Friday, 16 April 2010

Time to get packing

I have shitloads to do today - hence why I am sitting here having my second cup of hairs-on-your-chest coffee. Need it to boost start my day. Not too sleepy which is surprising after being squashed in between Shou, who feels the need to have one or both of his feet under limb, any limb, of person beside him, and face and boob kicker Marina. Hub wisely vacated and slept in Marina's room - getting the best night sleep yet again out of everyone. Come Sunday though and he will have two weeks of being piggy in the middle.

Ryu's Polio vaccine went without fuss - although they did make me take his temperature three fuckin times!!! When we first got there it was 37.2. Ooooh. Ring the paramedics. These things are always at 1pm which is prime baby and small child nap time. Five minutes later the lady asks me to check it again before she writes it on the sheet. 37.3. Ooooh. He's really starting to burn up. And then, then she brings out the super duper takes about two bloody minutes (a loooooooooooong time to try and hold under squirmy baby armpit) one. 37.1. She seemed very pleased with herself.

Ryu was fine otherwise - an occassional cough but nothing hacking or phlemmy or heinous. The cut off temperature is usually 37.5 so not quite sure what all the fuss was about. Anyhoo, doctor declared him fit, healthy and extremely cute and gave him his dose of Polio. No thumbsucking, no dummy, no fluids, no nothing for half an hour. Oh, and Polio will be leaking from his wees and poos for the next month so please make sure you wash your hands and don't stick your fingers directly into his nappy before eating a piece of toast or something. Rightio then.

English went well - four girls is sooooooo damn easy. I really feel like they are learning something, bar the five minutes where they all fight over stickers. They are obsessed with stickers. That is what they want as their omiyage from New Zealand - which sucks cause from memory I don't think NZ has half as many cool stickers as Japan.

Other omiyage I have been commissioned to get - Manuka honey - as much as I can fit into my suitcase at the end. Heavy stuff it is. Chiemi's husband wants an all blacks-y t-shirt and trackies. There used to be a rugby shop in Napier so will have a looksie but not spending valuable time scouting high and low for it. Shou wants a toy drill with batteries and a tap measure that he can play with without getting told off. Marina would like something pretty - perhaps a dress, a party outfit... I guess Granny K and hub will need to be rewarded for their efforts too. And that's before I even start on myself... hmmmmm.

I don't mind though. Buying omiyage is quite fun. Very satisfying when you find something perfect. I have half a suitcase going over, with the prime suspects being shinkenja action hero, purikura cutsie and anpanman goods. Isn't it great when your friends all have kids - feel like can get away with guying the kids stuff which is so much easier. Now, while they are little at least.

I have one friend who has recently gotten into crafting. She has a fabulously cute blog and does loads of cool crafty things, bags, pillow cases, felties, or are they softies?, cards, ... Very talented she is. Japan is apparantly the mecca of craft goods at the moment so I got asked for one simple thing - which I have yet to find. During the search however I found loads of other stuff and may well infact get stopped at customs and questioned about suitcase full of random arts and craft supplies, including big flying fish - not sure how easy they are to sew but it probably only weighs about 50g!

Right, I better start my list of things to do today...

1. Get flying fish out from storage

2. Print out e-tickets

3. Check about taking car seat on plane so Ryu can sit in it to eat and sleep (??) - any thoughts on this? Is it easier on a long haul flight to have one or if you have taken one did you just end up holding the baby anyway?

4. Tidy up English stuff so Shou and Marina don't have field day while am away and I come back to all my English kids books glued and stappled together or cut to bits.

5. Get out a few more clothes for Shou and Marina and weed out some of their current stock. Still quite cold so in kind of limbo - can't put winter stuff away quite yet. I have quite a good system of washing and clothes for kindy and spare clothes to take for when they ass over in mud puddle or piss pants. I don't think hub and Granny K have any kind of system at all so they will need a few more sets of outfits at their disposal.

6. Take DVDs back - pain in ass. Will take me an hour and a half.

7. Buy nappies and milk to put in suitcase.

8. Stock up on necessities for the two weeks am away - for hub and GK.

9. Clean the toilets.

10. Charge camera and video camera batteries and phone.

Probably more but that will do for now. I have tomorrow too but need to sort out as much today or will stress.

Best get to it while the going is good and Ryu is asleep.



Megan said...

hello, cheers for the link :) now get off the computer and go clean those toilets

umebossy said...

Omiyage is such a nightmare (well, coming back to Japan anyway, it's easy to find stuff here!) but I think I found the perfect thing to bring back with me from our trip home next month:

What? At least there aren't any actual innards in it ;)

Good luck with your prep for going and have a safe trip - hope all goes well and you get to spend loads of much needed time with your mum and family! And many non piggy in the middle sleeps.

thefukases said...

ooooh the count down is on, huh? Good luck with the omiyage shopping and the clothes sorting- every time K was in charge of dressing the girls when they were little they ended up in the oddest combinations. My favourite being a 2 yo in a legless body suit and gumboots- and nothing else!

world of sekimachihato said...

found your blog the other day (not quite sure how) and you have been keeping me very entertained while at the office.
i'm a kiwi too, and married to a nihonjin too (albeit a female in my case) so couldn't resist not leaving my mark... comment.
good luck with the omiyage. i always get asked for manuka honey too. i got some "toasties" (slippers) at "classic sheepskins" in napier for myself and a friend in japan. went down very well and are super warm in winter.

looking forward to hearing about your trip home.

Gaijin Wife said...

World of S - glad you now have a reason to skive off work! Classic Sheepskins always on the list of omiyage shops to visit. I got Granny K some toasties - and a pure wool singlet thing and to this day they are still wrapped up in her wardrobe! When we went over together she bought herself a very heinous black marble cat thing with bits of paua in it. Most unnattractive omiyage ever. Think I'll just get her some licorice straps and K-bars this time and see where that gets her and her false teeth ; )

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Ooooh, good luck with the prep! I don't do the omiyage thing and as a result, never get anything from anyone else. :)

Nay said...

Hope you have a safe trip back home. Enjoy the time with your mum :)

Grace UK said...

I would try the car seat for young Ryu, he might feel more comfortable as will you not having to hold him the whole time! You will have to have him on your lap for take off and landing but apart from that you should be OK if you have an empty seat next to you to strap him into. Good luck with the flight and have a fab time.

Oyomesan said...

Go ! Go! Go!


medea said...

A carseat is way easier. However, Japanese carseats, being the antiquated things they are, since no Japanese person would ever actually strap their young child into one (much better to hold the baby and strap in your shopping) don't fit international requirements for flying carseats. If you are flying a Jpaanese airline they will provide you with one for free. Most non-Japanese airlines expect you to bring your own (not an option though for us as they aren't allowed on !). Ring your airline.

Have a safe trip and lots of cuddles with your mum.

Rachel said...

Definitely take the car seat!!! You won't be able to eat otherwise. Way more comfortable sleeping too. You have to take them out of the bassinet during turbulence, and some pilots put that damn light on for half the flight, just in case they hit some wind flying over the equator.

He may be too big for the bassinet, they have weight limits, 10-11kg maybe? I guess he's not that big yet.

I didn't have one for Erica at 10 months, had them for Lena and Amy at that age, it's much more comfortable and if they baby is used to sleeping in their car seat it's comfy for them too.

I had to fight for it though! Lots of airline staff were not keen on me taking them. Air NZ were most helpful. Korea least. I just recently read a horror story of a woman holding her baby above her food tray, unable to eat, and no-one helped her with either the baby OR the food tray for the whole meal service!!