Monday, 8 March 2010

Not so Daunting

Plodding along with the translation - did as much as I could today and have realised a lot of it is very repetitive so not as 'daunting' as first thought. New file hasn't come through yet so not sure how much after this file but will worry about that at the time.

Went to visit friend in hospital with her three day old son. Awwwwwww. God, babies are cute. Ryu is cute but newborns are just so adorable. And he was quiet and slept the whole time which of course adds to cuteness factor. Definately a lot cuter than Ryu when he came out the saloon doors, cord wrapped round his neck and all purple. Friend had a 'good' birth - two hours at the hospital, four hours in total.

While I was there two other friends came in. I didn't recognize either but one was all 'hey katy, ohisashiburi, howz it going' type thing. Woooa. Hate it when that happens. I must have met her ten years ago when on JET and when I first became friends with other friend. For the life of me I can't remember who she is though. Bit of bugger as she wants to come to our house with her husband to look at the fire as they are planning on putting one in, and what with there only being about four fires total in Kunimi and us being such good friends and all....

Marina made it through the day at kindy but I got warnings to keep a close eye on her - bad cough but no temp. 6 out of the 8 kids in their class have had or currently have the 'both ends bug' - no explanation needed. The only two so far to not have it are Shou and Marina. Tis only a matter of time.

Completely off the topic of anything - who else is a bit worried about the state of the nation? A nation that feels the need to make a huge huuha out of the 8 (?) year old princess taking a few days off school. Honestly, the family who lived in a cardboard box in the park for a year and abused their kids got less press yesterday.

Must have escalated things ten fold just by making such a huuha. Kids will be kids. One explanation of events said that as the princess was walking along a bigger kid from the next classroom came out late and gave her a bit of a fright - on purpose or not is yet to be revealed. Tis no wonder her mum is too ill to attend public functions - I would be too with all the stupid bollocks. Oh, to be born into royalty.

It even made international headlines. Is that how desparate the world is for news? Christ. Hub lying and going to pachinko is more news worthy than that.

Best get off the puter. Ryu should be wanting his dreamfeed soon. He was a right bugger to get down tonight. Not in the Shou meaning of the word but still more of a trial than usual.

Need to get some serious work done tomorrow so sweet dreams princess Marina. Please no throwing up on your bed, or daddy, or mummy, or edward the donkey, or... or....

Oh dear, watching Academy rerun - and George Clooney is on screen. Hub starts singing/humming/somethinging the 007 soundstrack. ???

I can see the resemblance I can. I can't even remember the name of the bloke but there is a 'very' slight resemblance.

hub will be hub.

And we shall just have to laugh.


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