Saturday, 6 March 2010


Ryu had his photo studio debut this morning. We arrived half an hour before scheduled time but got bumped up the que. Ryu was in fine form and stayed that way for the full forty minutes - despite being manhandled into a baby tuxedo, a sumo outfit and a tiger costume. He was on fire. Must have been tiring smiling for so long.

These studios are gooooooooood. They 'encourage' you to pick as many 'free' outfits as you want and then proceed to take a hundred cute pictures of your child. Because you, your baby, the girl behind the camera and the girl kneeling down by your baby in case they fall sideways have all gone to the trouble of taking photos with each new outift you feel 'obligated' to buy at least one print from each lot. Oh, and the close up lot, and the naked lot -but not the lot with Mickey as that has extra 'Disney' costs involved.

I ended up ordering one quite big size one - the same size as the ones Marina and Shou have from their photo shoot in New Zealand (which was a hell of a lot more of a fleecing by the way), four of the smaller sizes (plus two extra to send to New Zealand), plus two mobile phone straps and a key holder - which was free if you booked on line. All for the fair price of 30,000 yen - or about 500 NZ dollars. Also got one free enlargment in frame but only get that on condition that they can put it up in their window for a month. No worries. Am sure Johnny's Jimusho scout will walk past and see all that potential - of course he will have to imagine him with some flicky hair first. Or any hair for that matter.

So, will all be ready by the 20th - so will probably go on 24th due to current translation project on the go (see below)

After the shoot Ryu and I did a starbucks run to try the sakura (cherry blossom) steamer. Was quite an infusion of sakura. Quite tastey and on trip back to pick up pics will try me the sakura frappucino. Hopefully it's not pissing cold with rain that day!

Hub, while we were shooting and knocking back coffees, was pachinko-ing it - with my permission. He admitted to having no luck and that should have watched the pics being taken instead. I got a bit wild at that. For the love of god man. If you can go and waste money with my permission can you not at least lie that you had a good time.

We have just gotten all the kids down - 9pm. Bit of dramas at the last gate but otherwise a very 'happy' evening. You should see the house. Is like a bombsite slash Chinese laundry. And for once I have all intentions of leaving it exactly as is!!

So - translation. Got an email this morning from bloke I know who I used to work with and who is now back in Australia. Could I take over a translation for him? Not very good rate but relatively piss easy - at first glance. He has his fingers in a few pies and it would be a good idea me thinks to do this for him, do a fab job of it, so that I am near the top of his list should he require further 'assistance'. The whole project is 28,000 characters though. Quite large - and only two weeks. Will do a bit now and tomorrow night and then he will send through the rest on Monday and I can make a final decision as to how much I think I can handle in given time.

Cash would be nice. Have to pay for pics after all - and (if I do whole lot) would cover most of our 'living expenses' during trip home in November.

Best get on to it.



Brenda said...

We got Sara's 1 year photos done in January. I was floored at the cost! We could go on a family vacation for the price of a few nice photos! At least they were nice though. We got some family photos taken when we were in the US, and they were cheap as, but a photo booth could focus the camera better than the girl behind the counter at the store did.
Good luck with the translation! Hope you can get the whole lot done and reap all the benefits!

Melanie said...

We just went and got Misora`s omiyamairi pictures taken on Sunday. I didn`t even care for them all that much (I really didn`t want to do the whole omiyamairi look and all the dresses were umm....a bit too much). Still ended up costing like 3man for maybe 4 photos, all that the ILs paid for at least.

Don`t plan on having to do it again until perhaps the 7 5 3 time