Friday, 5 March 2010


A few crap pics from the last few days. In no particular order - because seriously, trying to put them in the same order they uploaded would just be too hard for my computer.

Marina auditioning for the 'Blair Witch Project'... As for the green nose - Shou drew with green marker all over the magnifying glass - which Marina held up to her face. I took her to kindy like this. That green shit was hard ass stuff to get off her face. Not to mention Shou's hands, the magnifying glass, popchan's forehead, Edward the donkey's foot....

Marina's Hina (girls day) Dolls. I bought them for their size mainly - fit perfectly in the genkan. They didn't get as traumatized by the kids as I thought they would...
And the prince and princess being kidnapped by the North Koreans...It is custom to take down the dolls on the 4th - the day after girl's day. If you don't then your daughter may well live a life unwed. For the first time I took them down on time. Quite a miracle.

The iPod - the newest 'cool toy' round here...
This is Shou trying to sing Southern Allstars 'Banzai' into the headphone in hope that it will travel down his wire and up Marina's. Three year old logic.

My boys!! Obviously the older they get the better they get at keeping their eyes open while the ten flash lights go off!
Shou looks so damn cute and innocent - not like he hates his mummy and wants to go rough it in the mountains - or his latest, burn the house down - after of course he has removed all his toys, Marina, Ryu, daddy and Granny K. Awesome. Leave mummy to burn at the stake.

What you looking at aye? Aye? Wanna a piece of my cake? Baaaaaack off!
Marina having her cake and eating it too on Girls Day - with her hanging she did at kindy.

And that's all from here - sleepy. Took over an hour to get Shou to sleep tonight. Hub just got home but has the WHOLE weekend off. Even Sunday - when the rest of his office is working. Me thinks somebody from his office has seen his frazzled and harrassed looking gaijinwife round town and realized it was in the best interests of Japan-New Zealand international relations.
Tomorrow we are off to the city where Ryu will be having his 'Alice Studio Debut' - baby photo studio. They are having a special and I thought hey, why not. The shop is ten metres away from starbucks afterall!
Nighty night.


Megan said...

great pics! good luck with the photo session for Ryu, enjoy the coffee :) xxx

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Probably the last thing you're looking for is advice on parenting so I'm not going to do that!!

But if you're looking for some good info all of Supernanny's episodes are on YouTube. She shows a lot of parents how to get their kids down to sleep (quickly!) and how to get them to eat, play nicely together, etc. I find that watching, rather than just reading, work better for me. Anyways, type in SN 03x05 Part 1 and then go from there. Enjoy!

thefukases said...

Love the pics and my Marina is quite the artist!

Oh and I'm a big fan of supernanny on youtube, too. Can't say I do too much of what she says but it does make me feel better that there are kids out there so much worse than mine!

Slime said...

Hooray! I love Pic posts!

Love the green shnoz! Gabi once doodled all over Meg's face w/ a black Sharpie. And I can tell you, those suckers are called PERMANENT markers for a reason! "She asked me to!" was her defense (Meg was 9 mths old)

Can't wait to see Ryu's pictures, they're going to be adorable!

Gaijin Wife said...

Guarantee as soon as I have a good enough computer set up that lets me see more than a black screen on youtube and I will be there - playing supernanny on slow mode over and over again.

Slime - they are. Super cute.