Saturday, 27 March 2010


Well the Immigration Office visit yesterday was quite painless. We managed to get out the door only a bit later than usual - what with hub being very helpful after the flowers did infact end up netting him some action.

Ryu was a bit of a grizzly bugger in the car but I think we have bottom tooth number two to explain that plus the last few days of general grizzliness. You'll just have to take my word on that as the pics below definately do not show any signs of teething grizzly fussy baby at all.

I lucked out with the guy at the immigration office. He was lovely and very helpful and accommodating to mother of small grizzly baby. I could have gotten the young twat bloke behind the counter who honestly looked so young I could almost say I've been living here since before he was born. OK, so perhaps he wasn't 13 but still. He had that 'I can be a bossy bastard just because I'm in charge of stamping your passport and your the dickhead foreinger' type manner about him.

I felt sorry for the Chinese guy and his lovely Japanese wife and beautiful two year old daughter called Yuri who loves anpanman, dancing, and long walks on the beach. Ryu stopped nutting when he saw her :). Poor foreign daddy was getting ordered all over the place with not so much as a please or even a hint of a 'p'.

Me... I was getting the whole works. Although the same man wasn't as gushily nice to the four Korean students who were in at the same time as me. Is this a 'white' foreginer thing? Or am I getting some back for having lived here for so long and doing my best to increase the population? I mean, I didn't even have my boobs out.

After my new passport got stamped and I got my re-entry permit Ryu and I headed to SB for another orange honey latte. Then it was off to sister in laws for a pitstop for Ryu and to see Rin-chan and Ken-chan. Who would be Ryu's second cousins? First cousin once removed? The mother is my neice.... This confuses me every time. Anway, pics...

And none of Ken-chan as he is only five months and was nutting out so not a photo opportunity.
Got home with a bit of time to sort out dinner and the house and washing and everything that got neglected due to getting out of the house so early. Hub was late again and is today off with the rest of his office rearranging desks and computer cords etc as four new people moving into the tax department - which just goes to show how short staffed they were before. He reckons this will take until 5pm? I asked that should moving four desks with twenty people happen to take less time than expected will they able to leave? Or will they all stand round drinking can coffee and twidling their thumbs till five? Twidling them on a pachinko machine perhaps?
Obviously my glass is still half empty. He needs to earn back some of that trust. Bunch of flowers and a shag isn't going to bring that back buddy.
Tis a step in the right direction though.


illahee said...

i am loving ryu's faux-hawk. so adorable!!

thefukases said...

Definitely different strokes for different coloured folks at immigration. Comparing my experience with a black American, a Filipina, a Nikkei Brazilian and a Russian woman over coffee one day we were all shocked how differently we were treated. White woman with kids in tow is definitely at the top of the food chain it seems.

What did you think of the Orange latte? Not doing it for me. And they've done away with the sprinkle your own nutmeg as well. I love the nutmeg... sigh.