Thursday, 1 April 2010


Marina was back at kindy yesterday - still coughing like a seal a bit but no temperature and things a lot better during the daytime when she is verticle and not trying to breathe through clogged up passages. I mentioned to the kindy teachers that I was off to take Ryu to the docs - so they might feel more sympethetic towards keeping Marina when they might otherwise want to ring me up.

Wasn't a lie either. Did take Ryu to the docs. This particular children's clinic has two doctors - a man and a woman. When you sign up you say who you want. I used to take Shou to the woman doctor when he was a baby - until she sucked too hard with the industrial snot sucker and he got spots all over his head which I was just convinced was going to lead to failed sight or bad memory years down the track. Have been going to nice friendly man doctor ever since.

Marina saw him the day before. My name got called over the loud speaker by the woman doctor. I look round trying to catch the eye of one of the nurses so I can shake my head profussly and perhaps do the knife across the throat action or hold hands up in front of face in big 'X'. No such luck. Wonder what happened to my usual doctor. Perhaps he suddenly went off to top himself. Stranger things have happened I tell you.

So, I get into the woman doctor's room and she first asks if I mind having her. Too late now isn't it. Can't really retreat, so sit down and go through the motions. She is so not a geared-towards-children doctor though. Finished up, nurse did the nose sucker thing on Ryu and it appears to have left neither of us traumatised this time round.

When picked up prescription for random orange colored powered cough and de-flem drugs, the lady on reception stood up and appologised profusly for sending me to the wrong doctor. As we were leaving I caught a glimps of man doctor - phew. Still with us.

Speaking of which...

Mum's doctor rang dad late last night - finally, after another day. I know it's not his fault the pathologist topped himself but it's not like people are waiting to hear if their dry cleaning is ready to be picked up. Patients, and their families are waiting to hear how long they have to bloody well live. Anyway, thankfully yesterday I was too preoccupied with sick babies to actually write that letter to the neuro unit. "I'll tell you what I think about damn pathologists who top themself while my mum is waiting to hear if she'll be around for the next ten, twenty years, or whether she might drop dead over tea and scones in a couple of months."

Tangent, tangent. Results, results....

A scan showed the doctor got over 90% of the tumor out - Wahooo. This means there is less area that needs to be radiated (?) during radiation in x amount of weeks from now. The oncologist (radiotheraphy dude - who isn't going to top himself) is getting back to mum and dad after easter as to schedule for radiation treatment and chemo. The tumor is infact a Glio tumor but not level 4 agressive - which IS the drop dead over tea and scones in three months one. It is still melignant though and the chances are it will probably come back. Mum will get scans ever six months or whatever though so when it does come back they'll catch it fast enough to hopefully be able to do another cut and suck and round of nasty drugs.

The good news - we could still be chasing mum round the neighbourhood in her nighty when she's eighty. Got to hold onto the positive right? My sister found some test done on tumor patients like mum - who got a lot of it out and had treatment - but with likelihood would grow back (and they can reappear as level four ones). And, those patients that did the treatment and then were positive about life - got on with what they wanted to do and didn't curl up into a fetal position with a case of wine in a dark corner playing the whole 'woe is me' part, lived longer. Another factor is supportive family. Check. Ditto with the health - mum is apparantly younger than her 60 years. Tip top shape to be fighting nasty bastard cancer cells.

The new and upcoming drug that is being tested on mice and that mum had signed up for - no longer eligable as not quite right kind of tumor.

So that's that update. I am still ticketless cause Mr. Honda (really) at travel agents is a complete pleb. He was supposed to get back to me yesterday. Shit. Hope he's just been busy. Best give him a toodle now. Might either be flying Singapore from Fukuoka or perhaps Air New Zealand direct from Kansai or Nariata. Direct sounds kinda nice. A bit of a luxury after years of Seoul airport and hours in transit.

In other news - Shou starts out in the next class up at kindy today. Tanpopo-gumi or the dandeline group. Marina starts her reign has head of the baby group. I don't think home dynamics can get much worse so hopefully splitting them up during the day will be good for them. Getting Shou out of the baby class is definately great. The teachers agree that should see him doing a lot more for himself. Awesome. So looking forward to that.

Marina went off to kindy in her de-vomitted pink dress, but with promises to Granny K that it will be washed and pressed and waiting for Sunday. Granny K invited us all for the local clump of houses cherry blossom viewing party - hanami. Is a walk up to the shrine about a hundred metres away to pray under the big sakura tree, followed by lunch in the kouminkan (hall) across the road - from which you can view not one cherry blossom. Said yes to all of us going as is a store bought packed lunch which we can just bring home with us if the kids are starting to go into meltdown.

For five minutes or so I was almost tempted to send all the kids off with hub and Granny K but actually think it might be quite the social ocassion so we will go as 'a family'. Will definately break up the Sunday chaos thats for sure.

Best go ring Honda from the travel agents.



Sara said...

Wow all things considered thats excellent news for your mum. Def. will give her motivation to fight thru the chemo treatments!

Congrats to Shou for entering the "big boy" class hopefully it will do him some good to be away from his sister for a bit.

Good luck with booking your flight!! Hope Mr. Honda will pull through for you on a good and reasonable flight!

Odaiji ni to Ryu-chan! Hope he's snot free and flem free soon - yum! :P

thefukases said...

nothing like a good dose of sick kiddies to keep your mind off stuff, hey?

3yo kinder is so much more fun than baby kinder. Mine both loved it when they moved- after a day of shellshock over all the extra kids in the room and leaving their favourite teachers behind but they get used to it.

And the kiddie doctors who are really not suited to the job? We've got one whose the very caricature of the butch lesbian- right down to the hiking boots and above knee length shorts as her doctor uniform. She scares the crap out of me and the girls and K kept thinking we were overreacting until he got her for a company health check and decided she's all we said and more! Makes you wonder why they choose the jobs the do huh?

Here's to nothing but good news!

Lulu said...

That is great news for your mum and your family- sounds as if the prognosis is good!!

Good luck with flight bookings- I have to do mine for the end of year soon. Oh and renew my visa and get a aussie passport for Noah- all things I keep putting off. GAH!

Hope the kiddies are all feeling better soon!

Brenda said...

Glad to hear your mom finally got some news, and that it wasn't the worst prognosis possible either. It will be great once you can get home and see what's going on with your own eyes.

The pediatrician we go to isn't so bad, but depending on the day, some of his nurses are absolutely useless! At one of the health checks, the nurse measured Sara 1.5 cm shorter than what she measured at the previous health check 2 months earlier, and she always, without fail, measures her head with the tops of her ears inside the measuring tape. At least nothing she does has any physical effect on Sara, although it does cause me a bit of mental anguish each time. If this was America, I could probably even sue!

Bryn said...

So happy you finally got news! I know the wait was agonizing! And so glad it was good news (as good as that sort of news can be, I suppose)!

I noticed a huge change in Ethan's independence when he moved to the big kid class! Shou will love it! Hope Marina adjusts well too!

Nay said...

I am so relieved to hear that your mum finally got the results and better still the news was excellent considering :)

Good luck with booking your flight back home. I have to organise flights from November soon - but Baby N has to make her arrival before that...!!