Friday, 19 March 2010


Stooooooooooop sending those vibes, energy, good wishes and hugs - especially if you have been sending them all the way to New Zealand. You all must be well exhausted.

Mum's op has been postponed until Tuesday. Fuck it. The op before hers went on for longer than usual and then Monday, well Dr. McDreamy is busy so Tuesday it is. Mum and Dad decided to go back home for the weekend and managed to score a ride on the med plane.

For about thirty minutes today I was CONVINCED something bad had happened during the operation. Nobody texted me to say that mum had gone in like they were going to and then when I couldn't wait any longer I sent one and got a reply five minutes later saying op was postponed will ring you later. Ring me later??

Hellloooooooooo. Toodle pops. Over heeeeeeeeeeeeeere.

I know nooooooooooothing unless you keep me up with the play. I was convinced that somthing had happened and they were all far too upset to be able to ring me. Despite text saying op had been postponed. The mind does worketh in mysterious-th ways-th.

So anyway, thankyou for all sending the energy and vibes my way. Must have worked on me a bit as managed to get translation all finished and only had that brief half an hour of melt down - which by the way was over lunch time so no doubt exact time when you lot were all eating your lunch and forgetting to multitask and energize me at the same time.

Anyhoo, three days to refill the energy tanks.

Tuesday it is.



illahee said...

well....bummer! glad to hear your mom is ok, but gah! about the postponement. ok, tuesday it is, then!

Anonymous said...

bummer indeed, and very sorry your being left out of the loop a bit :( will be recharging my energy until tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Your poor mum.After all the build up and now having to go through it all again on Tuesday.
And as for you,jeeesh,you must be mentally and emotionally exhausted.The "waiting for news" bit is bad enough if you are in the same country and have easier communication links,but being so far away just makes it unbareable at times.

Large bottle of wine this evening would be well deserved methinks.

Oyomesan said...

Yup me too - I'll recharge this weekend and come back for Tuesday with LOADS more strong vibes!

Left out of the loop is step-aunt did a sterling job keeping me up with step-mum's progress in hospital...but SHE was so tired too it was often late and one line emails....
Give yourself a good weekend!!!!

Midori said...

How awful that they postponed it after everything was ready to go. Glad your Mum got to go home though as it would have been awful to have to wait it out in the hospital all weekend. Still keeping you all in my thoughts. (((HUGS))) from London xx

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

I know you said Stoooooop, but please let me add to the chorus of well-wishers. My thoughts go out to you and yours - hoping for the best for your mum.