Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Caution. Drop!

Kindy Entrance Ceremony
Took the kids to kindy and had to come home to make self presentable for 10am start. This is my third one. I tried on every suit jacket I own but no go - haven't worn one since 15 kilos lighter than now. So terribly sad as I was, I was THE ONLY person not decked out entirely in funeral or wedding type suit!! I had on formal black pants and a nice top and some bling. Every other mother was in pastel attire and hubs in dark suits. Pearls everywhere of course. Last year there were at least three other women in non-suit formal attire like self. What happened?

Even the kids were in suits! Bar my two. A collar for Shou and skirt for Marina was 'dressing up'. Except for the girl in Shou's group who arrived in ball gown for three year old type thing she had for a recent wedding, my two were the only kids with any colour.

So after the ceremony, during which Shou and Marina are very well behaved, there is a meeting for the parents. I volunteered my services and am now head of the monkey club or road traffic safety - awesome. Then move on to parent, child outing. The result..

Date - May 22nd.
Destination - Aquariam
Time - 10:00am

Home briefly before heading out to lunch with my friend the blender (Belinda - for those who haven't read far enough back. Spent whole conversation talking to hub about Belinda with him thinking I was talking about the blender - dickhead. Who goes out to lunch with a bloody blender. Just goes to show how much men listen to us (me anyway)), where run into Chiemi and her family. After my car has had a complete spaz - alarm goes off about twenty times in a row. I was inside the car when it started and NOTHING I could do would stop it - until I stood outside and locked and relocked the car again.

Wednesday afternoon English Class.
New boy started today. His mum stayed for the first class but will just drop him off like the others from next time - which isn't till after Golden Week. He did quite well considering though. With a bit of savy hand work and card manouvering on my part he managed to get three cards during 'karuta' (English please??). I could hear his mum giggling behind me. Other than that she didn't say much which was good - always get a bit funny when mums want to sit in - which I totally understand though. I would do the same. One girl's mum sat in every class for months and then as soon as the girl turned five she just dropped her off at the door.

My Thursday class today is a lot more manageable now my 8 girls have been split in two - with an old girl (used to come but her mum made her stop when I joined the classes together) coming back from last week. Just four girls today - and five on Tuesday. Means I don't need to get out the other table. Lots easier.

On the topic of English.....

Another sign translated by the person who wrote 'Baby on Board. Please Pass it' ...

Caution, drop : where? Fuck, am I suddenly on a cliff?
Never leave: why would you? can't really go very far in a toilet cubicle.
Keep Watch: strap your baby in and then sit down on the toilet seat and 'keep watch'. If you are using the change table at night you can call it a 'night watch'. Perhaps invite your husband in to the cubicle too so you can take turns 'keeping watch'
Of course all completely understandable and easily forgotten when baby looks this cute strapped in...

They should sell household versions of these - that fold back up against the wall. Bolt it into the wall in your babies room and wa la. Would have been great, and I imagine very useful in small Japanese apartment.
Right, am off to do spot of nappy shopping and picking up random farm equipment at local JA for Granny K. Ryu has his Polio Oral Vaccine this afternoon.
Shit, nearly forgot...
1. Got period. Yay.
2. Shou slept through the night without a nappy. Wahoo.
3. Marina did biggest wee in history of wees in potty this morning and now is in pants during the day at kindy. She went off to kindy this morning for the first time without a nappy. Growing up.
4. Shou ate all his breakfast on his own - even the crusts. Bloody miracle.
5. Hub thinks I should put Ryu in kindy seeing as it is free. He said would make me in a better mood and I could spend more time cleaning!
6. Fuckwit.
7. Dickhead.
8. Twat.
9. Ordered very cute hat for mum online - more of an inhouse one :)
and number ten...
3 more sleeps!!


Anonymous said...

YAh 3 more sleeps!!
And Ryu is the cutest baby ever!
seeya soon x Nicole

Megan said...

that sign is hilarious, still giggling to myself- and VERY cute pic of ryu!

Nay said...

Don't you just love the screwed up English signs you find over here, lol. Your comments on them made then 100x funnier though!! You crack me up :)

Yay for getting your period - I'm sure it was just all the stress you have been under recently.

Only a few more days till you are back home with your mum. Thinking of you and your family lots XXXX

Lulu said...

Oh man Ryu is cute! He is so smily even during nappy changes.

Yay for period arriving!

I love Engrish signs. They make my day. Menu related ones are my favourite!

Anonymous said...

sorry to beat on your hubby again but ... yes... twat. (sorry) Mine too though :D

I have learnt that its almost impossible to clean with kids around. You try to vaccum - they stand ON it or follow you around. You try to do laundry, they follow you outside. You try to fold up and put AWAY the laundry, they pull it out of the nicely arranged piles and throw it on the floor.

He forgets that back in the Edo period (or whenever it was when our MILs were young) it was much easier to juggle all this, because you had about 14 people living in the same house who could all watch/distract the monsters while poor old daughter in law got on with the housework and general slavery.

I would promote hubby personally. Make him Laundry and hoovering chief. Or your MIL!

Sorry for the rant, going through similar stuff myself, but Its great your getting to go home soon! Maybe your absence will have a silver lining in that they will see just how much you actually do!

nikintheguch said...

Very cute photo of Shou and Marina! I think it's nice they had some colour on. I don't get the whole wearing black to be formal and I definitely don't plan to do so. I want to scare everyone with my gaijiness lol!

Yay about Shou and Marina with their toilet training! I agree your husband is a twat but mine is just as bad. I can't believe half the crap that comes out of his mouth and it's even worse when I'm pregnant and hormonal.

Not long till you are back in NZ! Good luck with all the prep. and I hope you have a trouble free flight.

umebossy said...

That scary floaty head sign is in loos all over - I spotted it in Nagoya a while back. I'd be more scared that it was going to come to life and eat my baby when my back was turned than baby falling off!