Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Flight Story & Finally Seeing the Famdam

Feel like am about to go off into birth story... Not that the flight was THAT painful - wasn't dream flight but I guess it could have been a lot worse.

Car trip to Fukuoka - uneventful really except Shou needed to stop about ten times so lucky we left with plenty of time. Checked in, bags gone and Shou and hub head off to find an airplane toy of some description. Shou, engrossed in toys, says bye to me and continues on his mission to convince daddy he needs every toy on the rack, including the Hello Kitty something or rather - as it was very cute and Marina just had to have it.

The flight to Kansai was good and Ryu charmed the air hostie and smiled at her almost the entire flight - looking over the back of my seat to where she was sitting at the back of the plane.

I had rung the international Air New Zealand line, which was the only one open late on Saturday night) just to say that we arrived into Kansai 100 minutes before connecting flight left and getting off plane, collecting bags and checking in would be impossibility before the said 90 minutes before departure. The girl I got said reality was we could miss our flight. Really now?? Bit panicky night before leaving so as soon as could rang the Air NZ counter at Kansai - lovely, probably extremely sexy, lad who answered said 'Sweet as Hone', 'No worries mate', as long as checked in by three - plane leaving at half past. Obviously he didn't use kiwi slang but instead very polite honorific to me and my ten month old baby Japanese.

Got to check in counter - still loads of people checking in. Nice bloke there shuffled us along the business class line. All sorted - bassinet seat - check. Spare seat beside mine - check.

The flight was quite empty with entire rows just waiting for people to take and sleep with feet over edge so mother could not walk up and down already narrow isles trying to get baby to sleep. Was only a 2-3-2 seating plan on so not much room anyway - none of those big spaces near the toilet or the doors half way down the plane.

Ryu was asleep before take-off and for an hour and a half or so I was being very smug and oohhh, look at my nicely behaved baby who is going to sleep entire flight and not be pain in ass to any of you. Air hostie took a shine to us and, obviously upon seeing me looking so run down and ragged, filled my glass up to the brim wth sav at dinner time. Just about had to lap it like a cat. not for long though, bit of turbulance meant much safer to infact skull whole glass as opposed to spilling it all.

After dinner Ryu woke up and would not sleep for more than ten minutes for the rest of the ENTIRE nine hours. He would sleep, I'd put him in the cot, ten minutes later he'd start crying, I'd take him out, rock him back to sleep ... ... repeat repeat for about three hours. The others hours in between he was wide awake.

Cutoms in NZ was very fast with us getting taken down all the fast lanes. Nothing to declare, except one very tired baby.

My sister was waiting for us out through the gates and it was good to see her after all the shit of the past year. I spoke to her just before and she said the doctor said she might have osteoarthritis - which is what we all get on one joint or another when we get old and almost 100 percent of people over the age of eighty have it. Usually in people this young it stems from an injury of some kind. Any bloody way, if it's not one thing it really is a bloody nother and could life really throw the family any more shit? I shouldn't say that really. Better find some wood. touch touch, rub rub, pat pat.

The trip down with my friend was a good road trip. Long as it was - and of which the last 60 km or so we coasted along on empty with the light on, shitting ourselves a bit that would need to ring bro to come rescue us from up the Napier-Taupo road. Made it to a servo though. Phew. We stopped in Taupo for lunch and I spied the big all blacks and rugger gear outlet store. Got Chiemi's hub his outfit, as per request, and a wee 'future all black' shirt for Ryu and one for Chiemi's youngest. Let the omiyagi buying begin!!

Got in to home just after five and mum and dad were already back from their day getting mum's helmet fitted. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good to finally see mum. She looks exactly the same but with short hair - not too much of a shock though as she has had it short before. Ryu was in champion smiling form and had won Granny over before even getting out of his carseat. We had a nice morning this morning, wandering around in the beautiful Napier sun down town, followed by nice salads for lunch and a good supermarket shop - she hadn't been for a proper big shop without dad for the past month. Hard to buy a big shop with a man, cause they flip out at prices and find it hard to believe that a normal weekly shop can cost as much as it does.

Uncle Sam, my little brother, had made his famous chicken pie for dinner and my other sister arrived and we all had lovely dinner followed shortly by Ryu getting down to sleep, followed shortly by Ryu waking for milk, followed shortly by Ryu proceeding to sleep the whole night - until ten to seven. Wow. Mum reckons maybe he's turned over a new good sleeping leaf. I had to remind her that he had't slept for nearly 48 hours so tis no bloody wonder really.

It has come to light that perhaps a bit of the information regarding mum was sugarcoated - the cancer is an agressive blastoma. The 10% that the doctor couldn't get out during surgery is all bastardy stuff that has gotten it's tenticles down into the bits of the brain. Looks like not much probability of chasing mum round the neighborhood in her nightie when she's eighty afterall :(

Shite - I better go rescue my boy. He is meant to be napping (like mum is) but continues to yell blue murder. Me thinks he needs some cuddles. My sister is looking after him this evening while I go over and take my two neices who are weekly boarding at a girls school over in Havelock North, for dinner! They will back over the weekend too.

No pics yet as digital camera (and phone) batteries died just about the second after I stept on NZ soil. Both recharging as I type.


Edit - My keitai (mobile) has just completely fucked it. Recharging with NZ voltage (which worked last time in shaver plug in bathroom) has this time fried internal phone organs. For any friends trying to txt or ring I am not ignoring you, I just can't get past the black screen to see that you have rung! Oooooh, means will have to buy new blingy phone upon return to land of rising sun - not entirely pissed off about that. Hmmmm, iphone.....


Melanie said...

glad to hear that you have arrived safely, not so glad to hear that your mom`s prognosis was sugar coated.

Lost my dad to cancer, so definitely know what you are going through

Sara said...

yay for getting to NZ safetly and with not too much mental damage. so sorry to hear about the not so great part of your mum's diagnosis...

hope that your trip home gives you some much needed time with your family and ryu some time with his granny. hope to see pics when you have the time!!


anchan said...

So happy to hear that you are home, safe and sound :-) Have a wonderful time, make the most of every minute!

Anonymous said...

ditto what everyone else said and glad that you and your mum are getting some time together and she can meet Ryu finally :)
Here`s to some quality time and safe return.

Anonymous said...

Hi - welcome home!! Flight sounds kind of horrible but as you say could have been worse. Really stink about your Mum, she will need lots of baby hugs... see you next week xx Nicole

Midori said...

Glad you see that you got there in one piece. Sorry to hear about the bastardy tentacles. :-(

world of sekimachihato said...

so nice to hear that kiwi slang again and imagine you (not that i know you...) on home turf. and napier of all places! i did some of my childhood years in the bay and still have family there too.
i hear it's getting nippie at night but no doubt you are basking in sun and blue skies during the day (we don't get that in hong kong).

Sarah said...

Enjoy and get in lots of family time! (and good food too of course!!)

Nay said...

Glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound. I am so sorry to hear that your mum's prognosis isn't as good as you originally thought.It breaks my heart to think about what you all must be going thrhough.

Enjoy this time with your mum. Thinking of you XXXX

Violet said...

Wishing you a wonderful time with your family. Soak it up and enjoy. Your mum must be stoked that you came back to see her, even if the circumstances are shitty...

Oyomesan said...

Glad to read all is ok - I was MISSING you - which is strange really because I've never met you...but your great writing has drawn us all in so much that we care about you.
Have a wonderful time and recharge the batteries - last year my trips to the Uk for family health reasons were stressful, but also a great Time Out from life in Japan - so enjoy!!