Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Greed, Gluttony and Sloth.

Ryu and I are down in Palmerston Norty -which is where the oncology unit is and where mum was I thought going to be starting her treatment yesterday. That didn't transpire however but Ryu and I came down for a wee road trip anyway seeing as all organized and more fabulous friends to catch up with.

We left yesterday morning and Ryu decided not to sleep the WHOLE way down despite being prime nap time. He has been riding in the car illegally in a foreward facing carseat. He is sturdy enough for it and most of the time likes being able to see whats going on. Not good for napping though. I have it implanted in my brain that the trip is only one and a half hours. I am now thinking, after spending nearly two and a half hours coming down yesterday, that perhaps I did the trip once in 90 minutes when I was a speed racing bogan at uni and at a very odd time of day when no traffic and no roadworks. Not quite sure how my 1972 vauxhil viva would have managed without various parts, doors and bumpers flying off but it must have happened once.

We arrived around lunch time, Ryu ate and then him and friend's (Granny K Rocks T-Shirt Boy's Mum for those of you who have been reading since then) beautiful boy went down for their naps. Loooooooong nap which equals good time catching up. After kidlets woke up we visited the new shops in town, did some supermarket shopping and then home for Hell's Pizza. It was my first visit to this particular Hell and yum yum yum yum yum. Just to taunt you, we got...

Pizza (called Greed - as opposed to the other pizza titles of Lust, Envy, Wrath, Pride, Sloth and Gluttony). Double Ham, Double Pineapple and Double Cheese - with tomato base, herbs and spices. I'm a bit boring when it comes to pizzas!

Crumbed Camembert - Yum (need I say more)

Lemon Pepper Wedges - Ditto

Spicy BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (not spare rib fan but they seemed to go down a treat)

GHOUL Pasta - Butter chicken and cream sauce (had a taste and helloooooo - who would have thought butter chicken from a pizza place but yum yum yum.)

All of this and I think I could have been labeled Greed, Gluttony and Sloth all in one go.

I was very anti-social, hitting the hay at just after nine. Ryu did another full nighter. I heard friend's kids up and looked at my phone - 3am. Holy shit. Went into lounge, where couldn't see hub around the corner preparing their breakfast, and asked what they were doing watching cartoons in the middle of the night? And perhaps we could turn the TV down a bit aye?

So yeah, hadn't changed time on phone so was in fact 6am. Thank God, thought Ryu had gone off the sleep-all-night rails.

It is now nearly 9am and I am home alone with Ryu asleep in their boy's bed. Had packed everything up and was going to leave for town when they left but Ryu was not a happy camper so decided to put him down for an hour or so while I trash their house. Am meeting friend up at her work - or old uni - at lunchtime. Always a bit strange going back up there. Suddenly get transported back to 20 again. And her office is in the building I spent most of my time studying Japanese. Arrrrggghhhh - wonder if any of my old lecturer's are there.

Ooops - just re-read that. Am not in Palmerston Norty - tis Palmerston North, although was quite Norty in my mis-spent university days.

wink wink


Oh, and about that phone - the one I thought I had fucked and was therefore in need of flash iPhone on return to land of rising sun... yeah, that phone......

the one I tried to re-charge in the shaving socket at home in Napier....

yeah, that phone.....

the one that upon failing to re-charge in above said socket, went out and bought a socket adapter so could plug into normal socket depiste NZ voltage being twice as much as Japan's....

yeah, that phone.....

um, well.....

absolute blonde moment where

um, well.....

didn't have shaving socket switch on.

So all good now - phone works and can be re-charged.

Anybody need a $17 socket adapter for Aust and NZ?

And promise will post childhood snap of me with blondest hair on the block. Seriously - only started getting really dark when came to Japan and self obviously thought needed to turn Japanese. Granny K has infact specified my hair color as one reason she momentarily forgets I am a gaijin. Only momentarily of course - before I do something extremely gaijin-like and she is rudely reminded that gaijins are useless and Japanese are most superior race in whole wide world.

PS - above mentioned blond moment happened many days ago!!

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