Thursday, 4 March 2010

Trip to Guam

Trip to Guam - I so wish that was my excuse for not blogging for four days. Quite fancy myself a bit of sun, some pina coladas, some shopping, some peace, some quiet, some..., some....,

Unfortunately my only excuse is work, kids, husbands, mother in laws, and a bit of struggling with a new diet regime - not struggling so much as crumbling to bits. Ah well. More on that below. Might have to do this in points for fear of it taking on far too may tangents.

Wouldn't want to do that now would I.

1. Work
Have finished latest translation - sent it in this afternoon. Wasn't too difficult, although I did find a lot of it on the university's homepage already translated. Good translation too. What to do. What to do. I 'borrowed' a few good terms but other than that redid it and stopped looking up the webpage. Translators - if the source you are translating from already has a good English translation is it 'plagiarism'? The client is the same so it makes sense to me to keep the English uniform. I didn't though, for fear of being caught out and not getting paid. Had the English I found been shit I would have ignored it anyway but it wasn't.

2. Kids - Shou
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
Do you know what he said to me last night....
"mama daikirai, Shou wa nigeru. Yama ni itte neru. "
I hate you mummy. I'm gonna run away and sleep in the mountains.
For the love of God I wish I could 'beam me up scotty' to a year from now. We are having huuuuuuuuuuuuuge Shou issues at the moment. Not helped at all by hub being around so little. And definately not helped by hub giving in and letting Shou have something completely innapropriate and then walking out the door to work - leaving me to deal with trying to get said item off Shou while trying to get him and Marina out door to kindy. Twat fucker husband.

2. Kids - Marina
She was my princess. Note deliberate use of past tense. Bring it on baby. Foot stomping, grudge holding, fight picking - she's the man. Still not as bad as Shou was at that age which I attribute to her being a girl but still - coupled with Shou being a complete dickhead and woooooooooooooa, bring mummy a jacket - with buckles.

that do up at the back.

Padded cell - optional.

not fussed.

as long as I have a beer fridge.

and someone to open it for me.

2. Kids - Ryu
Bless the wee smiley piece of rolly polly joy. He can sit properly - as in only falls sideways once every two minutes or so. Still can't do anything except belly moonwalk backwards but surely crawling, walking, calling mummy a dickhead, running away to the mountains to sleep and bringing home slapper girlfriends isn't far away?

3. Husbands.
Almost like ships in the night. He has been ultra busy and I am too bloody ultra tired to go check up on his lying ass. Next pay day will tell though. I expect a biggy. And the month after that. His absence has had a noticeable toll on the kids - especially Marina and Shou. Ryu doesn't really give a shit although he does bring on the million watt smiles for daddy. But then he brings them on for the post man.

And I haven't even shagged the postman.

4. Granny K.
Conversation she had with sister in law in our genkan (frontdoor) this morning...
SIL: You have a door. (and what? you live in a tent?)
GK: I know, it's really good. (what like for keeping robbers and shit out?)
SIL: I wish we had one.


In Japanese they used the word 'ドア' and they mean 'sliding door' from what I could gather. Our front door is a sliding door and because I have been to said SIL's house I know their door is an open / close normal door. This is odd as in Japanese 'to' is used for sliding door and I thought that must be what they had said - but I put the cup up against the wall and they definately said ドア Maybe their Japanese and borrowed English words are failing them in their prime vestling years.
Has actually been doing a stellar job with the kids and me asking her to look after Ryu for an hour here, get him out of the bath there, keep Marina entertained for 40 minutes morning, noon and night...

5. Struggling.
Twas the night before the first of March and I decided - that March was it - the month I would shed shed shed my flummy and say hello hello hello to a newer me. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I was doing so well!! My biggest downfall is beer at the end of the day and then after a drink thinking that cheese on toast is really the best option - that or four cadbury cream eggs in a row. But blame that on friend who just came back from trip home to OZ. That and the two blocks of Dairy Milk pepermint chocolate. Christ. Know when to fatten a girl up just when she's trying to slim down - and got the willpower of a fricken somthing that has no willpower.

Anyway - will keep trying to not fall of the diet waggon completely and utterly onto my face. Tis hard though. I comfort eat.

And lately I have needed a lot of comforting.

And not the leg over kind.


PS - a few pics. Will maybe upload tomorrow when I have whole day to doss round cleaning the house and stuff while the computer does his thing.


thefukases said...

