Saturday, 24 April 2010

Pants, pizza and pics

Yet another beautiful sunny day and yet another full night sleep from Ryu!

Mum and I did the shopping thing yesterday morning and thankfully for the first hour I was in good shopping mood and managed to find two pairs of pants and a top. My downfall the previous time was going into trendy clothes shop with skinny 19-year old shop girls telling me things would 'look flattering'. I could possibly get into the biggest size in these shops. My sister suggested I try the bigger size shop, where I would be the smallest size. Well, my god what a much better shopping experience. Bigger sales assistance women who tell you the truth - but in a nice 'I-still-want-to-make-a-sale' way. Success. Great.

Then I went bra shopping. The absolute joy. Racks and racks of bras with two and three clasps on the back. And paddless bras - bras that in fact minimalize your 'rack'. I got three bras, and in fact I have one on now - my first bra in a long time that doesn't have the easy access feeding flaps. My puppies feel so different. I keep having to poke them :)

It was a lovely morning - just me, Ryu and mum. Shopping and drinking coffee. Very nice.

I caught up with friend in the evening where we reminisced - one story from our 90210 days living in Beppu in the same apartment building and working at the university. There were four, sometimes five of us girls - all single and all quite partial to the odd drop of vino, can of chuuhai, packet of chedder schnidders. If, on any given day of the week, we were having a few drinkies and ran out before we were ready to haul our foreign arses back to our own apartments, I would offer to RUN to the local supermarket - I would put on my sneakers and they would hang out over the balcony with the stopwatch. It happened on numerous occassions so there was always a time to beat. 12 minutes I think was my fastest, there and back. Am suprised I never vomitted previously drunk chuuhais after my late night sprints.

She came up here for a few drinks while I sorted Ryu out and while we waited for neices to go to bed and other sister to arrive to pick us up and drop her hub off to keep an eye on the kids. Dropped friend off home and then the sisters, mum and I headed out for Antonios Pizza. My dad hates cheese (seriously, how is that even possible?) so mum has to get her cheese fixes in while he is away. There is a rumor that these particular pizzas are the best in town. Unfortunately the location leaves a little to be desired so not much people watching to be done. Not that we needed too - loads to talk about, yummy pizza and yummy garlic bread to be had.

Oh, and I managed to scan some of the old pics yesterday - so here are a couple of mum and dad from their young, reckless youth...

Dad was very bloody hairy. The missing link almost. Mum was and still is just beautfiul.
At an outdoor concert when my sister was about three weeks old. Christ, I wouldn't have minded looking like mum did after popping sproglet out. Check out those sunnies - everything all back in fashion now of course. Still laughing at dad's hair.
Apparantly dad's mum made him cut it for his sister's wedding. A lot more tamed in this photo. He wasn't the lead singer in their band so not sure what he's doing with the mic here. Think he was just the guitarist and perhaps lead doobie stockist.

At my auntie's 21st and looking a lot less hairy - scub up well nice.

Think I can hear that baby of mine - almost time for lunch too. Some of mum's yummy pumpkin soup - cooked in the slow cooker. I want me one of those!



random_01 said...

Really beautiful photos, so glad you are having a great time and a sleeping baby too! Soooo jealous. Enjoy every moment of the rest of your trip. We will be back in Hita for May and a bit of June so if you happen to pass through (great place for doing um, not much)and see the harrassed looking, kid wrangling other gaijin wife give me a wave!

Sara said...

YAY for new clothes esp. ones that fit well and look good AND NEW BRAS.

Your mum is beautiful and not surprising as the picture I've seen of you and the kids are gorgeous as well

Nay said...

I love the photos of your parents when they were younger!! Naoki's dad (I just wrote husband instead by mistake, ROFL) had afro hair like your dad's when he was younger too. I can't imagine him like that though - he is way too conservative, lol!

YAY for clothes shopping!! I would give anything to be back in Australia right now so that I could go on a shopping spree... I have quickly discovered that I have NO shirts suitable for breastfeeding :( I have ordered some of Expat express but am not expecting them to arrive for ages yet.

Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

thefukases said...

Ahhhhh, I'm with you on the pants but I do all my bra shopping in Japan. Need all the standup on it's own type padding I can get! Amy said vary seriously the other day when I was in my PJs 'haven't you put your boobs on yet?' *^_^*

Real pizza.... and babysitters- what are they??

Enjoy! We're all living vicariously through you!

And I think our dad' must be related....