Sunday, 25 April 2010

Whales in the Bay!

Dejavu on the fabulous weather and fabulous sleeping baby front :) LOVING IT! We think it's the constant stimulation, new places, new faces, lots of food and not having to try and get mummy's attention away from devil of spawn brother and sister. Will have to think of new tricks when we get home. God I hope it lasts.

Friend arrived with her hub and two beautiful daughters. They have been a bit crook this past week so no slobbery baby kisses or kiddy cuddles. Keeping our distance but still able to catch up. We went out for dinner - or rather - they took me out to dinner. We went to an old haunt for some bubbles and reminiscing and of course the usual baby talk banter, sleep schedules, crawling, kindy and work. We then moved on to place for dinner where had lovely prawn, scallop tomato base pasta. Yum yum. Home not too late for another full night sleep.

We are having an 'afternoon tea' this arvo - for family friends who all seem to want to catch up with all of us while we are all here. Not that you need an excuse mind you, for gin and cucumber sandwiches. Not quite sure if that is ideal combination. Everybody bringing a plate and I was on beverage (coffee / juice) duties so decided to take Ryu for an early supermarket run this morning - to put off putting him down for nap.

Decided to drive down past the waterfront as such a lovely day - people walking, jogging, biking - generally just having a lazy Sunday morning. I really miss this. Along the waterfront people were staring out at the water...

A pod of orca whales!! How very random but how utterly fantastic. They weren't being too photo friendly but. They were so close. I rang my sister and she got her kids and came down - but two minutes too late as whales had started leaving the shoreline and, according to her eldest who is three, sleeping underwater.

Ventured on to supermarket and found out that ALL supermarkets and non-eateries closed until 1pm due to ANZAC day. Pain in the arse really but only a few days a year when this kind of thing still happens. Will still have time to go down before cucumber sammies at half two.

All the cafes are still open though so friend and I going for brunch in an hour or so - with Ryu, and while her hub takes their two to the fantastic totally enclosed park down along the parade. Brunch - always on the list. I could make Eggs Benedict and a nice coffee at home in Kunimi but really not the same as sitting out in that 'cafe atmosphere' eating brunch with a friend.

And a few random pics...

Ryu has to enjoy this kind of thing while he can - yummmmmmmmmy. He loves spaghetti.

Latte and Panini - when sister and I went down for early morning coffee yesterday. She was a bit embarrassed that I sat there and took photo of food!

Sister and Ryu. This cafe is on the corner of quite a busy intersection. Not the ideal go and chat location but nice all the same. Hub and I took the kids there last time we were home. Shou was in heaven, a train went past, an ambulance, fire engine, tanker... you name it, it went past. Perfect two year old vehicle watching location.
Right, granny has just taking nieces up to park and Ryu is asleep so best take advantage of quite time and hop in shower.


umebossy said...

So jealous! Of...everything ;) The whales, the pannini, the shopping... Loved the family pics in your last post too - your mum looks like she should be on an LP cover in that outdoor pic!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having such a memorable time.
Loving the pics and updates too!
How are the kids back in home?


Anonymous said...

Ohh, definitely jealous of seeing the orcas! The pannini also looks delicious and I must admit I've always been a fan of heart shapes in my drinks/food

Remind me to go travel to New Zealand sometime in the near future

Ruth said...

Know you're phone isn't working so just wanted to say Thanks so much!! My copy of Vivi arrived on Friday and kept me entertained over the weekend. There's still at least another 2 weekends entertainment in it I would say though!
Glad you're enjoying the trip home. Is "Watties" NZ's version of Heinz? The label is exactly the same.