Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Baby Whisperer

That's what my sister is - like the horse whisperer but for babies. Amazing. Grandad reckons it's because she rocks the baby so fast and talks to him so much before putting him down to bed that by the time his head hits the pillow he just wants some peace and quiet!! Hey, but who cares. I'll take what I can get.

Dinner with my neices last night was nice. They were telling me all about life at boarding school. I was a day girl at a private girls boarding school so know the jist of it but a lot goes on after school. It seems a lot has changed in the 16 years since I graduated - holy fuck. Did I really just write 16 years. Unbelieveable.

I came back home just after seven and Ryu was already in bed. I had stopped on the way home to see if big department store happened to have toy drills with batteries. Success. My sister and I had several wines, good chats and then I went to bed where I stayed AGAIN until just before seven. And this time Ryu didn't even wake up for a dream feed at eleven. Wow. That's like nearly 12 hours. I admit I did go in twice to make sure he was still breathing :)

A friend and her two boys came round this morning, followed by lunch. Was great catching up - it always is - the once every one and a half or two years or so. She left and I went down for another supermarket shop. The supermarket is always a fun trip when I come home. I went down to get cream for pumpkin soup tomorrow - cousin (whose wedding they all went to last weekend) and her new hub are coming for lunch. Anyhoo, very expensive cream run it was. Ahem. Ummmm, deoderant, vegemite, honey, chicken korma and butter chicken packets, toothpaste, neurofen drugs, golden syrup, food coloring, ekusetera ekusetera...

Have just sorted veges for big family lamb roast. Brother should be back from his day trip and sister, brother in law coming round too. Other sister arrives tomorrow with her two and dad is off up to the boat to escape the mayhem that comes with having a three year old, a two year old and a baby in the house. He is needing it. We've only been here two days and I think he needs it!! He will arrive back the day my sister leaves.

Well, off to chill some vino. No wine consumption allowed while sister is here so tonight last night to hit tiles with other sister and brother in law - who I haven't seen yet and they only live round the road. Will do us all some good!!

Off to it.



Lulu said...

Please send your sister to Chiba ASAP!

I was a day girl at a private boarding school as well- however it has only been 7 and a half years since I graduated :P

Hope things with your mum are going well!

Brenda said...

So glad you are enjoying your time at home! It would seem that Ryu has also taken a shine to NZ life :) Meant to comment sooner and wish you safe travels, but was happy to read you arrived okay. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's prognosis, but at least you are there with her now. Enjoy the rest of your trip!