Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dramas Avoided

Last night after bloging - yes, a lot of shit always seems to happen after blogging - hub arrived home and I was at my witts end. Marina was asleep of course and had hub arrived home at 9pm like his txt said things wouldn't have gotten out of control. Roll on 9pm and I start clock watching. Shou and Ryu are both still in stages of awakeness and another set of daddy arms would be very well received. It is amazing how much of a tiz you can work yourself up into. Honestly. I would rather he say half nine and get home ten minutes early instead of saying nine and arrive twenty minutes late.

I was about to leave the kids, steal the bankcards and run off with the pool boy by the time hub walked in the door. Sadly this really isn't a viable option so I went to 'regroup' with myself outside on the deck. Hub asked what I was doing. I said that I was in danger of lacing Ryu's bottle with horse tranquilizers if I had to go in there and listen to 'that sound' one more time tonight. Hub closes the door and...

Proceeds to lock me out!

He later said that it was just a natural reaction - close the door and turn the nob. Almost understandable considering number of small people in house and need to keep doors closed. Of course, being the pre-menstural, sleep-deprived woman that I am I took great offense. While hub was settling Ryu I snuck back inside with the spare key Granny K hides under the mat, de-stocked the fridge of beer and snuck back outside again. Bugger him. If he wants me outside, outside I will be god damn it.

An hour later when I come back inside he is genuinely perplexed! Poor man. Must suck being a man sometimes. I myself would hate to live with and put up with me. Christ, I think I would have put a pillow over my own head in my sleep by now.

I let hub sleep the whole night - till half five at least which was when Marina wanted up. I got up a total of four times during the night - with brief stints in both Marina and Shou's beds.

The weather forecast today finally said it wasn't going to rain so, after a call to mum (see below) and a few calls to other friends, I painted the deck. The color we got was 'teak' - me thinks the lable man was stonned as more appropriate definition would be 'shit brown'. What can you do though, the stuff isn't cheap. Lash it on I say. An hour later and the bottom and the railings are done. I had a severe blond moment and forgot to put on gloves and therefore spent almost same amount of time scrubbing hands afterwards. Will need to deal to my fingernails tonight.

I had a scary two hours where I convinced self was up the duff - mainly due to wanting to hurl sensation that got when eating salad sammy for lunch. I didn't really get morning sickness with the others but did get the 'wanting to hurl but never actually getting the satisfaction of actually doing it' sensation a few times. Not that hurling should be satisfying but would rather hurl once and be done with it than feel like need to but can't for half a day.

Anyway, that made me try and recall when I last got my period - and I can't. It's been a crazy month though and periods haven't been regular since Ryu so we'll just put it down to stress. Don't worry, I drove the forty minutes to the closest chemist where nobody knows my name to buy some clearblue. Was busting so popped into loo at home centre. NOTHING - not even the 'the test is over and you've just wasted ten bucks on a pregnancy test' line came up. The drive home was hell. It should only take a minute and I kept looking every ten seconds for half an hour. Nothing at all, and yes I even checked, as gross as that may sound. Pee-ed buckets on the damn stick. Almost convinced self lack of any blue lines meant am infact turning into man.

Got home and pee-ed all over first stick and second stick and first stick still registered nothing but the second one, after five bloody minutes, finally gave me a blue finished line - and no up the duff line.

I was just about hyperventilating into a paper bag in fear. I had the next few days sorted out. Who to ring, what to do - and yet the decision, which hub and I have talked about many times before, still made me sick.

But anyway, dramas avoided. The yes we used a condom pachinko flowers funded shag has not led to anything more. Phew. Can stop shaking now.

So, had great phone call with mum. What I thought was one week of just radiation treatment is infact a six week course of radio and chemo. Week on / weekend off kind of thing with perhaps a whole week break in the middle somewhere. The actual treatment is only about twenty minutes a day. The chemo is just pills. She will go between the clinic and the hospice where her and dad will stay in like a motel type unit.

Her hair needs to be relatively short for the radiation helmet so she was going through old photos to find a short-haired one of herself to show hairdresser today. The chemo may or may not make her hair fall out - but if it does short hair falling out wont be as 'something' as handfulls of long hair. She said it was fortunate it was coming into winter as lots of beanie type hats with flowers and bling and the like in fashion :(

Right, I have an English class starting on Tuesdays so better get sorted. The kids have their entrance ceremony at kindy tomorrow so definately some pics of that.



Rachel said...

Hi, nice to see things are going relatively as well as possible considering...

so, you're off on Monday? Seems sooner than you said. Great!

I once locked Lena out of the house - and she was right behind me! I have just got into the habit of locking the door as I shut it. I can believe he did it accidentally.

Don't pg tests only work after about two weeks or so? Might be too soon.

Gaijin Wife said...

THanks for reminding me Rach. Still no P and still stressing.

Lulu said...

I am sure your P is late due to stress more than anything else. Hope it shows up soon and gives you some peace of mind.

I think hub locked door by accident too- I turn the bathroom lights off etc when Shun is still in there out of habit all the time.