Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Havens, Hanami & Happy Days


I was out of the house at 5 past four - escaping to the 'haven for pregnant women, mothers of small babies, lieing husbands and daughter in laws of mad bitch vestlings'. Hub pulled through and made the dinner for them so I was able to throw some things together, albeit trying to supress huge smile with anticipation for leaving city limits children not atow.

Had very slight anxiety attack when going to say goodbye to my beautiful baby but over very quickly as thought about impending 15 hour escape. I took a leisurely drive in hub's car, windows down, hair billowing in the cool spring breeze. Diet coke (whats the point?) in drink holder, Macey on iPod portable speakers. Stopped half way to pick up some yummy karage (fried chicken) as my contribution to dinner.

Had a few wines, had a few beers, had some yummy dinner, had some chats and was over in the haven/guest cottage by 10pm and asleep by 11pm. Woke up once in the middle of the night with a bit of a start, wondering where the fuck I was and could I hear a baby crying and then zonked again until half six. Showered, dressed and packed up in time to see Jo's two kids enjoying their easter egg hunt. Must say, the easter bunny that frequents their house is extremely organized and generous.

Home by 9am to Ryu asleep for his nap and Shou and Marina hanging outside with daddy. The kids seem genuinely pleased to see me and vice versa. Not sure about hub but nevermind. He has survived the night and he still looks somewhat sane. Granny asks if I missed the kids at all. I remind her it was only 15 hours, avoid answering her actual question and say had fabulous most bestest sleep have had in past four years.

She doesn't seem too sympathetic, no doubt thinking that she had three small kids, an alcoholic husband and was the main bread winner, cycling off to the undie factory every morning to sew undies and vests and home to chaos and a lazy drunk husband.

Hanami is to start at eleven. Hub takes Shou and Marina to the park for an hour beforehand while I clean the pit that is having a hard time resembling a house at all - such is 15 hours with no mummy tidying up after little chidren. The troops get home and Marina gets changed into her lovely pink party dress that Granny K has ordered up for her to wear to hanami.

We walk to the local shrine and half the locals are there. Is in a very small children unfriendly location - steep stairs, fire burning and blue tarp sheets set out for people to picnic on. Small dirty shoe prints all over them when I rugby ball hold Marina, who has spilt all of her grape juice down the front of her dress and leggings, and push Ryu in his pushchair, home ten minutes after getting there. We hang out at home until our 'han' (group of houses) come back to the hall to have lunch. Shou and Marina run riot in the big spacious hall - dancing on the stage and winding themselves up in the big velvet stage curtains screaming 'tadaima kara. tadaima kara' (And now....) - something that gets said when you are introducing something - a dance or a song or whatever. Pity Shou couldn't remember the next bit as was quite entertaining. Ryu was happy sitting and watching it all.

Finally sent my invoices for translation from university - sent them by email last week but they wanted hard copies stamped and signed.

Pushed the kids to kindy in the double pushchair. Thought if I started doing that then I would get fifty minutes of exercise in before half eight. Was actually a good idea. We had a great time - trying to spot bull frogs in the river, screaming in the tunnel to hear voice echo, singing and Shou asking me for about ten minutes what this and that were in English.

Shou: mizu tte nani?
GW: water
Shou: shoubosha tte nani?
GW: fire engine
Shou: kaji tte nani
GW: key
Shou: key jya nakute fire deshou
GW: ahhhh, kaji. fire. gomen.

Shou: dumpukaa tte nani?
GW: dump truck
Shou: concrete mikusa sha tte nani?
GW: concrete mixer
Shou: burudoza tte nani?
GW: bull dozer
Shou: long long reachi digga tte nani
GW: ummm. long long reach digger (?)
Shou: burodoza ga ishi wo dumpukaa ni hakonnderu toko tte nani?
GW: (fuck) ummm, the bull dozer lifting rocks into the dump truck (?)
Shou: ....... mizu tte nani?

ekuseteraaaaa ekuseteraaaaa

Very glad he has such a keen interest in English of course.

Met Chiemi for lunch followed by shopping trip for milk and to pick up new glasses ordered last week. Very nice but took wee bit of getting used to as now have black frame in vision periphery and even though I thought they were pretty much the same shape as usual red ones must be a bit different. Have decided to keep red ones for times when playing rough and tumble with the kids. They can get trashed.

And today.... walked to kindy again. Disappointed a couple of people on the way home as pushing empty pushchair with two jackets in it. Sorry, no baby.

There is a local election this weekend so since yesterday all the candidates have been out and about in their convoy of white sedans with loud speakers and groupies in bright yellow jackets - screaming out the candidate's name, what supposed good they will do if elected and in general making a hell of a racket from 8am till 8pm. SIX convoys went past our house during Ryu's morning nap yesterday. Despite seeing that I was a foreigner and after getting no response from the temple next door one candidate still pulled out the mic and gave an 'aisatsu (greeting)' himself. No votes here buddy. And should/when foreigners get the right to vote in local elections I am voting for the person who goes round whispering their campaign.

Best get to hanging out the washing and scrubbing the deck - seriously. Needs to have another coat of varnish this year and needs to be done mid week and before it gets too hot, possible starting at 12:04 pm and on a day when the tide is high and the gods are smiling.

Sigh - seems hub has me preparing the deck for some reglious event. Honestly, it's only a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush.



Lulu said...

Sounds as if your MUCH deserved break went well. That kind of sleep is the kind I dream about. Although I would want to be able to sleep in til at least 10am I think!!! haha

Shou`s english questions are funny. Especially about the dump truck and concrete mixer! So cute :-)

Is Marina saying much in English yet?

Oyomesan said...

The break sounds great!
Am sure Granny K thinks you bailed out on Mother/Wife duties - but hey! - intelligent women in the 21st century are NOT slaves.....an amazing and wonderful fact.

And Shou is so funny - wish some of my students would ask so many questions.There are so many loan words in Japanese though...basically if you knock off the "o" or "a" sound in the Nihongo you probably get a passable English word 40% of the time!

thefukases said...

hahaha! I will join you. Day one I get my voting card I'm hitting the jimusho of every screaming aisatsuing politician I know, waving my card in their face and loudly exclaiming 'Not voting for you!' I swear they aim for naptime....