Saturday, 10 April 2010

Crank it up to twice a week.

I have just read an article on MSN New Zealand that men who shag twice a week are less likely to get sick with heart problems! What do you think shagging twice a week does for women? If it was two shags like the other night I think I'd be a nut case with worry. So, in order to get hub back into fun meetings where we start with some snogging and end spoon sleeping I am going for a 'shag-zukuri' kind of thing

In Japanese there is a word 'machizukuri' (tsukuri). Machi is town and tsukuri is to make. It is never translated that literally in English though and usually 'machizukuri' groups like the one hub is part of (voluntarily obligatory - hmmmm, obluntarily or volungatory - specifically for all those shite Japanese things that you do from the goodness of your heart but if you didn't you'd be outed by the local community) is translated as somthing like 'town revitalization'.

So under the same concept I am starting a shag-zukuri group of two to 'revitalize' our shagging. No time like the present so tonight's initial shag-zukuri meeting will be preluded by yakiniku and asahi. Hub is working at the local election (finally, all the loud speaker convoys can stop harrassing the masses of deaf vestlings, can't vote anyway foreigners and sleeping babies) today and will be home about half eight - If I'm on to it I might even have all three kids in bed.

Hub's town revitalization group really spends most of their time weedeating random bits of hill side, mainly so they then have an excuse to have .... yakiniku and beer.

Yakiniku and beer.... Check.
Weedeating.... probably need to have a long shower and do some slash and burn. So perhaps check in an hour or so.

Away from shagging for a minute.

The kids were very good last night - Marina was well stoked with her new Hello Kitty pillowcase and went to sleep without fuss. I took Shou and Ryu off to go get 'hyper guardian' tomycar DVD that Shou has been raving about for weeks. Ryu slept the whole way and went down very easily when we got home, followed closely by Shou who was all 'mama daisuki' (love you mummy) which was a welcome change from I'm going to cut you in half with my plastic saw and burn the house down.

Can't believe I am finally going home next week. It has only been a month since we found out about mum but it seems like longer. She's off for her first meeting with the oncologist (?) guy on Monday, followed perhaps by more scans later in the week and start of treatment the following week. I leave Japan on the 18th, arriving in Auckland on the 19th. Ryu seems to finally be getting over his cough so should be in prime cute charm all the service industry people mode - which will hopefully make the travel a bit more fun. Three hour car trip, one hour flight, two hour wait, eleven hour flight, taxi, cups of coffee, breakfast and catching up with friend, five hour road trip home.

I have a lot to do this week. The deck is still not painted due to shit half rainy weather but should be doable on Monday and Tuesday. Marina and Shou have their kindy entrance ceremony - which even though neither of them are actually new to the kindy all parents are encouraged to go anyway. There is a meeting after it where the PTA head and sub and traffic safety rep are chosen. I got out of these last year as pregnant - but got told unless I was up the duff again this year I would have to do my part, as really Shou and Marina make up a fifth of the kindy population. Not much to do though so will just go with it.

Also decide this years kindy excursion which is a big deal - a whole day thing where both parents usually go and a grandparent here and there too. Last year was the African Safari place but Shou couldn't go cause I was 37 weeks pregnant and it is two hours away and on the off chance that I went into early labour the second hub and Shou got on the safari bus that takes forty minutes to go round feeding the animals, and considering doctor said Ryu would probably come quickly and may have him in car, and they didn't make it and I ended up having Ryu with Granny K, aka not the midwife I'd want at a home birth. Arrrrgh. You can breathe now. That was a long sentence.

There aren't a huge number of choices for kindy trips so I am thinking it will probably be the aquarium. Lets just hope it gets decided fast. Not much chance in that though. Fill a room with thirty adults and tell them to choose a day, time and location suitable for 1-6 year olds (pre-school goes to) and nobody says a word. I knew I wasn't going to be able to go last year but that didn't stop me trying to organize everyone else into some sort of decision making process.

Hopefully this year I'll have Kindy PTA head or traffic safety rep authority on my side and will be able to whip a decision out of them all in thirty seconds. Let's see if it works. My bet is for...

Place - Oita Aquarium.
Date - May 12.
Time - 10am meeting at Aquarium carpark.

Right, I better hang some washing out, do some dishes, vacuum, put some washing away, slash and burn in the shower (god that sounds terrible. Should really just say shave), and then drive to supermarket for yaikiniku supplies.

Off to it.



kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

You must be so happy to be able to get back to NZ in a few days! I'm sure you'll feel much better after seeing your mom and being able to talk to her face-to-face.

Hopefully, the pre-k parents will get a consensus on where to go without too much trouble!

Lulu said...

Agree with Kuri- am sure the trip back to NZ will help you (and your family too) because you will be there, apart of it, even though the situation itself sucks.

It is so hard to be far away sometimes.

I want to see this hello kitty pillow case. Oh and popo chan photo below scared the crap out of me.

Ruthie said...

Good luck for the trip home, I'm sure it'll be fine when you get there and can see everything for yourself. Umitamago is an excellent place for an outing. Have been twice and was very entertaining!! Hope the yakini-niku and slashing and burning in the shower was worth it ;)