See Guam would have been boring compared to that!

I read once the bollocks 'don't start a diet when you're under stress'. Right. Will plan to diet next when children are what- 20? 30? 40? Aghhhh!!

Here's to the new year bringing a new start for us all!

And the plagiarism or not thing? I usually read it once, close the window and then write my version. I figure whatever I remember/ copy is fair game, right? Mind you there's only so many ways you can describe o-rings so slightly different to your translation...

Sara said...

Wow... theres a whole lot of not fun stuff going on at the gaijin wife house. Laughed about running away to the mountains... although I suppose thats better to manga cafe or god forbid Johnnys jimusho.

As for translations my agency often sends past files that the clients have translated and tells me to keep it uniform - which pretty much means keeping the text (if it has a good translation) pretty much the same. I don't think its really plagerism as much as keeping things uniform? I did a translation a couple weeks ago where pretty much the whole second half was a copy of a previously translated thing.. I made a couple revision but still got my whole paycheck woohoo! Anyways that my 2 yen for you.

Would you consider a joint trip to Guam? I am seriously considering it for sometime next winter when I will be dying to see the sunshine again. No use "wasting" my trip during good weather that come April - October ;)

Kelly said...

I love the cadbury peppermint choco too...damn don't talk about chocolate, it's been a whole week since I had any! :)

Glad to hear that you've got the translation done and over with. Hope the situation with Shou and Marina get better soon. :)

Sarah said...

I would definitely agree with the importance of uniformity in vocabulary across translations. A couple of times at work I've had to re-write out-sourced translationns because the translator didn't take into consderation other English-language materials already available. So I would argue that instead of plagarism, what you've done is demonstrated your thoroughness by doing research and learning about the terminology used by the university already! (I'm a grad student, I can BS my way out of just about anything ;)

Claire said...

Aaaagh, the kids who want to move out thing ... my two have got as far as actually packing their suitcases and lugging them into the genkan a couple of times. I tell them when they're 16 I'll happily wave them goodbye, but until then they have to put up with me, which brings on even more tantrums. How many more years until university?!

The translation thing - I always tell the client if I find the same thing translated well online, and let them decide what to do. I invoice for the parts I've already finished, and if the existing version needs work I'll offer to edit it for them for an hourly rate. I've found it pays dividends in generating goodwill that leads to more work later.

Slime said...

Wow, what week! We should plan a Guam blogger meet up!

You'll stick to your diet when you're really ready, right now you need comfort and solace wherever you can find it. So go ahead and slam back those sweet, creamy eggs!

I hate to tell you, but the "whole" runaway from home thing, doesn't get better for a loooon time! Meg will be 13 this year and still pulls that stunt when she's really mad at me. Last time I packed the suitcase for her!!!! She sat round the side of the house for about 3 hrs, then skulked back in w/ her naughty, little tail b/w her legs.

Hope your weekend brightens up!

Nay said...

Welcome back :) I was starting to get a little worried that you took off back to NZ or something :P Glad that you are blogging again though. I missed you :)

I have a funny story about one of my friends who wanted to run away when she was younger. Her mother said to her that if she wanted to run away, she could. She opened the door, gave her a bag, wished her good luck and then just before she left she said to my friend, "but you aren't allowed to cross any roads..." LOL!! Not sure if that would work with Shou just yet though...

Good luck with your new diet. I'm rooting for you!! As my due date gets closer and closer I am starting to realise just how much weight I need to lose :( It's a little depressing especially as now I can't NOT gain weight every week!!

Chrysanthemum Mum said...

Glad to have you back in blogging world. Three yr olds, eh? Two yr olds, eh? All toddlers give their mummy the run around. James told me last week "no, no like mummy". It hurts to hear a 3yr old say that, but I can gather that from other comments it's a normal development stage that may last many years lol!. My friend's son (about 7 at the time) was so angry with his mum he blacked out Mothers' Day on all the calendars in the house! Ouch!

Good luck with the diet. I understand completely about the need for a beer or two at the end of the day (middle of the day some days!!)

Lulu said...

I also wondered where you had disappeared to. Wish for you sake it had been guam- that would of been nice.

All I can say is at least Ryu is still being an angel huh!

I used to tell my mum when I was angry at her that I was going to going to ring social services and tell them that she was abusing us. How is that for harsh! Shou telling you he is going to live in the mountains is not so bad compared to that huh!?!