughter-mother in law relationship.

Speaking of diets - the procrastinator in me has decided that I can't possibly start a diet properly until I can put a ticker up the top of my blog to record weight loss progress. And can't do that until I have cable internet and a better computer - seriously. Have tried to put ticker in before and not possible on current flinstones computer.

The fridge man has just rung and asked me twenty questions about her fridge. Must say he has a very nice phone voice. Wonder if he could come fix my 'fridge' too. Hasn't had any fixing lately.



Brit said...

Was reading yesterday's post out loud to The Canadian, who is anal about vehicle terminology. Nearly as anal as the three year olds I teach...
Long reach digger is a excavator...apparently...
If it has a big wide shovel on the front and a small arm on the back it is a JCB in British English and a Front End Loader in N American.
Sorry if someone left a comment on yesterday's post to this end; I haven't checked...he was insistent I pass it on
; )

Gaijin Wife said...

Thank you Brit - and please thank the Canadian for me too. I am now safe in the knowledge I will be able to correctly impart appropriate English to Shou next time he asks - which I imagine is only another walk to kindy away :)

Lisa said...

Does your mother-in-law have her own suite? Does she cook for herself?

Gaijin Wife said...

Lisa - we live under the same room. She has her room - with her bed and tv and small (seriously about 40cm by 60cm) table, low chair etc. We had huuuuuuge sharing kitchen issues the first two weeks after moving into the new house so we whacked down the wall in her room and added a kitchenette!! Thank god - or I would have ended up dangling from a branch on the ume tree in a noose by now. She cooks for herself. We have 'special occassions' together where I cook and she adds a dish.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katy - Glad you got a break in the weekend!! Happy Easter to you and the kidlets. Made me laugh with the english translations - kids aye?? Alix is having tantrums and seems to be adjusting badly to a big bed and/or the end of daylight savings. She was awake at 5.45 this morning - argh - I know you are the wrong person to moan too but still!! I am getting some daycare sorted out so I can have a break... still not pregnant... will know tomorrow so if I am I will email you next week. Have a great weekend and keep your head up - dumb silver balls, I really don't get the attraction but I'm not a guy :-) Hey and really glad your mum's surgery went well - let me know when you're back, we shall come to Napier and visit xx Nicole