Tuesday, 23 March 2010

One Step

I was at a very muchly extreme of extreme loose end all morning. Was planning on going shopping to fill time but instead got sidetracked - by trying to fix the exercycle (which broke after english class boys plus Shou gave the pedals a good going over while it was in upright stow-away position), overhaul the vacuum cleaner - which now sucks.

Wahoooo. I can't believe I have been putting up with a semi-sucker. Honestly the last week it probably would have been faster to drive to the next town over to borrow their dog to bring back to suck shite off floor to drive dog back home, have a coffee and perhaps stay the night, than do a good and proper vacuum.

After I had fixed everything that I could - or tried - exercyle is still upside down in baby's room. The band has come off one of the wheel things and I haven't had enough weetbix or spinnach to get the bastard back on - went to dry the clothes at the dryer place as lashing rain.

While waiting the forty minutes for that I went to visit a friend to
a)see how new kitchen and lounge reform is coming along
b)see if in fact one of their three dogs would make a good hoover and
c)quietly enquire about mother in law - who died from brain tumor a couple of years back.

a) - reform is absolutely fabulous. The kitchen is humungous and even has TWO pantries. So jealous. I tried to talk to our builder about a pantry but he had no idea what the fuck I was going on about. Why, when you have a fridge, cupboards and an under the floor storage space would you need a big ugly pantry?? Honestly is lucky I got the inbred fucker to agree to the fireplace.

b) - all three dogs in one go and I think my floor would be clean in two seconds.

c) - was very agressive kind and from start to end was only three months. Her husband is from England and was back and forth a few times then. They didn't find out until she had a scan after forgetting things, mixing words up etc.

So on to that stuff....

Today's operation was largely a


The tumor will never ALL be gone but Mr. McDreamy got all of it that he could see. Sneaky bastard tumor is intertwined in brain but of the 5cm ball (That's a big fuckin peanut - which is what I got told it was) he got everything he could see and access.

Doctor also thought that perhaps it wasn't the Glio Blastoma tumor we initially got told. This is all good news. Glio Blastomas are the worst fuckers on the block so anything that isn't that is 'better'.

Mum.... she was awake within an hour of the operation ending. Fam dam got to see her an hour after that and apparantly she was 'herself' - telling the doctor to bugger off home to his family for dinner as must be well tired after five hours of scraping shite out of her brain.

Because it perhaps, maybe, hopefully isn't the type of tumor they thought it might be the results may take a bit longer. Perhaps mid next week. Mum will still need more treatment - radiation or chemo or mixture of both. AND the bastard will still come back.

BUT - for the time being it seems that mum will get a good chunk of 'her' time. I hope she is thinking about everything she wants to do.

I am thinking about being home for the first round of 'treatment'. Would like to be able to do something useful. Everybody else has come to the cause and I am sitting all the way over here in Japan - trying to fix exercycles that have only been used twice and non-sucking vacuum cleaners.

My sister sent round and email this morning with some pics of mum from last week. I haven't been able to open them yet. There are photos of mum around our house but I haven't seen her 'recently'. Too chicken shit as I think then it might start to sink in. She doesn't even look sick but still.
It's my mum, and I love her, and I just don't wont to have to put the pieces of the picture together quite yet. Holding off you know.

Thankyou all for the energy today - pat yourselves on the back. It worked. Perhaps the best of a worst situation type scenario.

Thankyou also for the comments, texts, phonecalls, emails, e-cards, chocolate (early easter prezzie that just happend to arrive this morning :) ) - and that could be a double chin :) ).

It has been greatly appreciated really it has. The last ten days has been a bit surreal and I have managed to forget lots of things - people's birthdays - friend's kids birthdays... sorry :( Belated birthday greetings.


Later - just opened the pics of mum at the hospital and at home over the weekend. I mean its mum - looking like mum as usual but the hospital ones. She looks good but because I know what I know and that everyone else is in the photo - there with her. And I am here.


tj-injapan said...

I have been thinking of you and the fam all day (and all week), and am so happy to hear the news that the operation was a success. Like you say, it is the first step, but it must be a relief to have some more perspective about what is going on. hope the results come back good too.

Big hugs to you for what must have been a long day/week.

Lulu said...

I am glad that the operation went as well as possible and that it looks as though it might not be the sort of tumour they first thought.

I was thinking of you today and sending vibes NZ way!

Big hugs.

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

I have been waiting anxiously for news and am so glad that I was able to read your post before bed. I am so happy that the surgery went well and will keep up the positive energy flowing your mom's way so that the type of tumor is not what was originally thought.

I hope after the treatment is determined you will be able to figure out when you can leave for NZ. That will be a big weight off your shoulders when you can get things moving and not feel like you're just sitting around "waiting".

You're still in my thoughts and prayers!

illahee said...

sounds like good news all around! so glad your mom is doing well, and that the tumor may not be as evil as first thought! hang in there, i'm thinking of you!

anchan said...

Oh, this is wonderful news! I am so relieved to hear that the op went so well and that it might not be that nastiest of nasty tumors!

GW, don't beat yourself up about being here. Yes, physically you are, but your heart and mind are with are there, and your mum understands that. You will be there soon enough :-) xxx

Oyomesan said...


enjoy the Easter eggs!

Kelly said...

That's great news. :)

Midori said...

SO glad that things went well and that it looks better than originally thought. (((HUGS))) from me.