Thursday, 8 April 2010


Some pics... in no particular order.

Mullet haired popo-chan. Scary. Very scary. Shou came into our bed in the middle of the night the other night so I vacated and came into his room. Got into his bed, rolled over and just about had a fuckin heart attack. Popo all perfectly squashed in container and lit up by hall light. This photo doesn't do scary popo justice at all. Because anked and sitting like this at 2in the morning and she beats chucky hands down.

Jolly Jumping on the deck - the lazy baby sway. Can see corner of very heavy yakiniku (BBQ) / construction site (filled with rocks) table. It is heavy minus the rocks and with the rocks - well yesterday's fridge man didn't look like he'd be much help in the heave heave ho department (or any department for that matter - there goes my desparate house wife meets hot utility guy scenario - am so going to have to put in a pool just so I can advertise for a spunky pool boy) so I got hub to shift it with me this morning. The deck is also now scrubbed free of crap and dust and now awaits a coat of paint or whatever. Not that you'd know from this photo but Ryu really does have two bottom teeth. I promise.

Bongo Ryu - we got this truely fabulous toy from Jo and the haven for pregnant woman, mothers of small babies, lieing husbands and women with mad bitch vestling mother in laws. It was in their pile of toys to find a new home. The kids spied it and were having a great time dancing to the African, Indian, Japanese .... songs on it. Jo warned me about taking it. The warning fell on deaf ears. Two months later and I am now certain this toy has had not so small a role in my recent visit to above said haven. If you see this toy - DO NOT BUY IT. If someone gives it to one of your kids as a present stop sending that person Christmas cards and for godsake don't invite them to any more birthday parties.

I'm not entirely sure but I think this car magnet is for people who want to offload their babies.

Don't think the teachers will let you play outside in these Marina. And yes, Shou's Lightening McQueen shoes ARE watching you.

Flying Fish - six out of the intended seven on the one pole and threads of the one that got all tangled up last year in storm and has been there ever since as only way of recovering would be to chop pole down - or turn self into African pigme pole climber, which I can't see happening until either I am a slither of my current self or that pole magically sprouts rungs.

And there was supposed to be one of nice Sakura tree in full bloom that pass on way to kindy. Computer obviously trashed it and decided was too boring to bother spending ten minutes uploaded.
Will try again next time.


Ruthie said...

That magnet is fantastic!! Did you see it for sale somewhere. Might have to put in a request if you're sending my Arashi stuff. Jill and Paula both had their babies (a week apart), both boys. Conor for Jill, Ciaran for Paula!

thefukases said...

that doesn't look like an evil toy. Come on. Look at Ryu's smile.... I'll swap you for a puppy dog that calls out to you for attention if you don't pat it regular enough. Just about needed the inept local fire department with the heart paddles the other night when I got out of the bath and here 'are we home yet?!' AGGGJHHH!

And- help someone living in a boy free zone- what's the rules for koi nobori? I thought it was the basic three set and then one for each boy child? But that would mean you have an extra two sons you haven't blogged about yet? :O

Gaijin Wife said...

Ruthie - I have seen it for sale, and start of the photo is on our fridge. I can't remember where but I will buy three and send them over with Arashi and Smap fan letters, mag and gentei chocolate. Three? One for Paula and Jill and hey, you'd be gutted if they stop selling them before you need one..

Fukases - damn toys that talk by themselves. We have talking singing dog too that if left one will occassionaly sprout out with 'hug me' or british accent version of the incy wincy spider or heads, shoulders, knees and toes!

Your inept local fire department - is hub not part of that? I have seen our local one in action and well, god forbid our house ever catches on fire.

Koinobori - hmmmmm, no extra babies lurking round. Not sure on the number of fish, although I know that you are expected to fly all the ones you are given the first year - and we had nearly twenty. I think anytime after the first year and its just 'for fun'. I love driving round and seeing them all. Fantastic set up in town - they must have had first boy child or granson as is holy shit never seen anything so elaborate amazing kind of amazing. Will take pic and post.

Kelly Azuma said...

Just a question - how do you get up there to tie the fish on? Or do you take the whole pole down, tie fish on and then put it back up again? :)

Gaijin Wife said...

Kelly - a pully system for the rope is attached when the pole first goes up. Therefore if the rope breaks (like it did on one pole) you are faaahucked cause can't fix unless pole is taken down - and it is nailed in and burried a metre into the ground!!