Saturday, 3 April 2010

Granny K Barney

I posted last night in the eye of the storm. Shou was quiet and so was Ryu and Marina was already fast asleep. Two seconds after I clicked post Ryu woke up and Shou started the 'mummy' routine from upstairs. What to do? They are both tired but physically impossible to settle both of them at once by self. A bit, OK, actually quite a lot of nutting out, mean mummy antics and Shou going between his room, Ryu's room and Granny K's room. He had a huge winge and Granny K ended up saying he could sleep in her room.

I'm glad she tries to help but getting him used to sleeping with her is not helping in the long run. Anyway, you would expect that after saying that to him she would then perhaps try and get him to actually sleep. Nope. She went to the bathroom and Shou stood at the door talking to her for FORTY minutes, during which time I got Ryu to sleep and tried to talk Shou into coming to bed with mummy. But he was past it - well into the I'm going to burn the house down and cut mummy in half and ruin all mummy's utensils stage.

Granny K took poor little Shou into her room and instead of trying to settle him they watched TV with the light on full brightness and the volume up loud enough for me to still hear while standing outside on the deck!

I let them be for half an hour but then it was half nine and enough is just enough. Granny K had a go at me for being a mad bitch and I had a go at her for spawning a man who lied and went to pachinko while his wife was looking after small children - nothing to do with me being a mad bitch but the events of the day (not including very nice sushi lunch with friend) had me a bit wired and not really thinking logically or rationally. Finally got Shou to come to bed after promising that I wouldn't get angry at him. He was asleep in two minutes.

I rang up Jo - wonderful owner of haven for pregnant women, mothers of small children, wives of lieing husbands and daughter in laws of mad bitch vestlings. And that's where I'm going - tonight. By myself. Minus all children. I invited myself and Jo was too nice to say no. Bless the woman. She puts up with a lot of my rants!

Hub was out on the lash last night so I emailed him with the news. Said would be leaving about 4pm and yoroshiku for the three kids. He txted back OK, no worries - his sense blurred no doubt by asahi and shochu.

Seems it was more than blurred. This morning, as he was getting ready to take the kids to kindy and carry on to work I reminded him that I was leaving at 4. He looked a tad confused. HE had thought I meant I was uping and driving to Jo's at 4am this morning.

Um. I'm not entirely sure what level of thickness this equals - off the scale perhaps?

He couldn't back out though so he has agreed to look after the three kids tonight while I have my first night in nearly four years of sleeping in a house with no children. Actually, that's not entirely true. I stayed at above said haven for one night a week before Ryu was born - but was in false labor so no wine drinking or nice long sleeps being had. Jo instead had me writing down every contraction on nice sunflower paper.

This morning hub went into Granny K's room to ask if she could look after Ryu this morning while he went to work and I went an hours drive away in the borrowed K-truck to go pick up his car which was in getting it's warrent of fitness. I asked if she had a btich about me being mad woman last night and he said no - but she did have a go at him about the pachinko thing and that that meant I got all pissed mad and took some of it out on her.

Went off in K-truck. Picked up hub's Honda, did a spot of shopping for stuff to take home on the way back and am now about to set about making curry for hub and the kids for dinner. He has just gotten home - after a morning of work and two hours at pachinko. When he figured out that I was actaully leaving him on his own tonight he asked if that meant he could go and 'asobu' (play) for a couple of hours this arvo. Fine. Go. Be off with you if it means I get one night of freedom. I'm not happy about it but he would have gone anyway so at least he went, I knew, he won, and I got half.

Oh, and I did appologise to Granny K this morning. Took me an hour to get up the courage but :) Said sorry for being a mad bitch and she said she knew it was a difficult time at the moment but that in these times it is even more important to be 'reisei' - level headed perhaps? She then did my flowers for me while I was out - the pachinko funded ones from last week. I needed to get round to taking them out and biffing the old ones and putting the still good ones in another vase. She did it though which was nice.

She's gone off to the fields and doesn't know yet that I am vacating the premises at 4pm. I'm thinking she wont be too impressed as no doubt hub will have her in here the whole night helping out. What do ya bet they have a bloody great night, the kids are perfect angels of delight and eat all their dinner, get their hair washed without complaint and go to bed and better yet sleep without hassle.

I am to be back tomorrow morning before hanami.



anchan said...

I am so happy to hear that you are taking this well-deserved break! Forget about home, be totally and utterly indulged, sleep as much as you can, relax and ENJOY! This is going to do you so much good, they will all thank you for it :-) xxx

Kelly said...

Enjoy your night out!! To the max! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good night away and recharged your batteries for the next few weeks!

Sarah said...

Sounds like exactly what you need! Enjoy!!

Lulu said...

Definitely enjoy the break!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Enjoy your night away.