Sunday, 11 April 2010

Risk of Heart Problems Lowered :)


I took a photo of the yummy meat had bought for dinner and sent it to hub saying lots of nikuniku waiting for dinner. Ganbatte for the rest of the day and see you at half eight kind of thing.

He was home at half six! Which of course leads me to wonder what he was going to do for the extra two hours until the original time intended to come home but hey, who gives a shit. He was home early. I even got a pumping heart mark in txt he sent back. Ooooooh. rabu rabu :)

The kids took a while to get to bed but probably cause of all excitment of local election candidate doing his final home turf run - the convoy of cars went up after seven and then the candidate and all his groupies walked back saying thankyou to everyone, shaking hands rah rah. No point trying to settle the kids down before that kind of carry on.

But, asleep at last and we crank up the hot plate, feast on beef, pork AND chicken BBQ with veges and kimuchi - and beer.

Feast finished. Hmmmmm. What to do, what to do.

Hmmmm. Bath.

What to do next.

Hmmmm. Bed

And if shagging twice a week lowers a man's risk of heart problems then hub has successfully had his risk lowered for this week!

Wink wink, nudge nudge.


- And thats the last you'll hear about shagging from me for a while. Far to much talk the last few days.


Oyomesan said...

Oh no....bring it ON! We love's the closest I'm getting to shagging at the moment!

Steven said...

I am hoping it was good!!! Wow the blog thing is letting me be steve... but really its me!! Nicole