Monday, 15 March 2010

Grey's Anatomy

Just caught the last twenty minutes of part of season 5.

That episode where Izzy and Alex get married - when before the ceremony they find another tumor in Izzy's brain.

Biggest sob yet.

Did you know you can bend over shoulders shaking sob and still not make enough sound to wake up three sleeping children and a snoring husband.

Oh my god. I still can't believe this is really happening.

It's not fair.


Sarah said...

But in the next season Izzie beats it. She goes into remission. She gets healthy again.

A diagnosis is not a death sentance. A diagnosis is a call to battle. It has to be fought with all your might and then some. But it can be fought. My mother showed me that.

Hang in there! Didn't Shou tell you you were just as scary as the oni? I bet you have a good fight in you, and remember you have all of us behind you too!

Corrina said...

I'm so sorry GW. I haven't commented until now but have been thinking of you.
Make sure you take care of yourself and never feel bad for going through a variety of emotions. Let yourself cry. Soon enough you'll feel a little stronger to deal with this.
But always find ways to deal with the stress, because we don't want you getting sick!

Kiwi hugs from Kagoshima

Anonymous said...

Hey Katy, sorry just caught up with your blog - so sorry to read the last couple of days. What a nightmare, I will give you a call tomorrow - sending positive thoughts to you and your family, and you're right it so ISN'T FAIR!! lots of love Nicole

illahee said...

*big hugs* you're right, it's not fair. so not fair!! i'm thinking of you, your mom and the rest of the family. more hugs from me!

Sara said...

Big hugs!
Def. not the type of tv you wanted to see I'm sure but Sarah is right Izzie did beat the odds with her cancer (once again tv and all but..)

You and your family have been in my thoughts lately. When are you planning to go back to NZ?

Bryn said...

We're all with you in thoughts and prayers, good vibes and virtual hugs and all that mushy stuff! Big {{{HUGS}}}

Corinne said...

Put. The remote. Down. I think greys anatomy along with all medical dramas should be on the dame list along with Internet searches. So so not fair and I'm so sorry.

Midori said...

Ditto what Sarah said. I am so sorry this is happening as it really isn`t fair but I seriously doubt that your Mum is going to let this thing beat her. We are here to listen and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))) from London

Oyomesan said...

I just saw on CNN - they featured that lady who wrote the blog about having the baby with Downs Sydrome - with wonderful writing and photographs - you posted the link to that a month or so back....she had a million visits to her Blog and was interviewed on CNN with her daughter Nela etc.

CNN calls that corner "Connector of the Day" and it made me think here we all are - connecting too eachother....lots of us out here can't come and give you a big hug - and frankly you'd be a bit horrified if strange women from all over Japan came and hugged you - but we are all giving you Virtual Hugs!

Bryn said...

Thinking about you this morning, sending {{{HUGS}}} and hoping your day has a little sunshine!