Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Horse

While her mum may well be the horse whipserer my neice herself is a horse - well she was last night. Fuckin hillarious. She is 10 and into horses, goes horse riding once a week and dreams of being a jocky - or a professional skiier, and failing that perhaps a vet.

Last night, after the family roast (beautiful) said neice decided to show us how well she could canter, and trot, and gallop, and jump, and halt. Must say the sound effects were very impressive. I wish I had gotten my video camera out. Absolutely priceless.

As my sister and family were leaving last night she very stupidly, and no doubt wine induced, offered to take Ryu back to theirs for the night! I woke up this morning a bit out of sorts and wondering who the fuck had stollen my baby. Apparantly Ryu slept right through AGAIN. As I was walking round the road to their house with an empty pram to collect him, they passed me driving here to drop him off. By the time I had turned round and got home (seriously, all of about five minutes), he was back in bed asleep. My sister assures me she isn't using any drugs of any description. Quite remarkable.

Dad was in a bit of a grump this morning - feeling a bit unloved for being asked to bugger off for four days while the house turns into 24/7 kindergarten. It is in the best interests of everyone, including my dad, and in fact perhaps even aiding world peace and harmony to mankind. While he likes the thought of his whole family being around he does find it very hard to cope with small children and the inevitable chaos, mess and noise that follows them. Brother is off too though so it will just be us three girls and mum.

Well, best go sort out my will before neice arrives in an hour. Family attorney (mum's sister) has suggested I sort my will out and change the power of attorney from my mum to my dad and failing that my brother. So, will do whatever she thinks is best. Is hard to grasp all the law talk so easier just to sign on dotted line. My only wish really is that any money I have when I die goes to my children. God forbid it go to hub. Imagine that. No wife to bitch at you and suddenly all this money to force into the pachinko machines. God, the thought. Not much money really anyway and hopefully it will have been spent on children's education before then!!

Hope Japan isn't too cold and that spring has well and truely sprung. We continue to have glorious weather.

Hey, guess what we're having for tea.


Fish and Chips - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii



Melanie said...

Not sure exactly what your house is like during the day but could lack of Shou or Marina being around make a difference to Ryu`s sleeping? Perhaps its quieter?

Glad you are getting some sleep though. Not sure about your nexk of the woods in Japan but in Tokyo the weather was great yesterday only to wake up to rain today.

Anonymous said...

oooh you said the magic and chips!! I am officially jealous..closest we get to that is the homemade stuff(when can actually be arsed peeling potatoes)..but there is just something about the whole greasy in paper yumminess...enjoy!!!!

Nay said...

Yay for Ryu sleeping through the night so many times. Hopefully he will keep it up once you get back to Nihon!!

And you lucky thing - I would give anything for some yummy fish and chips, especially by the beach!!

Bryn said...

Hooray! For everything! I'm so glad things are going so well and that you're enjoying your trip! Hope the rest continues to go as well, and that you have an even more uneventful trip home!

illahee said...

you slay me!

Anonymous said...

SO glad you are having a blast,horses and all, as well as spending some "quality time"(sorry to add that expression!) with your mother.

Fish and chips...roast cow;)