Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Barak Obama and the Jomon Period

Just in case you thought you could never connect Obama and ancient Japan. Think Again.

Have just missed the last half of New Zealand Master Chef Finals cause Dad somehow caught me in a whiskey induced conversation - not on my part, although mine might have been slightly sav induced.

Started because I commented on my remarkable ten month old and his perfect sleepness what with all the hammering of the David Gilmour DVD - guitarist from Pink Floyd perhaps - in the next room. It was seriously loud. As in, come home from the pub pissed at uni and turn up the TV loud.

David Gilmour lead on to Eric Clapton lead on to someone whatsit from Dire Straights (hmmm, Mark Knofler???), lead on to someone whatsit from something or rather - the world's best guitarists anyway.

This somehow lead on to John Keys - the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Not entirely sure how but I think via my David Gilmour loving cousin in Scotland, my high cholesteral joke telling once in the band uncle in Hong Kong, and perhaps the partridge and the pukheko in a punga tree.

We visited the New Zealand is green, nuclear free path which then lead to Obama and free trade and even perhaps something along the lines of Fonterra Dairy becoming the largest producer of milk products ever in the history of man and that the big fuck up with China and Formula and babies dieing actually worked in their favor as they outed the Chinese and now all China wants is Fonterra baby formula - not supervised and run by the Chinese, obviously.

This run on from China led on to Japan - and how they would never bow down to Fonterra, leading right along to 'did you know that the sea level used to be 100m lower than it is now and that the islands right up along the top of Hokkaido were in fact joined and that that is how the Jomon made their way to Japan' , which was at the time inhibited by loads of rice eating South Koreans, hence Japan 16000 years ago was rice eaters and potters living in harmonious harmony.

And there you have it. A typical conversation with my 'evening' dad, quite a lot different from conversations with my 'morning just got out of bed' dad. But those will need to be password protected!

Had a great few days away with Ryu. Last night perhaps wasn't so successful on the sleep front with Ryu waking at two for a good hour of pain in the arse-ness.

Have done just a wee bit of shopping that will need to be artfully squashed into my suitcase!

Was a bit hard saying goodbye to friends today. They have all been so fabulous and there have been lots of hugs for mum and see you next times - but who knows when and under what circumstances that will be. Had wee sob in car as leaving friends house this afternoon. Only so much crying and driving along State Highway 50 you can do though. Tad dangerous.

Mum and I had great talks this evening. My sister has gone back to Auckland and tonight it was just me, mum, dad and Ryu. I am a bit apprehensive (scared) about Friday when I will have to say goodbye before heading back to Japan. Life's a bit of a bitch and it throws a wicked curve ball. You see it being thrown to other people and I had just presumed that I would be more prepared for when it came this way. And here it is, and here I am...

Not that prepared.

But going through the motions just the same.

And wondering why nobody commented on my cute new background yesterday???

Hence why it got axed today.



sheena said...

Well... Japan can't wait to have you back. If it's too hard to say bye, maybe you should just force some of your friends to come along.

Those throwback photos of your parents are stunning.

I'm getting ready to post something that will link to your blog, if it's not cool, lemme know and I will take that shit down!

Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

I liked the flowery pink background! :D but i must say I do prefer the white, it makes it all a bit easier to read....

Sorry to hear your coming back soon, Im sure the little ones (and big ones!!) will be pleased to have you back though! Hope the house is not too much of a bombsite on your return :D

Gaijin Wife said...

Sheena - we need a dinner, drinks and something night - You and B need to come for dinner. Just as soon as I've settled back in to life in the paddies and before you leave us. That is sooooo soon though!!!

Gaijin Wife said...

Sleepyinsaka - I agree. I think the white is just easier all round. Much easier to read at work too and not get caught out doing the blog thing. And while I did like the floral thing not sure it suits the 'gaijinwife' thing. Thinking more along the lines of flashing pachinko machines or something.

I do believe the house will be a complete pit by the time I arrive home, reinforced by going straight into four days of Golden Week. Awesome.

Lulu said...

I didn`t get to see the pink before you took it down it seems :-S I am a pink fan so I am sure I would of liked it!!

Leaving is hard. You know my situation and everytime I leave I fear it will be the last time I say goodbye.

Hopefully Ryu goes back to been the perfect baby!