Monday, 29 March 2010

What does your boy take to bed?

I have just come out of Granny K's room with some mystery substance on bottom of foot. At first inspection I thought was some rice but am thinking perhaps imo (spud) or yamaimo (gooey mountain spud) ?

After last post on Saturday I set out to meet friend for lunch but she rang at the last minute to say had to be round house for solar panal men (not my one). I decided to venture over that way anyway for shop of nappies, milk, and the like. Half way I got email from the university asking if could pretty please do a 5,000 character translation by Monday evening.

A the time, when I think about the ching bidda ching of the cash register (eyes rolling like dollar slot machines) I say yes, and then inevitably over the course of translation wish I had said no. Before agreeing to it I did ring hub though to see if he could look after Shou and Marina on Sunday so I could do a good few hours while Ryu was sleeping. No problem he said.

Thank god I turned straight round and headed home, put the baby to sleep, followed by toy time on mat, followed by baby einstien so I could get some good hours in. Made huge headway which made up for complete fuck up on Sunday when nobody went to sleep, babies fussed, husbands 'took kids to play' outside the living room door which was awesome for translation concentration. Got about three paragraphs done the whole day.

Was shitass knackered by the end of the day so got nothing done at night- then followed by Marina barking like a seal for about half an hour at midnight. Poor wee thing. Is a tad under the weather. Runny nose, cough.

I HAD to finish the work today though and seeing as she was no longer barking like a seal (is a sleep horizontal phlem thing) and didn't have a temp I packed them both off to kindy. For once in my life I didn't even wipe the damn bench before starting to work - that was how desparate for time I was.

Actually, just had think about that.

I did shine the bench but didn't vacuum - which is really just like six of one and half a dozen on the other.

Ryu was a legend no fuss baby and I got loads done. Still not quite finished when kindy rang at 1pm to say Marina had a temp. Bugger fuck it and shag me sideways (actually wouldn't mind that if it was perhaps a young laborer and perhaps in Tuscany with perhaps a bottle of vino). I pleaded work (true) and said I would come asap when finished translation. Was a bit harder under the pressure though - that said, bastard was sent off by half three and I went to pick up my princess.

She didn't feel like she was starting to melt so took her to the chemist for drugs and supermarket for an 'easy' dinner of udon noodles. She did a stella job in only wanting the gum, the anpanman chocolate, the anpanman cookies and the flag with the fish and the crab on it. Good girl.

Went to get Shou, dinner, bath, beeeeeeeeeeeeed - which took for fuckin ever.

Parents of small boys - what did your boy take to bed with him tonight?

Mine you ask?

Oh, not much.

Just two chopsticks
Three marbles
Half a pkt of gum
Green plastic digger
Snot sucker (don't ask)
Hackey sack (one of those little bean bags - that Granny K is meant to play round with for co-ordination so she doesn't go senile)
Popo-chan (naked)
Towel (so pop-chan wouldn't be cold)

Thats all.

I have since removed the chopsticks, the marbles and the digger but was unable to retrieve the gum from in his tight little fist.

Right, time to write up me some invoices so I actually see the reward for all this hard work.


PS - had great talk with mum today. She was sounding her normal usual self. Tumor histology results come back tomorrow which will then be ticket booking time for me. We are still confident it isn't the nasty blastomer tumor first thought - so any news that confirms it isn't that is good news.

The WHOLE family minus me and plus brother's perhaps maybe new girl will be home for easter :( Nice for them. They are having nice pork roast for sister's birthday on Friday. Perhaps some cake, some balloons, I doubt some bubbles but still - good times.

Soon though. soon. And then it really will be the whole family - us family minus all the offspring of course - well, actually, with all the offspring minus Shou and Marina.

Gotta hate living so far away aye?


Violet said...

Yeah I know what you mean, 'cept two of my three siblings live overseas too so there's not so much family gatherings going on campared to your family (my poor parents).
Well, my son was very conventional and took his teddy and stuffed rabbit with him to bed tonight. The wildest he's got so far is a ball, vehicles book and the numbers 1,2 and 3 (puzzle pieces). Your Shou wins hands down.

illahee said...

hiro doesn't take anything to bed with him, and tommy only insists on his quilt. hmmm... LOL

Rachel said...

Just a Pooh Bear and a bottle of water last night for my toddler, how very sane. Lena was my bed-time collector, often just a few of the last things she saw, so whatever random crap had been left on the floor or the stairs ended up in bed with her!

thefukases said...

wow. You should definitely write 'work well under difficult circumstances' on your CV. I'm thinking war reporter as post babies career? (nice safe war of course)

As for stuff in bed? Hmmm, quite often a bike helmet in bed around here- being used as a teddy's bed. Pencils, paper, scissors and rulers I remove before I go to sleep. Didn't the gum melt? Food is my absolute no-no. But then any food in bed grosses me out- I can't think of anything worse than breakfast in bed!

Nay said...

Gotta love at what Shou takes to bed with him!! I wonder if Ryu will take after his older brother in that respect?! Will be interesting to see...

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

James takes his big Elmo, his baby Elmo, his favourite snuggly blanket, sometimes books and always a couple of mini cars or trains. Nothing too weird or dangerous, but when he was younger the amount of cars was quite ridiculous some nights.