Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Would you Fu***n believe it!

Think this sums up today...
And I mean the bugger right off not the two year old trying really hard to do a peace sign but not quite getting it right!

So, Marina stayed home today - last night was FUN. She coughed herself sick. Fortunately it only landed in the very corner of her music book. Those ones that have about fourteen squares with pictures and you press one for each song. They have them in Japanese and English. Are great actually. Well worth the 1600 yen or so you pay for them. Anyway, she threw up a tiny bit of dinner in 'momotaro'. Didn't overflow into any other square. Quite well done really.

Shou had stolen my bit of the big bed with hub and both were snoring soundly with the light on full brightness - stayed in exactly same position until half six when I woke them up. I wanted to be in Shou's bed but Marina convinced me some how (playing the sick card) that I would rather be squashed up the side of her bed instead. Quite remarkbly I have no bruises from being attacked with two year old feet ALL night.

Hub took Shou to kindy, after much coaxing.
GW: Marina is staying home today, do you think you could take Shou to kindy so that he gets to go in daddy's car and forgets he's missing a limb (Marina).
Hub: What? Shit.
GW: (bores holes in back of husband's back)
Hub: But, ....
GW: If you can't do it then just say no.
Hub: Well, technically I could do it but,...
GW: For fucks sake, Fine, I'll sort it.
Hub: .....
Hub: (ten minutes later) I guess I can.
GW: well thanks for stepping up for the cause darling. Aren't I glad I married a trooper like you.

Shou off to kindy and Marina, Ryu and I doss round (Ryu sleeps a lot) until ten when I head off to the doctors with Marina. There is a pile of summer clothes for this year - that I got from Pumpkin Patch in NZ - sitting on the dresser in her room. She spied the cute pink dress and decided she just had to wear it today. So be it. But with a skivy and tights and leg warmers.
And in this pic I do believe she is doing the double 'up yours'. Perhaps one and a half.

Lucky I got a photo of it though as half an hour after this pic was taken she threw up all over it, the car seat and in between the seatbelt buckles. Awesome. Thankfully I somehow managed to autopilot a change of clothes into the car before we left. Miracle. I forget to shave, clean teeth, smile and laugh and yet I can remember a change of clothes! Am still in awe at self for superb mothering skills. Got her dressed in the car park at home centre.

Doctor's was grand. Lots of people with snotty noses. Long wait - well half an hour anyway. Is that long? And then another half hour waiting for the drugs.

Then had to do big shop for nappies, milk, loo paper, wipes, rah rah, boring boring, mundane, mundane.

In between all this was of course anxious about phone ringing with mum's results. The meeting with her surgeon and the pathologist (?? - dude who works out the histology of the tumor I think) was scheduled for this morning and then the doc was going to ring dad. I was expecting that I would know by 1pm our time - 5pm NZ time - at the latest.

Honestly, was worse than being in labor. Must have looked at clock, keitai or position of sun at least every three minutes for about five hours. When got call from sister wasn't sure what to expect. Dad said he would ring regardless - to tell me the results or to tell me if they didn't get them. I thought for a second that sister ringing meant dad was too upset to dial long international number.

But no. Would you fuckin believe it!!

The meeting this morning didn't happen. Why you ask?

Take a guess...

The pathologist bloody well went and killed himself last night.

I think I may have even laughed when my sister told me. How bad is that? You've got to be bloody joking. And mum and dad didn't find this out until they had waited the WHOLE day for results phone call. Dad ended up phoning them at 5pm only to be told whole place was in meltdown cause of what had happened - which in itself is a bit fucking not acceptable for a neuro ward in the nation's capital. If there was a neuro ward here in Kunimi and Mrs. Tanaka's uncle's girlfirend's cousin's wife's postman topped himself I might expect some kind of ceasing of business for a day or five but not Wellington.

So, to family of deceased pathologist - I'm very sorry for your loss. I have no idea of the details and I'm sure things must have been bad for him to feel like he needed to end it all. I bet he didn't think his actions would lead to 34 year old gaijinwife over in remote town in southern Japan clock watching all day and then cursing his sorry ass.

And of course poor mum, she was to wait another day - perhaps two.

And now - I have all three children in some stage of snotty nose-ness. Ryu is having trouble trying to breath through his mouth and suck his dummy at the same time. Marina is miserable full stop, and Shou is like Marina was about three days ago.

Oh - and another up yours - rang the airline today and Korean Air (who I usually fly) is booked from here to fuckin Christmas 2050.



Sara said...


What the hell??? Sorry to hear about the bizarre chain of events... your poor mum and family.

BTW - just wanted to put it out there, but if you end up needing to book a flight through Tokyo to get to NZ you and Ryu are more than welcome to stay at ours for a night on the way there or way back. We (will) live on the line that goes directly to Narita and I'd be glad to offer you a free place to crash.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell. What a day for ya mate (and the whanau)
I wondered and wonder if was the same neuro dr as my mums. Mum always referred to him as Stuart. But I think that was his first name.
What a nice offer Sara


Gaijin Wife said...

Michaela - have feeling doc's name is Andrew or Patrick but not entirely sure. He is alive and kicking though! Nameless pathologist less lucky.

Sara - thankyou so much for the offer :) I think if we have to venture further a field than Kyushu it will probably be Osaka so don't have to change airports. Gutted I can't take my 'normal' route.

Anonymous said...

Random indeed! Of ALL the days he chose to top himself eh? I seriously hope your poor mother gets some answers soon, it must be so hard waiting... Im still hoping for some good news for you all.

Also hoping Marina gets well soon .. and everyone else who will inevitably get sick over the next few days.

If you like the 2 of you are also welcome to crash on our living room floor too! Its a small small apartment, but Im sure hubby would love an excuse to not come home and go out drinking and have a full nights sleep at the restaurant instead!

illahee said...

well. i...i'm speechless. how inconsiderate. whoa.

sorry to hear the kidlets are under the weather. i hope they recover quickly!

umebossy said...

Wow...poor guy. And what a blow for your mum and everyone else who was waiting for results. Hope they can get things sorted and get the info out soon.

I know it was another shitty day all round but I just need to compliment Marina on the excellent punk aesthetic she's got going on there. The v-sign, the rockin' belt and the casual vomiting everywhere! If in a few years time she needs any direction in the arts of outlandish hair colourings please send her to me ;)

Oyomesan said...

WOW. That's an amazing bad event....

But have to say, I did laugh when I read it!
Hang in there....hand in there...

(although maybe not the best phrase to use at the mo ...)

tj-injapan said...

wtf? how random, but.
all fingers crossed you get some answers today - nothing worse than just waiting, right.

Brenda said...

In answer to the title... NO! That's like something you see on a TV drama. That doesn't happen in real life. I'm sorry that it did though. I really hope your mom gets her answers sooner rather than later and the Gaijinwife household is returned to good health immediately!

Nay said...

First of all, wow, Marina looks absolutely gorgeous in her new outfit!!! So so cute :)

I can't believe that not only did that happen on the day your mum was meant to find out the results but they left her hanging!!! I mean seriously... your poor mum :(

Hoping she finds out the results ASAP

Sendings lots of get well vibes to your little area of Oita!!

tj-injapan said...

also I can't believe how much Marina has grown! She looks super funky in that pink dress. So typical that she would throw up on it. I bet if you had put her in her old tracky dacks she would have been a picture of health!

Rachel said...


Cute dress! I think we have it in grey.

Still on for tomorrow??

Never mind about Korean Air, crap route anyway (the Seoul-Ak leg is too long) try Cathay or Thai.