Friday, 30 April 2010

Getting down to the wire.

Our trip is nearly over. Sad :(

We had a great night last night. A bit of a blub but a good last night with the fam dam and my brother, sister, brother in law and neice. Some yummy lamb chops that got inhaled by everyone and a couple of glasses of wine.

I have had much needed and good talks with mum and dad. My sister is taking me to the airport - per my request to say goodbye to mum and dad at home and not the airport. Still have most of today though. Don't need to be checking in until 5 this evening. Will try and give Ryu good sleeps today and of course plug him with shitloads of food so that we have nice happy baby tonight before boarding - which is late. Something like 10pm. Followed by sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy baby on the plane. Please please please Ryu. You have been super sleeping baby everynight except one since we got here. Last night he went down just after six and stayed there until just after six this morning. Amazing. I have been loving it. Had it been different circumstances and had I not drunk too much New Zealand sav I would say that all this sleep has left me refreshed.
Brother and dad are off to the lawyers to sign their bit of my lawyery stuff and then I can send that off. Check. Meeting sister for lunch for Turkish kebab - yummy. Hmmmm, am thinking mild chilli sauce and garlic yoghurt perhaps.

Quiet afternoon at home before loading the car. I had to send a box home yesterday - Japanese porcelin tea set. Made in Japan but is more like an English tea set. My grandfather bought it for my grandmother when he came to Japan during the war. My grandmother didn't like it and never used it and passed it on to my mother. If I didn't claim it my sister was going to sell it on Trade Me - so packed away it got. In between pillows and clothes and lots of bubble wrap. As I live so damn far away I will never be up for any of the old family furniture so I have to take these things when I can. I like the idea of having something of my grandparents - even if my grandmother thought it was hideous! I also got a stone viking - can't remember his name. It has sat on our mantlepiece for ever and I can see it finding a new home above our fireplace in Kunimi. Little bits of home. I think it's nice.

Right, I better get into the shower while the going is good. Is hard to get used to - this everyone having showers in the morning!!

A few pics before I go though...

Me (right) and a good friend from primary school. See!! I was blonde. Have no idea why we are dressed up as a cat and a mouse?
Going through all the old photos - this photo just cracked me up. My brother (right) and his friend.

Good kiwi baby - face full of vegemite!

From last night. Sister, me, mum, bro and neice.

From road trip with Ryu. We all went to varsity together and met back in our varsity town - but this time all pushing pushchairs. A bit scary. Friend on left - hmmmm, notice how close in age her two are!! I think I mentioned ages back about friend who got pregnant when baby was just three months old. That would be her. Aren't our hoard of kids beautiful. Should be another two in there for course :)
Right, seriously better get in that shower - it is amazing how dirty your feet get! Probably not that amazing really considering how everyone just walks around in barefeet outside.
Oooh, did I mention that all this stuff with redoing my will and stuff. Well, the lawyer is FREE - he said 'don't worry about it, it's just ten minutes work' - and it was but still I just presumed he would lawyer fleece me and my bank account. Well impressed Nigel, thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe and quiet (Ryu!) trip home :-) Was lovely to see you and I downloaded your photo for the album. I hope saying goodbye today isn't too bad - or is as good as it can be. See you next time... I shall start persuading Steve that we should come over! Love nic

Oyomesan said...

Welcome back over here - safe travels! I hope the trip home has given you new energy to make life over here better!

and I can't WAIT to hear how Hub and Granny K have been coping!

world of sekimachihato said...


i think we know each other.
i just clicked when i saw your photo but it's been years so i may be wrong. maybe this is not the place to be asking, but does gaijin wife's name start with "k"?
nziiu exchange?
god i must sound like a twit...

anyway, safe flight back to nihon!

Gaijin Wife said...

WOS - yes!! Does your name also start with a K?

world of sekimachihato said...

fancy that. talk about a semai blimmin world!
i think we need a msn catch-up one of these days!

nikintheguch said...

Have a safe trip home and I hope it's not too hard saying goodbye! Shou and Marina and of course hub must be dying to see you.

Ryu, be a good boy for mummy on the plane!

L. said...

You are bringing back a tea set -- I paid about $2,000 U.S. dollars that we didn't really have, to bring back an entire BEDROOM SET (bed, two large dressers) that used to be my grandmother's, that I just had to have. It is now STUFFED in our tiny Tokyo apartment, and I think of whenever I see it, which is often.

Sure, they are only "things," but they remind us of the most important connections of all.

Safe travels.

illahee said...

safe trip home!

is it too early to plan a summer get together??

Lulu said...

Have a safe trip back to Japan. I hope saying goodbye is not too bad...also hope that Ryu stays a good sleeper for the plane ride home.

So funny that you and WOS know each other from a past life- the same thing happened with T from TJKR and me when we arranged to meet up when she was in Brisbane (while I was back living there)- her family lived 100m from my dad`s place and we went to the same highschool just 10 years apart. So random! It really is a small world!

Anonymous said...

That pic of you as a child shows off how much Marina looks like you now! :) Brisbane no "enjoy shite" katie

umebossy said...

I agree about how much Marina and young-you look alike! sokkuri!